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Disney settled on the film's concept as work neared completion on The Sorcerer's Apprentice, an elaborate Silly Symphonies short designed as a comeback role for Mickey Mouse, who had declined in popularity. As production costs grew higher than what it could earn, Disney decided to include the short in a feature-length film with other segments set to classical pieces.

The soundtrack was recorded using multiple audio channels and reproduced with Fantasound,. Along with the Mickey's PhilharMagic theme park attraction, this production was one of the first to depict the Mickey Mouse characters in computer animation.

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It is also the final direct-to-video film to feature both Wayne Allwine and Alan Young, who died on May 18, and May 19, , respectively. Different story, but we'll still see a mouse". The narrator then announces new tales of giving and loving, and a book opens to show pop-up elves. The choir was led for many years by Michael Tippett, who conducted the ensemble for the first-ever recording of Thomas Tallis' Spem in Alium, and premiered a number of Tippett's works, including A Child of Our Time in March The choir was conducted by Jeremy Haneman from until and from by Simon Pettite. Produced by Roy E.

Disney and Donald W. Ernst, it is the 38th Disney animated feature film as well as the sequel to Fantasia Like its predecessor, Fantasia consists of animated segments set to pieces of classical music. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to develop a Fantasia sequel, The Walt Disney Company revived the idea shortly after Michael Eisner became chief executive officer in The commercial success of the home video release of Fantasia convinced Eisner that there was enough public interest and funds for a sequel to which he assigned Disney as executive producer. The music for six of the film's eight segments is performed by the Chicago Symphony Orc.

The Lark Ascending is a poem of lines by the English poet George Meredith about the song of the skylark. Siegfried Sassoon called it matchless of its kind, "a sustained lyric which never for a moment falls short of the effect aimed at, soars up and up with the song it imitates, and unites inspired spontaneity with a demonstration of effortless technical ingenuity He originally composed it in for violin and piano.

It premiered in in Shirehampton, Bristol, the same year the composer re-scored it for solo violin and orchestra. This version, now the more often performed of the two, premiered in The piece is one of the most popular in the Classical repertoire among British listeners. Worcester cathedral Gloucester cathedral Hereford Cathedral The Three Choirs Festival is a music festival held annually at the end of July, rotating among the cathedrals of the Three Counties Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester and originally featuring their three choirs, which remain central to the week-long programme.

The large-scale choral repertoire is now performed by the Festival Chorus, but the festival also features other major ensembles and international soloists. The festival in Hereford took place earlier than usual, from 21 to 28 July, to avoid clashing with the Summer Olympics. The th anniversary of the original Three Choirs Festival was celebrated during the festival, which took place from 25 July to 1 August in Hereford the landmark th meeting of the Three Choirs does not fall until due to there being no Three Choirs Festivals for the dur. He graduated in Engineering from St.

Naxos 8. It is one of the oldest religious songs of German origin. History replica of a Bremen cog The oldest existing text source is a manuscript dated before It was found in the Strasbourg Dominican convent of St. Nicolaus in undis. Due to the fact that the mystic Johannes Tauler visited this convent frequently, the lyrics of this song are attributed to him. Reference is the word "enphohet" received which is characteristically used by Tauler very often.

Biblical motifs compare the pregnant Virgin Mary with a loaded entering ship. The ship is set in motion under sail correspondent to love and mast correspondent to the Holy Spirit. The song is found there in bilingual text under. It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the King of "Halloween Town" who stumbles through a portal to "Christmas Town" and decides to celebrate the holiday. Danny Elfman wrote the songs and score, and provided the singing voice of Jack. With the success of Vincent in the same year, Burton began to consider developing The Nightmare Before Christmas as either a short film or minute television special to no avail.

Over the years, Burton's thoughts regularly returned to the project, an. Fantasia is an American media franchise owned by The Walt Disney Company that commenced in with the theatrical release of the film of the same name. With story direction by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, and production supervision by Ben Sharpsteen, it is the third feature in the Disney animated features canon. The film consists of eight animated segments set to pieces of classical music conducted by Leopold Stokowski; seven of which are performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Music critic and composer Deems Taylor acts as the film's master of ceremonies, who introduces each segment in live-action interstitial scenes. It is the 38th animated film in the Disney animated features canon and the sequel to the film Fantasia. As with its. Fantasound was a stereophonic sound reproduction system developed by engineers of Walt Disney studios and RCA for Walt Disney's animated film Fantasia, the first commercial film released in stereo.

Origins Walt Disney's cartoon character Mickey Mouse entered a decline in popularity in the mids. It is a musical comedy pastiche loosely based on Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol where Clarkson's character learns the true meaning of Christmas, accompanied by the music of her sixth studio album Wrapped in Red. Plot The story is narrated by a little girl. Songs of Travel is a song cycle of nine songs originally written for baritone voice composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams, with poems drawn from the Robert Louis Stevenson collection Songs of Travel and Other Verses.

A complete performance of the entire cycle lasts between 20 and 24 minutes. They were originally written for voice and piano. Vaughan Williams orchestrated the first, third, and eighth songs, and his assistant Roy Douglas later orchestrated the remaining songs using the same instrumentation. The orchestral version has often been recorded, but not always with Douglas acknowledged as its co-orchestrator. Peter Hoare born 17 October, in Bradford, Yorkshire is a British tenor, best known for his performances on the opera stage. Career Peter Hoare learned music initially as a percussionist, gaining a place at the Huddersfield School of Music in and then Goldsmiths, London, in By then singing was beginning to take over his musical interests, and he soon joined Welsh National Opera.

He pla. His first major success as a composer came with his Fantasia appassionata for organ which took third prize at the Prague Spring Festival. He left there in to join the staff of Czech Radio 3 in Prague where he worked as a producer of programs of classical music for over 20 years. A prolific composer, Teml's output includes several symphonies, concertos, song cycles, choral works, children's operas, chamber music, art songs, and works for solo organ and piano.

Selected works Orchestral Suita giocosa for chamber orchestra Symphony No. Boult also directed the first UK performance in November in Bristol. Irwin Kostal October 1, — November 23, was an American musical arranger of films and an orchestrator of Broadway musicals.

Biography Born in Chicago, Illinois, Kostal attended Harrison Technical High School,[1] but opted not to attend college, instead teaching himself musical arranging by studying the symphonic scores available at his local library. His first professional job was as a staff arranger for Design for Listening, an NBC radio show based in his hometown. Irwin was one of four children born to James and Emma Kostal.

His siblings James, Jerome and Violet all remained in the Chicago area. His work on the latter resulted in his being hired to score the screen adaptation with S.

The work is a march of roughly four minutes duration. It follows a ternary structure, with opening material based on "Princess Royal" and "Admiral Benbow", with "Portsmouth" forming the central section before a return to the opening material featuring the first two songs. The march was arranged for military band in as the second movement of English Folk Song Suite, and the world premiere of the suite was given at Kneller Hall on July 4, The single featured a manipulated photo from with new male singer Reggie Tsiboe inserted in place of original member Bobby Farrell.

The single peaked at 41 in the German charts. The Five Mystical Songs are a musical composition by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams — , written between and While Herbert was a priest, Vaughan Williams himself was an atheist at the time he later settled into a "cheerful agnosticism" , though this did not prevent his setting of verse of an overtly religious inspiration. The work received its first performance on 14 September , at the Three Choirs Festival in Worcester, with Vaughan Williams conducting. Piano and string quintet.

Wind Ensemble. Orchestra with optional SATB chorus. This was the choice used at the premiere. Like Herbert's simple verse, the songs are fairly direct, but have the same intrinsic spiritua. It was written in by the British classical composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. The work comprises three short pieces which are settings of text from two plays by the English playwright William Shakespeare. It is published by Oxford University Press. The festival included a choral competition in which choirs from around the United Kingdom would demonstrate their technical abilities by performing test pieces.

Vaughan Williams's associate composer, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, tried to persuade him to compose a new test piece. Vaughan Williams was reluctant at first, and was of the opinion that the choirs should perform established test pieces rather than introducing a new composit. On Wenlock Edge is a song cycle composed in by Ralph Vaughan Williams for tenor, piano and string quartet. Housman's collection A Shropshire Lad. A typical performance lasts around 22 minutes. The work is in three movements: Prelude: Allegro moderato Romanza: Andante sostenuto Finale - Rondo alla tedesca: Allegro A performance commonly takes about 13 minutes.

Recordings Vaughan Williams' concerto has sin. Dona nobis pacem English: Grant us peace is a cantata written by Ralph Vaughan Williams in and first performed on 2 October of that year. The work was commissioned to mark the centenary of the Huddersfield Choral Society. Vaughan Williams produced his plea for peace by referring to recent wars during the growing fears of a new one. His texts were taken from the Mass, three poems by Walt Whitman, a political speech, and sections of the Bible. Butcher has analysed Vaughan Williams' use of the Whitman poems in this composition.

The phrase Dona nobis pacem "Give us peace" , in different settings, punctuates the entire piece.

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The soprano introduces the theme, singing it over the orchestra and choir. The text translates as "Lamb of God, grant us peace. Joseph Lewis Thomas born July 5, is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. In he signed a record deal with Polygram Records. He rose to prominence after releasing his debut album Everything the following year. Since his departure from Jive, Joe has released most of his projects independently through ventures with Kedar Massenburg and Plaid Takeover Entertainment.

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Serenade to Music is a work by Ralph Vaughan Williams for 16 vocal soloists and orchestra, composed in Vaughan Williams later arranged the piece into different versions, a. It is approximately 13 minutes in duration. History Vaughan Williams wrote the piece as a tribute to the conductor Sir Henry Wood to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Wood's first concert.

In some parts of the work, the soloists sing together as a "choir," sometimes in as many as twelve parts; in others, each soloist is allotted a solo some soloists get multiple solos. The published score places the initials of each soloist next to his or her lines.

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Wood conducted the first performance at his. Written in , this is one of English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams' most famous works. Structure The suite consists of three movements: March, Intermezzo and another March. It originally had a fourth movement, Sea Songs, which was played second, but the composer removed it after the first performance and pu.

The cycle is dedicated to the tenor Wilfred Brown and the oboist Janet Craxton. It was first performed in concert and broadcast on the BBC Third Programme on 8 October , shortly after the composer's death. The theme has been called "unforgettable"[5] and a "celebrated oboe melody". Alone outside Blewcoat School, Caxton St, c. Alone on the Victoria Embankment, c.

Alone outside All Saints Chelsea, c. Alone at the Albert Hall, c. Take a look at.

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  • 1912 compositions.

The Lantern Slides of Old London. The Nights of Old London. The Signs of Old London. The Markets of Old London. The Pubs of Old London. The Doors of Old London. That was my experience too when I moved all by myself to a big new unknown city. I can still remember that biting sense of loneliness as I stumbled on trying to make a way — thinking I had done the right thing in moving to a strange big city.

What a beautiful set of photographs! London is one of my favourite cities in the world, but it is a town that can make you feel very alone. Good morning and thank you once again for starting my day in Victorian London.. The eerie atmosphere and the loneliness pictured is so real, simply amazing.. Haunting images of solitary ghostly figures dwarfed by their often grand surroundings.

Fantasia on Christmas Carols

Such a lovely mix of interesting photos of London. Thank you. Dear Gentle Author Thank you for these wonderful photographs! I can see why you identify with them, as I too have been lonely in London. But for me, these lone people are not necessarily lonely. Instead, each of these photographs feels like the start of a story or even a novel : Why are they alone? Who are they waiting for? What has just happened? What happens next? Best wishes Liz Trenow PS I am an avid follower of your column and have acknowledged you in my next novel set in Spitalfields to be published by Pan Macmillan in early Wonderful photos.

I am always struck by the sense of quiet around even major institutions during the Edwardian era; the crowds seen in the usual bustling street pictures just melt away. Or are they hiding? In the Bunhill Fields shot you can see five or possibly six figures watching in the background.

I was okay until the Cloth Fair children. Impossible to not respond emotionally to these images; some joy in the peace of the fellow on the grass on Hampstead Heath, thank goodness. And, GA, you are far from alone today! Lovely pictures. Am I right in saying that the picture of the Tower of London is the Execution shed where prisoners were executed by firing squad? Even now on the weekends parts of the City of London are very quiet and empty.

Seeing these photos makes one wish you could see the old city before the loss from bombing and development. These are fantastic! How interesting. I can well understand your emotional response. I have a black and white photograph of my mother sitting alone and awkwardly on the steps beneath the Albert Memorial.

In it, she is dwarfed by the monument.