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It's not surprising that Western countries get caught in the paper trap, rather than going directly to the rock solution; fascism has been a common failure mode of democracy, and keeping people focused on the supposed need for better laws as opposed to better law enforcement has often kept those who won't take part in fascism distracted. It remains to be seen whether American society can make the fundamental change required to become an anti racist state and avoid a descent into fascism.

I have hope. So that American companies would have unfettered access to their economies, and to keep Communism, no that's Islamism now, from making the world into an evil pit of despair. The thing is, at the C-ville riot, there were indeed a fair number of anti-racists brawling with the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Bluntly, that's exactly what the bad guys wanted -- it reinforces their persecution complex and helps them argue that "both sides are just the same". Without them, there would have been a straightforward policing task and P. But by joining in the violence, the antiracist brawlers were trying to reduce the situation to gangs fighting in the street, with not much to choose from unless you happen to be one of the partisans.

That's not helping the larger struggle, it's undercutting it. We know they've been doing that from the original civil rights struggles right up through Occupy and probably since. I have plenty of thoughts on the whole mess, not to mention how hard it apparently is for a lot of people to denounce fucking Nazis a bar to clear so low that a sleeping flatfish should be able to clear it. It doesn't take agents provocateurs for there to be violent idiots. Second, the people interested in bothsiderism or defending the indefensible will blow up the worst behavior of the non-Nazi side and conveniently ignore the fact that the other side are fucking Nazis.

And ignore that a couple of brangles are not in any way equivalent to driving a car into a crowd of people. Third, the other side are fucking Nazis, many of whom showed up with camo gear, weapons and armor, waving around flags celebrating white supremacy, and chanting white supremacist slogans. At what point does their very well-stated threat to the safety and life of others not warrant some sort of response?

Sure, they might not initially do anything illegal enough to force an official police response, but that doesn't mean they're not dancing up to that line and making life a misery for everyone else. And with no response, they become emboldened. They'll count anything as a win. If they get to 'peacefully' stand there and be fucking Nazis, they'll take that as a win because they're strong and no one stopped them.

If someone starts a fight with them, they win because they were just innocently standing there and someone else started it even though they started it by showing up and being fucking Nazis, shouting hate speech, and issuing death threats. I have called my Congressman and demanded impeachment. They are not "fine people. The last times white supremacy was dislodged it took armed force four centuries of slave uprisings, the US Civil War, the Second World War as well as the "rocks" referred to in the article.

I simply note this. KeithS 5: We've been here before. Fascism is about -- inter alia -- the solidarity of thugs as they beat people up. That's what it was in the teens and twenties of the last century in Italy. That's what it was in the twenties and thirties in Germany. That's what it was in the thirties in Spain and Romania. Yes, we're giving them what they want. However, this is not the school playground. There are no teachers around to enforce the rules. Our parents won't intervene to fix the problem. The only thing these people have is a claim that their color and ancestry make them better than some other people.

Since they can't actually prove this, they have to impose it by brute force. There can be no civilized discussion with brutes.

Que faire à Marseillan ?

There is no argument to be had with them. Compromise will never be reached. Reason is not in the game. All those of us who believe in democracy, and the free life under democratic government, have no choice but to come together and erase this enemy. Or it will erase us. We have been here before. We -- the cause of liberty and democracy -- won the last round or I would not be here writing this. That's no guarantee we will win this one. Civilization and humanity itself are at stake.

Nazi's and Fascists were given a chance for debate back in the 20's and 30's. They took those chances to lull the rest of Europe enough to forcibly take the reins of power in their own countries. They then went on to kill millions of people. The debate Nazi's experiment was run.

We've seen the result. There isn't a need to debate them again and expect any different result on their part. I keep remembering an interview on NPR at least that's what ISTR when the Predatory Lenders' Recession began, in which a historian pointed out that its foundation had been laid just when the people who'd seen their money vanish during the Great Depression were dying off in droves.

So now we're seeing people wanting to debate Nazis as we're losing the people who punched them out after debating failed the last time around. As far as I can make out, the LEOs on site didn't arrest any thugs--even when the Nazis attacked the small group of students peacefully counter-protesting. Waiting for the cops to act won't help if they don't. Callback to Open Thread Yes, I can see how a folding chair can be useful. I can also move relatively easily on crutches. The different options in toto get the job done.

I'm getting better on crutches though my body is still adjusting. Moving about the house is fine but going longer distances makes my palms sore. It's all part of the recovery process and while the head understands this, the heart still think it all sucks. It's the first time I've ever broken a bone; I should be thankful I managed to live so long without breaking bones.

One of the troubling outcomes of the attitudes displayed by the "leader of the free world" is that it emboldens others, not just in America, to be openly horrible. It was reported that the reason the cops stood back was that they felt the Nazis were too heavily armed to engage with. I am also bothered by the reports I am just seeing today that the Charlottesville police refused to protect a synagogue.

As a result, the synagogue was obliged to hire private security, and armed fascist thugs attempted to intimidate the worshippers. Given the behavior of the nutjob, fifth rate, imitation Mussolini or imitation Codreanu in the White House, it is about time to consider what the Constitution says about presidents who are clearly not mentally capable of doing the job. The people did not choose the incumbent, let us not forget, and it is about time for the people to make clear that we will not tolerate the destruction of the republic. Wearing gloves with padded palms cycling or weightlifting gloves may help for crutching longer distances.

And yes, it sucks. But it does pass, eventually. Let me know when you need the tips on re-starting walking - the doctors tend to simply tell you to progress through partial weightbearing and don't generally explain HOW to do that There's some entertaining stuff going around Twitter, as police are catching up with fascist goons:. As an accompaniment to the Meyer Lansky story Patrick posted a while back, the story of Mighty Atom, via the splendiferous Memory Palace podcast:. I can't find a published list of which police departments have SWAT equipment, but I'm given to understand it's "most of them".

Stefan Jones no. For anybody on the fence: Doxxing is bad because it destroys the privacy of people who need or want to step away from their everyday identities for a while. Publicly identifying Nazis, Klansmen, and other wannabe mass murderers is good because anybody who has chosen to march under such a banner must not be allowed to just go home and eat their Sunday dinner as if they were fit to go among decent people!

Fragano Ledgister I'm sorry, but your parallelism fails. This is not a repetition of the original struggle, as if they were thoroughly beaten the first time and some fanboys tried to resurrect a dead idea. This is a continuation of the original fight, dating back to the founding of our republic -- an ongoing conflict whose "arc of history bends toward justice", but not without its reversals.

The current white supremacists aren't a sudden change in attitude; they may have picked up a number of "desperate and angry" folks from the current economic problems, but their core group are the cultural and often literal descendants of the original slaveowners, overseers, and Southern white workers -- the folks who lost the Civil War and the privileges of lording it over slaves I have another comment editing where I try to summarize my ideas of how the conflict has gone over time, but it's not ready yet -- I'll post it later unless I get an attack of humility.

In one sense, the struggle has been going on for millennia it can be traced back into the Bible, the Chinese classics, and, of course, the classic writings of the Greeks and Romans , between those who want a world where a few rule and the rest serve and obey and a world in which, as Mencius put it 2, years ago "first come the people, next the altars to the gods of earth and grain, last comes the ruler". The immediate struggle, now, is between a broad coalition of people whose lives are made better by freedom and social, political, and, increasingly, economic democracy, and those who want power to be held by a small clique and authority exercised by force of thuggery.

When a political ideology is being promoted by something looking like an armed militia, that ideology usually turns out to look like fascism and the classic definition of a fascist party is that the party is based on a militia. It's also true of the cosplayers of Unite the Right last weekend. Jenny Islander Your argument in favor of doxxing Nazis could be used with precisely equal force by those who wish to out abortion providers they're planning to kill people, and babies at that!

I think a strong case can be made for some doxxing, but this particular approach has some nasty bits of back-bite. My sister may have insight into those questions law professor who works with police, and temple member. I will send a note to her, but I don't know if she'll have time for a response. BTW, the car attack was on the same street as my bookstore, but the other end across the mall. The street was still closed yesterday our end too , my boss says they're considering keeping it closed to cars.

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Not unheard-of, some of the other streets leading to the mall are normally blocked to car traffic. As a non-driver, that's not really my monkey, but it's probably going to be rough on my wheelchair-bound boss, not to mention people bringing in books and business in general. Tom Whitmore no. And murdered. They aren't the topic under discussion. And they aren't showing up barefaced on camera proclaiming their status as ubermenschen and then expecting that they can go back to law school without any repercussions.

Christopher Cantwell and everybody who rides with him have been howling for murder. I think exposing them to the cold light of their own workplace HR departments and university tribunals is an excellent natural consequence. Not to mention letting their families know what they're doing. Oh, they thought they could strut and bellow in the face of people they are panting to destroy and then slip off into the night. Poor schnookums. Tom Whitmore, in his dialogue with Jenny Islander, is worried that if you dox Nazis, others, with similar justification might dox abortion providers or other people disliked by the right.

I understand the argument. In other circumstances, I might even want to agree with it. Calm and reason are, in general, good things. However, there is a difference. We are talking here about actual Nazis, fascists, Klansmen, Neo-Confederates, white supremacists, anti-Semites. They aren't interested in persuading us of the justice of their cause. They don't want to try to tell Avram just how much better off he'd be if they'd be in charge.

They're not trying to sell Jenny on how much happier she'd be. They're not telling me about all the good things I'd receive if they were in charge. They're not because they can't. They want us either subjugated or dead. They want us either enslaved or dead or enslaved on the way to being dead. I descend from people who arrived in the Americas as property. I have relatives who died in the Holocaust.

I have relatives who were shot by fascist secret police. I am by no means the only one here with that in my history. Nazis are not here to dialogue. They are not here to present reasoned arguments. They are here to bully, intimidate, threaten, injure, wound, and kill. You do not argue with people like that. You cannot. It wastes your time and merely annoys them. They must be denied the oxygen they are being given by the disgrace in the White House. And they must be shown, once again, that freedom and political justice are things that will be defended.

I do not disagree about the doxxing of Nazis being discussed here. I disagree with Jenny Islander's particular justification of it. Fragano's justification is much more potent. If we're going to justify ourselves, can we please use a justification that's less likely to bite our own asses? Once again: When an abortion provider shows up in a public place and chants slogans calling for my death with of his good buddies, all barefaced, and then acts shocked and upset when somebody out there in Youtube Land turns out to know his name and makes it public, I'll concede.

But it doesn't matter whether people seize on the carefully maintained privacy of abortion providers vs. The scumbags in Charlottesville have skated by on privilege for most of their lives already. Look at them, in their matchy-matchy outfits and shiny battle gear. Look at how far they had to travel to meet up in Charlottesville. These aren't disaffected rural poor whites condensing out of the zeitgeist. They planned this shit like a beer bash, and they fully expected to get away with anything they did just like they got away with whatever they did for fun at their fuckin' frats and on their daddies' boats.

Because people see the clean-scrubbed whiteboy faces, see the nice cars and the nice shoes, and make allowances, so that they can attain the futures that clean-cut white boys from nice families deserve. Because people look at their pink cheeks and guileless smiles and think that such a nice young man couldn't possibly have been at a Nazi rally last night. And so they skate by. Let them writhe. Let them lose everything. No more Heather Heyers. No more Marcus Martins. Drag these scumbags out into the light. They can't be murderous monsters on the weekend and choirboys the rest of the week unless we let them.

The trouble with raising mobs is, well, do not call up what you can't put down. Even if you're just okay with punishing sufficiently wrong idea expression with social and financial ostracism, that doesn't mean someone else in the crowd is think more along the lines of burning down houses. Some of it still applies, and some clauses have been used in rather questionable ways. And getting rid of the uniforms seems to have made the British Union of Fascists a bit more respectable, at least for a while. Militias, in the USA, are a whole different can of worms. There was the volunteer movement in Victorian England, which shifted fairly quickly towards something more like the National Guard, and predecessors such as the Yeomanry.

You can find references to Trained Bands in the American colonies, even as they faded away and were replaced by a permanent army in England. Those rather irregular "militia" protecting the Nazis at Charlottesville looked a lot like an armed rebellion. Fragano Ledgister yes, they were thoroughly beaten the last time, this is why they get so scared when the light of day hits them. As a Jew, who's been living in Charlottesville for several years, I'm telling you they may have been beaten, but not that thoroughly, and they damn well didn't look scared at that rally.

Insofar as they were beaten last time, that victory certainly required the efforts of many citizens and activists After a certain point, in our history, lynchings, draggings, and other attacks have usually been punished by the police and legal system, who themselves have mostly been restrained from directly attacking those groups you cite. Usually, mostly This despite the fact that our current and prior police chiefs are among the most liberal stalwarts in the country. Or rather, the local liberalism is why we notice those incidents and try to do something about them.

Back in NYC, I'm pretty sure similar incidents would have been background noise -- there might have been a lawsuit, but I doubt there'd have been a press conference where the city's police chief promised to try and do better. By their own statements, the thugs came here to Charlottesville precisely because we're a blue dot in a sea of red, and they wanted to attack that center of resistance. If we want to really beat them, we need to demonstrate to them that outnumbering and outgunning the local citizenry or even the local cops just leaves them facing the power of America as a whole, including the police and government.

Last week But the popular sentiment isn't all that universal here either. One of my neighbors was telling me just the other day that "if we get rid of the Lee and Jackson statues, we better get rid of Jefferson too, because he was a slaveowner, rapist, and child molester". And I'm assured by those with reason to know, that those who go a hundred or so miles out of town find themselves back in the rural South.

Nowadays they might not be in immediate danger from the populace, or face "whites only" and "no Jews" signs, but blacks and other visible stand-outs still need to be careful about the police, and liberal types in general need to be careful how they talk in public. Yes, we've made great progress, and we currently still have the balance of power Even now, those same enemies have gained a foothold in the White House, built up their representation in Congress, and are working to try and undo what we've done.

They are replacing judges and bureaucrats at every level, with special attention to gutting public education, environmental enforcement, and limits on corporate power. And on the popular level, they're successfully convincing the newly-poor that never mind the corporations and politicians, Those People Over There are responsible for their misery. I don't know how, or if, we can counter the current breakdown, but it won't be by being cocky and underestimating the opposition.

Yeah, not much, but I have to live here too. It has also been reported that police tried to stop people from performing CPR on Heather Heyer as she lay dying. I'm inclined to think that there's more going on that them simply being outgunned by the Nazi protestors. As an aside, I do believe there are "many sides" to the violence: there's the neo-Nazi's, the KKK, the white nationalists, the white supremacists, the white separatists, etc.

I don't think that lumping them all under the term "Nazi" is wholly accurate, but I don't have a better umbrella term, like we lump the various movements in 's Germany, Spain, Italy, etc as "fascist", and Stalinism, Leninism, Maoism, etc as "communist". I disagree with the use of the term "doxxing". These were not people going about their normal, day-to-day business, and are then being outed because they're doctors who provide abortions, or medical researchers who work on animals, or even just someone who happened to be playing computer games while female.

These people are being identified for showing up in public, on their own time, and proclaiming themselves to the world to be anathema. Even though I'm all for calling them fucking Nazis, you're right, they are separate, even though they're fellow travellers. And maybe calling them Nazis downplays the fact that most of them are our own, home-grown white supremacists rather than imported foreigners, no matter what cross-pollenization has happened over time. White supremacy was baked into the US from the very start, and we've never really dealt with that, even though we had a war over whether it was ok for white people to own other people.

A lot of people including those who regularly say "I'm not racist, but I also think it's important to point out that in holding up the second world war as a decisive fight against Nazis, the US armed forces were not yet integrated. That's right. Us, the good guys, told our own citizens that, sure, they could go punch Nazis, but, if they were black, they had to go punch them over there. As far as I'm concerned, there are only two groups there.

Nazis, and those who "have no problem showing solidarity with" Nazis. That's a direct quote from one of them, by the way. KiethS I also think it's important to point out that in holding up the second world war as a decisive fight against Nazis, the US armed forces were not yet integrated. True enough Then the war ended, the soldiers came back home That tilled and sowed the ground for the civil rights movement of the 50s and afterwards. Buddha Buck Not local police, but a state trooper and one in particular, at that. As I read in the local weekly, there were likewise issues in the prior July rally, where state troopers were leaning on anti-racists while giving the racists a pass.

Like I said above, the rest of Virginia is not like Charlottesville. Dave Bell It banned "political uniforms", and organising or training unofficial militias. Unfortunately, that slaps right up against First and Second Amendment protections so, sensible as that might seem, probably a non-starter in the US. Just called the Governor of Virginia's office and left a message asking what was going to be done to the State policeman who interfered with those giving Heather CPR.

Sorry, I'm going to threadjack here, because I think some people here might be interested, and it is after all an open thread. There was one thing that was said repeatedly which I believe is a mistake. I've already cross-posted at File and may do so elsewhere if I find somewhere better to post it. The category in question is best ELF, best editor long form. In the final elimination round, Vox Day had 83 ballots and Weinberg and Hayden went into the cage match because they had the lowest points among the final 7; Weinberg won because she had more ballots than PNH; and so Vox Day survived.

People have drawn the conclusion that this shows that bullet voting works, because VD would not have been among the top 6 under the old rules, and PNH would have. Temptor, and Poe Stock. Initially, each of the slate would have had As soon as all the ELFs with fewer points were eliminated, two of the slated ELFs say, Cav and Poe would have cage-matched and one of them would have been eliminated, leaving the remaining ones with That would have happened again, putting the remainder to At no point would any of them have faced Weinberg or PNH.

Their advantage came from the fact that their choices did not overlap with those of other voters. Arguably, in this case, EPH was doing exactly what it was designed to do: increasing the diversity of nominators who had some finalist who they supported. The fact that PNH had ballots but only 65 points means that a majority of PNH nominators supported some other finalist or finalists. Eliminating PNH left only perhaps a score of voters without a finalist they supported; eliminating VD would have left over four score without. Referencing the paragraph beginning "The category in question I used PNH elsewhere consciously because I wasn't sure about that.

My wife and daughter have double last names so I should be better at that. Sorry to our illustrious host. DaveHarmon 4 says that leftists brawling with white supremacists were playing right into the WS's hands. That may have happened in some cases. But I'm more inclined to believe that most of the leftists throwing punches were doing so in the spirit of Deacons for Defense and Justice, who were the gun-toting defenders of the civil rights movement, and were IMO an important force for good.

I have a friend who was in Charlottesville with a small affinity group. Their intention was to show up for non-violent direct action, but they left before noon because things got too dangerous. They felt protected by the antifa and anarchist folks. An article by Dahlia Lithwick collects similar stories. My friend and I are both in our mids. I'm willing to take risks for justice, and I'd be a fool to think my fat old body would be much use if it came to a fight, so those risks will be taken via some form of non-violent action.

But if the task is confronting fascists armed to the teeth, I'm more likely to show up if I know that there will be someone there discouraging the Nazis from beating me to death or half to death. And I don't believe that will be the police. I haven't seen any cases where the Nazis' home addresses and SSNs have been published.

They're not being doxxed, much as they'd like to claim they are. The false equivalence will be drawn, of course: it's a RWNJ staple these days. She was then doxxed by the GGs. They revealed her home address and other personal information, in an effort to frighten her and cause her harm. Note: She was a public person whose name was known, doing a public thing.

All that's being done to the Nazis is bring them to that state. The doxxing was all in addition to that. And yes, you have a right to privacy. But if I go to a Kaepernick rally as I plan to next week , I'm not going to whine and snivel if someone sees me there. Gay pride marches are a different thing. But I would submit that being outed as gay and being outed as a Nazi are fundamentally different animals as well. As far as doxxing is concerned, we already have, among other issues, a professor in Arkansas receiving threats due to misidentification.

That's a hell of a lot of work compared to, say, applying a sledgehammer. And MAN, cleaning the sucker up; maybe they can put out a call for volunteers from AZ's neo-confederate community. It occurs to me that the increasing use of vehicles as weapons may inspire more of a push towards autonomous vehicles, with limited ability for a human to override. My crutches have now got some padding on the handles which helps, but I expect over time the skin on my palms will toughen up. It'll be about a month before they even let me start bending my knee. A doctor friend has recommended a physiotherapist who is good with knee injuries.

Another friend who had knee surgery recently has been telling me about how she did her rehab. It was the first time I've seen my left leg and knee in over two weeks. The wound is healing well, but already I can see signs of muscle atrophy. It's not unexpected but still a bit of a shock to actually see my left leg now noticeably less muscly than my right leg when they used to be symmetrical.

I don't know if I'm adding much illumination, but a thing going around the Book of Face said, approximately, if you leave antifa alone, they will go play guitars or something. If you leave Nazis alone they will kill you. Remember when receiving the support of the radical right meant political death? Bannon is out. The news will be changing rapidly, so I'm not linking to what will be an out-of-date report. Dave Harmon I understand your points all too well.

My ass is on the line with yours. We don't debate these cockroaches[1], we shine a light on them and make them scurry back into the crevices where they belong. Stamping on them in the process. I do not seek love, light, harmony, or reconciliation with people who want me dead. Nor should any person of goodwill expect me so to do.

Never again. Physiotherapy is usually really good about that -- and also things like teaching you to bend your knee s again, and pointing out gait oddities. Depending on how you feel about bending, having a leash for your crutches can also make life much, much easier -- one pull to retrieve, instead of weird awkwardness around rearranging until you can reach them.

Much to my dismay, I have been experiencing a inner lust to get my hands on these cretins and make them die slowly, painfully, and in as much terror as I can inflict. Lori: I can claim to be a somewhat better person: I just want to flick devil-dust at them and have them go up in a puff of fetid black smoke. I don't require they suffer; I just want them gone. But then, I haven't take any direct damage from them, so. It's that feeling you get when you realise that the enemy of your enemy isn't really anyone's friend Jacque, It has been pointed out elsewhere that if this had been a BLM demonstration, they would have called in cops for miles around.

And since I have no reason not to think that is true, it makes me wonder whether the decision not to call for reinforcements was entirely on the up-and-up, or whether it was to provide a convenient excuse. Jenny, 20 et seq : First off, even calling this "doxxing" is a misnomer or an active attempt to obfuscate the difference.

They were engaging in a public activity on public property, with their faces uncovered. As you said, they are being identified , mostly just by name and hometown. A few have been reported to their employers. I haven't heard of anyone publicly posting their home addresses and phone numbers, or the names of their families, or their children's schools -- ALL of which have been done to Planned Parenthood escorts and employees by that other set of domestic terrorists. Second, the best term I've heard used for these assholes is "weekend Nazis". They want to go parade around threatening people on the weekend, and then go back to their everyday lives on Monday.

Where in their everyday lives they may be the person in charge of hiring employees for their company, or the bank officer who approves home loan applications, or the teacher in the 9th-grade civics class, or the police officer assigned to patrol a "sketchy" neighborhood, or It's the edge case of how our personal rules work. I find myself thinking that regardless of ideal morality and hypotheticals, clearly whatever we've been doing has failed hugely, so it's time to quit that and change tactics. Also the people who haven't been facing this for their entire lives.

Eleven thousand years ago, give or take a couple of years, a group of people in the valley of the Jordan river did something no human beings had ever done before. They built a large organized settlement with clear administrative and religious centres. In short, they built the world's first true city. Many of us here, myself included, can legitimately claim descent from the builders of Jericho about the only way you can't, I suspect is by being an Original Australian or Japanese.

But what's important is that the organizational principle that the founding of Jericho entailed, civilization, is still with us. The residents of the original Jericho would most likely be confused by modern world-spanning technological civilization, but things can change over 11, years. You see. This is something that fascinates me. Our species originates in Africa, and builds its first city just outside Africa, but still in the Rift Valley where we may have originated.

Ordered, settled societies that sought their own good emerged thereafter in the larger river valleys nearby, but Jericho was first. It was the dark, curly-haired people of the Jordan valley who first worked out how a large community could live together in harmony and construct something larger and better than themselves. After eleven thousand years of civilization, nonetheless, the world is still full of people who do not get the idea that living together means compromise, fairness, decency, and love not just of our neighbors but truly of our fellows in Spanish this would be nuestros semejantes , literally our resemblers.

Eleven thousand years is not that short a time. A city, you understand, is a place that is big enough that any given resident will not know all of the other residents we're talking just a few thousand people here, not millions , but still has to recognize them as fellow citizens and stand ready to defend them against aggression. There are a variety of ways of doing so that we, the human race, have evolved over the millennia since the founding of Jericho. Most of them seem to involve words: songs, evocations of place, stories about spiders, or crafty boys, or girls who saved cities.

Some of them evolve within themselves: The Last Night of the Proms, once an evocation simply of British nationalism, now uses that as the basis for a celebration of all national identities. And then there are those who simply reject civilization and talk, in fattily mystical terms about "blood and soil", the need for white people to have countries of their own that are as racially pure as everyone else's whose?

In times past, people who could not abide by the rules were either executed or exiled. You really can't execute people unless they commit offenses that carry the death penalty a separate issue , and there are no uninhabited isles to send brave Aryans out to pioneer upon. Perhaps it is time to consider a different exile. Since they're confident that they are inherently superior to all others, and it is, I believe now technologically feasible, perhaps we can offer our racist friends a deal.

Since they can't stand eleven thousand years' worth of civilization first established by people who included the ancestors of the Jews , and they are the Master Race, let them go colonize the Proxima Centauri system. I realize that it would be slow going, on effectively, a generation ship, and they might have some problems relating to the next generation, but it would be the best deal they could get. By the time actual FTL is invented presuming we don't nuke ourselves to death, choke ourselves to death, or completely destroy the ecosystem , it would be interesting for our descendants to see what a society of truly superior people is like.

If they have an inhabitable planet and are settled on it, I'd be betting on the palaeolithic. Text from my son this afternoon slightly paraphrased : "Can you please pick me up when you get done with work? We're going to create a Metaverse. I considered the idea of hanging it off the crutches but didn't want the additional slightly unbalancing effect as it swings around. We also have three copies of Seeing Eye Dog to give away. We have three copies of Codes And Keys to give away.

As well as his personal, relatable lyrics, his self-deprecating humour and anecdotes between songs adds a personal touch to all his performances. Scintillating stuff…. Sadly songwriter and frontman Seth Putnam passed away over the weekend, condolences to family, friends and twisted fans. Wu-Tang are set to continue that streak with Legendary Weapons. The single is available for pre-order now. All editions come with a complimentary digital download of both tracks. Piles Of Lies consists of 16 songs written during and about terse and joyous times.

Could this be a little too literal for this great lyricist? Is he just fucking with us? That is, of course, if it is, in fact, coming our way. The inspiration came after re-forming in to promote the release of their reissued back catalogue. The first single Feeding Line has already claimed the number one most played position on Triple J and has a pretty slick video to go with it.

The system will allow for wireless syncing of content across devices iPhone, iPad, iPod instantly which means that no matter where a user is they will have access to their library of music along with other content such as documents and photos. Locally, the Australian Independent Record Labels Association raised concerns that the match service might legitimise piracy.

The Association also asked international independent licenser Merlin, who were unusually in favour of the system. We are trying to keep the buzz going overseas from the last tour and using that to help push out immediate plans in Australia. It is believed that Shock and Epitaph will part ways at the end of June.

APRA pays its musician members royalties based on the use of their tracks on radio, television and at public events and the August hand-out will now cover domestic revenue January through March that otherwise would have been issued in November and covered the first three months of the year. Included in the payments are royalties from radio, concerts, downloads and the like.

This is the first step in a program of reducing the turn-around time for payments to our members. A former editor of Rolling Stone and Juke magazines, Dino Scatena co-wrote the book with the band, which is due for release 8 November. What will surprise is the story these very private men finally share here about their extraordinary 20 years together.

All four finalists — and their bands — will perform at the Opera House show. The deal comes on the back of strong showings from singles Settle Down and Cameo Lover. We are excited that in partnering with Warner Bros Records she will have access to a wealth of expertise to help build her creative and commercial future.

Artist development is in their DNA. The band recently returned from the United States where they recorded the album and although already part of the UNFD management stable the band have signed a record deal that includes Australia and a network of labels around the world Rise in North America and Europe, Triple Vision in Japan. Fuse Group have added! K7 and its partner labels to its roster, with the distribution company now taking full responsibility for all the!

K7 products. Got news? Unsubstantiated but hilarious rumours? Send them all to frontline streetpress. Through the 12 categories of the awards, songwriters and publishers in the music industry have been recognised and honoured, over the last 25 years, for their achievements and contributions to the music industry. She was lovely to put up with that! Obviously songwriting is quite a diverse and idiosyncratic craft, with no two approaches quite the same — especially when co-writing comes into the equation, there must be preferences as to whether the songwriters enjoy fleshing out ideas solo or with a partner in crime.

Maybe because the co-writer has expectations and pushes it to a conclusion. Most of my songs I write by myself and it can take ages, overanalysing and procrastinating, then going back to my original idea. It may only be a short ditty, but if the story has been told there is no point stretching for no reason. Along with a smattering of interstate and local bands glorifying the talent heavy music in Australia has to offer, Bastardfest caters for every single one of you bastards out there.

Embrace all this and more on Saturday 17 September at the Corner Hotel. The four-piece have been garnering attention since the self-release of their debut track Listen To Your Love. Tickets on sale now. Californian indie rockers Pinback have announced their debut Australian tour. After recording their selftitled debut, released in , Pinback became a fully realised project. Art Vs Science have announced the local supports for their upcoming album tour. Art Vs Science have also unveiled their latest video for new single Higher — directed by Dave Budge and shot over five days in Melbourne last month.

Catch them at the Forum on Saturday 2 July. Tickets via Ticketmaster. Jon Chapple McLusky signed up to play bass as soon as he heard these recordings and Lyngcoln approached three friends to provide a traditional set of backing vocals as a counterpoint to the tired bass, drums and guitar format that he had employed for almost 20 years. All three agreed. Aiming to redefine heavy and push metal further, Suicide Silence have refined their ferocious and explosive live show leaving a trail of destruction in their path.

Tickets via Ticketek. First gaining notoriety as supports on The Killers North American tour, Neon Trees signed a deal with Mercury Records shortly after and released their debut album Habits in America in Gloriosa is out now. Smoke Or Fire are back after a tour of the world, a line-up change and months spent working on their latest full-length, The Speakeasy.

The band have always kept their fans alert over the years, but things are more concrete than ever and their sound remains true. Pour Habit unapologetically mix up musical styles while weaving politics and partying together into a one-of-a-kind manifesto that harks back to the early days of insurgent music. Doors 8pm. As the permanent guitarist for Pink, Justin Derrico has completed five world tours and played to millions of adoring fans. After her last tour here, Pink decided to take a break and start a family, which gave Derrico the perfect opportunity to work on his debut solo album, Boldly Going Nowhere.

Tickets available through Oztix. This year has so been a busy one for Ball Park Music. This July, Old Man River is embarking on a winter tour of Australia supporting his new initiative 1, Cranes For Japan, for which he will fold 1, paper cranes and personally deliver them to the people of Japan in a gesture of goodwill on behalf of his friends and fans.

The campaign is supported by the Red Cross and has already attracted the attention of other artists including Josh Pyke, Claire Bowditch and Washington. You can add your goodwill to the campaign by attending one of the upcoming shows or logging on to cranesforjapan. Go to onelove. The six-piece released their fourth studio album Valhalla Dancehall earlier this year, and their inventive live shows have become a latter-day rock institution.

Tickets on sale this 9am Friday. Exploring the complex uncharacteristic rhythms and technical precision of math rock with the brutality of progressive metal, Periphery have defied the boundaries of conventionality. Come see why Periphery have blazed a trail of originality that has sent a shockwave through the metal world. One of the most exciting things about being an adult is reminiscing about being a child.

More info at qmf. Bobby Flynn has put together a new live outfit and is playing two residencies this month — Mondays in the Espy front bar and Thursdays at the Empress — where he is showcasing material from his forthcoming second album. For a live set charged with honesty, individuality and sparkling new songs, get along to the Espy on Mondays and the Empress Thursdays in June.

They are pleased to announce that a new stop has been added for those who missed out on their sold-out Melbourne shows. Come and find out for yourself why their seventh album Fiasco is receiving rave reviews and being re-pressed within weeks of its release. The recent announcement that Mike Mangini would be joining Dream Theater, replacing departed drummer Mike Portnoy, caused such fanfare that Mangini was a trending topic on Twitter, second only to the Royal Wedding.

John Farnham and his band will perform the first half of the show unplugged, featuring very special versions of some of his biggest hits as never heard before. The second half of the show will feature his band performing the entire Whispering Jack album for the first time on stage. Bookings at Ticketmaster. To celebrate triumph over adversity, and the release of the album, The Vines have announced dates for their first national headline tour in many years, before jetting off to Japan, Europe and South America.

Quashing split rumours which have plagued the band since November last year after the departure of two members, Closure In Moscow are dipping their toes in the waters and experimenting with some new material and their new line-up before they head into the studio this September to record a new album. Formed in Melbourne in , Closure In Moscow have been a buzz band, since releasing one EP and one full-length studio album to critical praise.

Lock your cellars and hide your wenches, ale-guzzling Australian warriors Claim The Throne are set to ransack taverns far and wide with the announcement of their Triumph And Beyond Australian and New Zealand Raid. Riding on the success of the latest album and huge national tours with Alestorm and Finntroll, Claim The Throne are ready to bring their pummelling and guzzling live show to the masses once again.

Catch them at the Corner Hotel on Saturday 17 September. By injecting a combination of toxic chemicals into rock in attempt to extract gas reserves, fracking puts our water supplies in direct risk of contamination. The band will have an anti-fracking petition to sign on each night and will be supported by Closure In Moscow and Wolves. Grammy-winning rock icon Chris Cornell brings his solo acoustic Songbook tour to Australian theatres in October after his hugely successful sold-out run in the United States. Performing alone on stage, Chris Cornell will spotlight songs from throughout his illustrious career, as well as a few surprise covers.

Within this alternative setting, Cornell can easily interact with the audience and share insights about his music. His Wednesday night show at the Palais has sold out, but there will be a second Palais show on Thursday 20 October. Tickets through Ticketmaster. World renowned rhythmic didgeridoo virtuoso and percussionist Ganga Giri pronounced gun-gah gearree has announced that he will be heading out around the country to launch his new album Good Voodoo.

Ganga mixes an array of tribal percussion congas, djembe, bougarabou, Nigerian talking drum, mbira and indigenous flavours into a deep-earth dance experience — fusing aspects of dub, dancehall, reggae and electro genres. Japan is currently facing an enormous task as they look to recover from the recent earthquake, tsunami and now nuclear disaster.

The Gershwin Room at the Espy will play host to what promises to be an evening of soulful funky vibes and a whole lot of love. All money raised will be donated to the Red Cross in Japan. This year for the first time, the Tipi Forest at Splendour In The Grass will be open on Thursday to entertain campers each evening through to Sunday night. Doubt saw Jesus Jones leap into the limelight of international commercial success, driven by the hit Right Here, Right Now, which reached number two on the US Billboard charts. Touring extensively throughout Europe and North America during a similar period, The Wonder Stuff built a strong international fanbase to add to their popularity in the UK indie music scene.

Between and , The Clouds released seven singles, five EPs and four albums — most notably the classic Penny Century. Catch all three influential acts at the Palace on Friday 19 August. Tickets through Ticketek. Tracks on this double disc feature new remixes from the band plus selections from their Freak Local EP and Outa Control discs.

New York City, March It was a dark and stormy night No, wait, it really was. Hodgson and Patterson are hungover. We order brobdingnagian Bistro Burgers all round — The Grates seem to be burger connoisseurs and have chosen this place for its menu — along with some fries to share. When she does, the relatively quietly-spoken Patterson has a charming habit of finishing her sentences and vice versa. We just wanted to get out of our comfort zone! He just gets super-high and makes feedback for like four hours, just by himself. And never quite getting it. Never getting any better. That was the thing that blew me away His dedication was amazing, but he was just so hopeless.

Even though winters are some of the hardest times. Coming from Brisbane, winter is such a hard thing to get your head around. And then we ended up extending our stay. We kept extending it by six-month. We kind of loved it and hated it at the same time. But still, the experience of slogging it out through day after day of minimal daylight and incessant snow has inspired some great songs over the years — here are some of our favourites: Flume — Bon Iver The story of Justin Vernon shivering in a log cabin and fending off ravenous wolves as he made his lovelorn debut album has been perhaps just a little exaggerated — but still, For Emma, Forever Ago is a winter album if there ever was one.

We filled ourselves so much that it was time to come home. Starting it and finishing it over there. It felt like it was complete. With the benefit of both time and distance, its creators are able to look at the record with a measure of objectivity. Such a tortuous recording process seems counter-intuitive for a band like The Grates — you can imagine, say, Brian Eno spending three months making an album, twiddling knobs and tweaking EQs, but not a band whose immediacy is a key part of their appeal.

Why has he fallen? And, wait, is that blood? And then we have an old school friend of mine playing bass and keyboards. Show us what you got! It was very lucky. Not even the burgers? It happens to anybody over five years from 19 to 24 or whatever. Ours was more documented than your average person. Every album It was only five years ago the young group stirred the music world into an utter storm with their debut.

Frontman Alex Turner quickly became somewhat of a voice of a generation, penning savvy lyrics in a wide-eyed and observational tone that only someone of his age could. Five years and four albums later and things seem different. The band have enjoyed the highs, endured the challenge of following up an incredible debut, suffered the backlash and commercial criticisms, yet always seemed to end back on top.

It was a really great studio and it had the best drum sound ever — everyone says that about that drum room. That was a massive attraction for me obviously. I definitely noticed the difference. We hired an old Ludwig kit and the room was made for it. Because of the way we recorded it — we pretty much did it live — we had to get a good sounding room rather than trying to fix things after. It had to be good going in so we spent a lot of time making it good going in — it definitely made a difference. The first song we did was Reckless Serenade and as soon as you hear that kick drum come in, it just reminds me of that exact sound that I thought it would be like when Nirvana recorded there.

We all had our moments where we had to redo a take from dropping a drum stick or whatever. Gone is the sharp-tongued Turner of old and in his place, well, someone more controlled. It was good and that was exactly what we wanted to do at the time, but the more you listen to like classic songs, it changes how you go about it. You know, you might like it, take a risk. Soon, however, it was time to deliver the next instalment in the Bon Iver saga, so he holed up in a remodelled vet clinic in Fall Creek, Wisconsin with the band that had coagulated around him during the touring cycle for For Emma The process was one aimed at catharsis rather than reinvention, but the initially self-released album was.

Soon Vernon was ubiquitous in the upper echelon of musical circles; when not performing somewhere as Bon Iver, he was just as likely to be found gigging in one of his numerous side-projects such as Gayngs or Volcano Choir, or collaborating with celebrities such as Kanye West or David Byrne. He was living the dream and, seemingly, having the time of his life. I had times of frustration, but mostly it was just exciting that I knew that I was unravelling and unfurling whatever it was going to become. The incredible critical and commercial success of For Emma I was just so happy with the result, and I saw it through, and I feel the same way about this record.

Why is he still invested in making music? Back in , he seemed all but assured of their level of success. His debut album Hard to. Kill had won him a legion of fans. His name was constantly in circulation. The usual plan in these cases is a second album within two years. Instead, fans were forced to wait four. What happened? Lardner replies with his standard candour. DJ Adfu, with whom Lardner did the majority of recording for the album, threw him some frequent flyer miles to get him to Melbourne and Byron Bay. He waxes lyrical about the laid-back vibe of the town.

I really just needed to get out of Adelaide, I think. It sucks the life out of you, after a while. Is it hard hanging out with the Hilltop Hoods? You go out with them, and you get spotted in the street. It is quite strange, because then you finish the album, and there are these songs on there that are sort of old. It was a really expensive studio. How does that even work? Twitter exploded on the day Marked For Death was released, with congratulations and praise flowing through in character bursts. Lardner decided to turn it into a competition… which meant eventually picking a winner. The first album in was really good for me — I really just should have done more with that.

The band have since released a further eight studio albums and more than a dozen compilations and Bloodvessel, the only founding member still in the band, says he has been able to make a living out of Bad Manners the whole time. At his peak, he tipped the scales at kg and after surgery he was closer to kg. We almost use it like a school now, Bad Manners. Along the way it landed in big-ticket US commercials and video games. Instead he toured hard with a full band, did a remix album and a live one, and finally followed up his debut five years later with the harder-hitting Everywhere At Once.

It leaned on his well-oiled band and continued to mix the sunny and the gritty in new ways. Instead he emerged with a synth-addled strain of pop that leans much more on rock, funk, disco, and dance music. The difference here is that I definitely wanted to pay homage to a sound and a style that I had dabbled in in the past but never quite pursued. That sound, mainly, is disco. Most of the songs dwell on soured relationships — see the closing ballad What Happened 2 Our Love Affair?

His more purist fans may balk at such cross-genre excursions and radio gloss, but Shimura was keen for this sort of change-up. Sometimes that happens in leaps and bounds, other times it happens in baby steps. This album happened to be one of the times where it was leaps and bounds. By contrast, he sings and talks more and raps much less on As U Were. And fortunately, people seem to be along for the ride.

But he also brings back past collaborators like his singer wife Joyo Velarde and veteran MC Lateef The Truthspeaker, with whom he recorded the influential album The Album as the duo Latyrx. And no Lyrics Born album would be complete without a healthy helping of skits, a hip hop staple ever since the first De La Soul record. Shimura throws himself wholeheartedly into skits, lightening the mood of the dogged songs around them.

It adds another dimension. It gives me. You gotta be ready to accept it whenever it comes. There is also space. The man whose face once won Bill Leak the Packing Room Award at the Archibald Prize, has emerged from the country with, well, a kinda country-ish record. More on that later. Speaking from his northern NSW spread, Tex Perkins finds himself in the fortunate position of being able to sit back and observe. But these days I just kinda see it as a great place to raise kids. To tell you the truth most of that is probably the result of the music; most of which comes from Murray Paterson.

And then, when you get to a point where you establish what the song is called or what the chorus is, or even key lines, you work back from that. What once manifested itself as skinny cowpunk or swaggering muscular country noir, has pared itself back to acceptable ambiguity. Sorry Tim. But not everyone enjoys skits; some find them irksome at best. Like skits, another divisive aspect of hip hop is the live show, which has a reputation for not being able to compete with the albums. They were all slices of the same pie.

I loved seeing what Sam was doing. There really, really is. I love being an artist in this time period, because I feel like we live in such an eclectic, mash-up, iPod shuffle kind of a world. But surely no one would be surprised to learn that Mr Perkins does not miss the glare. The genuine article is the person who will still be doing it long after no cunt is listening. It brings the topic round to the eternal question: what makes a song endure?

I mean, what is the perfect song? The only place they find their true worth is in the lives of the listeners. Prog country. Prog cunt. If that sounds like faint praise, well, I guess it kinda sorta is. Would you be shocked, dear reader, if I were to tell you that both of these songs are absolute rubbish? Deep, man. An eight-piece mega-musical machine, the band clearly enjoy what they do, with the mariachi-style All I Know a particular toe-tapper, sort of The Cat Empire but after a couple of beers rather than a few coffees.

Same for the Daytripper-like Estranged, drawn out in the best possible way by harp, measured guitar and harmonies John and Paul would love and Noel and Liam would have stolen for sure , topped off beautifully with a bizarre sax solo, just because they can. On the slower side of things the kids stroll with Futureman, and title track Good Times sounds like what might happen if a toy orchestra gained access to a proper band room. Opener 1 To The 4 is mellow and sweet, the best kind of love song in that it mentions dancing and looking back in time; the same good vibes can be applied for Summer Song, a gangly, guitar-led lighter-in-the-air moment that still satisfies.

Particularly appealing about this track is its gear change halfway through, taking a piano turn that almost gets it into prog world, but not enough for you to hate it, rather just to marvel at the imagination. Liz Giuffre. Is it too much to ask for a little more personality in my postJoan Jett rockers? Is that not the greatest potentially-accidentally brilliant pun in the history of dumb clothes shop dance anthems? Is this what counts for music these days?

Tuvan throat singing is an incredible guttural growl, a vocal that you will never forget once you hear it. The human voice has never been this bottom-end heavy. Kuvezin, though, has never been one for the traditions, having previously released albums covering Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Santana and even Kraftwerk, and gaining much popularity for his music on the back of a couple of documentaries. The album was recorded on the Scottish island of Jura, best known for whiskey and being the place that George Orwell wrote The songs are in Tuvan and Russian; however, there are also English translations of Japanese poetry that Kuvezin was engrossed in during the recording.

While not as immediately gratifying as his covers albums, there are enough complex and disparate threads flowing through Poets And Lighthouses to keep you fascinated. Still, I would have preferred a new song. Composed of two separate batches of songs back to back, six old and six new, this record nonetheless has a cohesion that is altogether more than enjoyable.

And the overall effect is more fun than a day at the Community Cup yet a still not vacuous listen. If so, Hopes Abandoned could well be it. They have UK, European and Japanese tours scheduled for this year, and an American tour pending confirmation. It seems that things are really happening for this mob.

Tony McMahon. Where to begin with this abomination? The generic arpeggiated synth preset that passes for a hook on opener Good Girl? The pseudo-trance stabs and AutoTuned-to-within-in-an-inch-of-human-recognition vocal contributions of Kelis, Apl. Ap and Jean-Baptiste who? The shrieking laser-blasts from the shooting ranges of the Death Star that constitutes the musical element of the hopefully ironically titled House Music?

The same-same, but different ly-titled and somehow more obnoxious Automatic B? The presence of T-fucking-Pain and Chrisfucking-Brown? That you have to navigate 14 atrocities before this nightmare is over? Gloria Lewis. As the title pun makes clear, bands like Neu! It works, of course.

And so here we get the slick breathiness of Bull Riff, the bassdriven call-and-response of All Lips Touch, the airy lift of Strength, and the slow-moving, seven-minute Higher Than Five. Less stoned digressions than endless cosmic pop, these songs tighten the rhythms and zero in on the path ahead.

Doug Wallen. The opening guitar-led refrain of Perth heralds the arrival of gentle rolling drums and that voice, that gently shaking falsetto that has provided catharsis for many. Barely any tracks here are as nude as those on For Emma… — the likes of Calgary are beautiful in their deep, luscious layers — with the exception of Holocene, heaped vocals dancing on a simple guitar line, an emotional rawness so painfully honest that it stings to listen to. After mediocre-at-best side projects and a hit-andmiss EP, it was a matter of great worry whether or not Vernon could follow For Emma… with anything nearly as moving.

Those concerns were unnecessary, because this album is an experience that not only equals but surpasses its predecessor, soundtracking pure and intense emotion in a way that is always redeeming, no matter how much it might hurt. Giselle Nguyen. Few of the emerging new breed of live electronic acts quite know how to craft them like Irish trio The Japanese Popstars, with their debut We Just Are overflowing with weapons to such an extent there were fears they were a one-trick pony — albeit a prodigiously talented and gleefully obnoxious one.

Someone from Virgin clearly spotted method beneath the mayhem, so longplayer number two Controlling Your Allegiance arrives via an unexpected major label push. Opening track Let Go gives you the impression We Just Are Mk 2 is on its way, robotic voices chanting over a generic electro house thud which pitches somewhere between Soulwax and Benny Benassi. Catapult shows more promise, its sidechained bassline grind coloured by hypnotic synths which dance around the edges and a lead which almost demands hands start reaching for the heavens in its honour.

Then in the midst of the crossover targets come the Chem Bros-esque Our Building Block and electro smasher Falcon Punch, which prove that The Japanese Popstars are still as much about shattering your ears as they are touching your heart. So I changed the key and the door began to open. But given this writer was a very impressionable and hormone-wracked 13 when Wuthering Heights first made its appearance on Countdown, Bush was never going to get anything from me but the biggest possible benefit of my considerable doubt.

Clocking in at 5. It picks up speed roughly half-way through, but with the title sung over and over again only to be followed by an extended instrumental session, it loses its appeal pretty quickly. Like missives from soothing psychiatrist to patient, each song on Gold… acts as a sort of mood or ailment-specific remedy: Beautiful Girl, for example, sees Fitzsimmons coaxing someone away from the mindset leading to anorexia; on The Tide Pulls From The Moon he addresses the cycle of genetically inherited depression.

And, in all fairness, the songs do stack up against the originals. Bush was originally denied permission from the James Joyce estate to use a passage from Ulysses as lyrics for the song but was this time granted it, and to say that the track is different and richer as a result is an understatement. And only tonally does the album suffer any. While the thematic tone is strong, and very precisely informed, the instrumentation that supports it occasionally, like on Fade And Then Return, falls a little pallid and obvious — that song in particular rather poorly recalling that glacial hinterland sound perfected by bands like The Postal Service.

So, what is this record, ultimately? A remix? Or a completely new concept? The answer, of course, lies in the title. Compare that with the beautifully subtle version available now and one gets an idea what a little tinkering can achieve. Bush was starting with far less compromised material, but the result is no less startling, and startlingly good.

Quite where Messing With My Life came from, who can say. It is completely out of keeping with the rest of the album. What Quid? We just wanted to create a place where we could do all that. No one asked us to do anything, so we had no responsibility to anyone. Lucifer Youth Foundation, but just seems like comic Wu-Tang homage. Without saying anything, this hype like built and built and built. All we did was ignore it and carry on, and it snowballed. None of us are interested in hype, and none of us are trying to hide. Aiding them in their exploits was their manager, Warren Bramley, founder of a local ad agency and owner of the venue, An Outlet, that WU LYF played their first-ever residency in.

Years earlier, Bramley had worked for Factory Records, a local institution who were also about creating myths through careful graphic design. Their lyrics and poetic riffs are hugely in debt to Godspeed You! They sound a bit like Modest Mouse, too, and Roberts really seems to be trying to ape Tom Waits with his guttural rasp.

He does work of considerable value — well, he did do that one dodgy film, Nine — and keeps himself to himself. CWMD are bringing their contagious or… viral? Get it? But that Tyler album will probably feel dated in like a month. Based on a storybook tale of an outlaw son out to slay a hypocritical, authoritarian father in a mythical alternate realm, Roberts turned it into a through-line for the LP when he decided trying to mount a blockbuster motion-picture may be a bit hard to pull off. But, finally, with an album out, they are also music, too; no more just a novelty news item, but ten songs and 48 minutes of proud, unbowed sound.

These days touring is a really big part of being a musician so if you want to gain popularity in another territory you have to support people over there and show your face. Roberts brings up his respective counterpart, Tyler, The Creator, on his own, and not with fondness. In what we were doing, the anonymity was, at first, going against a certain narcissism we saw operating quite a lot in the music industry. We hung out with Ben quite a bit this summer on the Warped Tour. He was balancing being a part-time guitar tech for Suicide Silence and being a full-time party animal.

Guitarist for the band, Mike Mulholland admits that it was surreal to see the name Emmure next to Usher and Gaga on the Billboard Obviously we went in with the intention of writing a seriously heavy and sonically punishing record, but knew that it needed more than just to be intense heaviness. We spent quite a bit of time on the pre-production for the record, both at home and on the road. That really helped us solidify the ideas we had and allowed us to try out some different elements — like experimenting with some synths, using different tunings, and adding dubstep wobbles and such. From there we took it to our producer [Joey Sturgis], re-recorded the songs through the big boy gear — he did his Joey magic — and the rest is Speaker Of The Dead.

Frankie [Palmeri, vocals] and Jesse [Ketive, guitar] are still the core songwriters, but everyone contributes when we write our music. On Felony , I had come into the band at the very. We just got back from our first time in Russia and it was amazing. Now in its second year, this art prize showcases the creative talent and social contribution of visual artists from a refugee background. Opening day. Fortyfivedownstairs until 25 June.

Manacle — Mannie knows he has discovered the truth about religion and the world we live in. Can he convince the preacher he has kidnapped, or the prostitute he has drugged, to see it his way? It explores the reality behind mental illness, religious corruption and corporate duplicity. Who will you believe, a pillar of society or a madman? Opening night, 6. La Mama Theatre until 26 June.

Moth — Sebastian is a terminally unpopular year-old suburban kid, with an overactive imagination and an obsession with anime and death. His only friend, Claryssa, is an emo Wiccan art-freak barely one rung higher than Sebastian on the social ladder. What starts as just another night drinking down at the cricket nets soon gives way to an ecstatic vision that leaves Sebastian unconscious, their friendship left in ruin. Kudos, I appreciate it! This paragraph is genuinely a good one it helps new net users, who are wishing in favor of blogging.

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In , top executives of openly traded companies composed only 5 percent of the top 0. Total compensation is up by an annual standard of 9. Nice weblog right here! Also your website quite a bit up fast! What web host are you the use of? I want my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol. Hello Dear, are you truly visiting this site on a regular basis, if so afterward you will absolutely get fastidious experience. We could additionally defend against divorce procedures. It has becoome the moral equivalent of Fox for company. Fine if you wish to check out politics, however not where you go for the whole story.

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Making Light: Open Thread

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If you desire to improve your experience simply keep visiting this website and be updated with the latest news posted here. On the other hand, worn out standbys, including property, power, as well as media, are ended up being significantly lesser. Energy, for instance, used to play a role in about 21 percent of the ton of moneys stood for on the Forbes listing; now it accounts for about fifty percent that much. Some contributors are paid regular monthly based upon the size of the audience they draw in more on that particular later.

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Men on Vintage Knitting Patterns

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Please check out my website too and tell me how you feel. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? Any recommendations? The audience increased in the past year to 30 million month-to-month special individuals, many thanks partly to almost , articles created by almost 1, authors.

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