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Turn them into a savory dish by pairing them with a mix of caramelized onions, sauteed spinach, and oven-roasted tomatoes. Try this recipe for basic crepes and let your imagination run wild. Eggs are a staple for any brunch. Your eggs can be scrambled, soft-boiled, or made into an omelet. Plus, an omelet bar that includes some simple fixings like peppers, onions, cheeses, or whatever you can find offers a sophisticated touch. But, to make brunch feel extra fancy, we recommend this Eggs Benedict recipe. Poached eggs covered in a creamy Hollandaise sauce—that sounds like a special occasion dish to us!

Parfaits are probably one of the simplest dishes to put together. All you need is some quality yogurt and fruit. Kick it up a notch by layering the parfaits. However, if you choose to serve them as a dish, consider adding some WOW. To make them a little more elegant, assemble your parfaits in clear jars or glasses to make every layer visible. There are so many fun and clever ways to serve them. You can add some chocolate chips to the batter, and top them with whipped cream. Or you can top them with honey and toasted walnuts instead. They are sweet and so pretty to look at.

Some people are wild about bacon. If your mom agrees, bring your bacon game to the next level by serving a platter of brown sugar-glazed-bacon. All it takes is two ingredients. Just some good quality maple syrup and some thick cut bacon. Fresh fruit is a brunch staple, offering a touch of sweetness without any added sugars. Not only is it delicious but it also brings a bright pop of color to the spread.

No brunch is complete without a tasty beverage! Bring some sophistication to your event with a festive drink that complements the meal. We love the idea of this Sparkling Pear Punch , with the sweet aromatics of pear and the bright flavors of lemon and ginger. We hope these recipes leave you inspired to throw an amazing brunch for the moms in your life! Have fun and good luck with your preparations. Earth Day was founded 48 years ago on April 22, by environmentalist and politician, Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin.

His idea was for people to come together for a healthy, sustainable environment. Just making small changes in your everyday life is all you need to make a huge difference. Here are a few simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day. Recycling starts at home. If everyone started separating their recycling from trash, it would dramatically cut down on waste.

Check to see the recycling guidelines in your local area for logistics on how exactly you should be separating your recyclables. Go to your local park, walking trail, or beach to pick up trash and debris. Make it a group effort—get your friends and family to join you. Bring along some white and black trash bags so you can define which is for recyclables and trash.

Instead of using disposable plastic bottles, purchase a reusable one made of BPA-free plastic, lead-free glass, or aluminum. Plus, reusable bottles come in so many fun designs and colors. You can pick one that best suits your personality! Celebrate the day by reducing your carbon footprint. Commit to minimizing the amount of times you drive your car for just 24 hours. For short distances take a walk or ride a bike. If possible, take public transit, or get a lift from a coworker to the office.

Switch over to using microfiber cleaning towels when cleaning up messes around the house. Go to the store, and purchase a pack or two. All they need is a good wash and dry between uses. This method is not only better for the planet, but easier on your wallet too. More plants mean more oxygen. Plants are essential to producing clean air for us to breath.

Plus, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and can help boost your mood. Start small by planting a beautiful garden. Utilize whatever space you have available. Plant something in your windowsill, your apartment balcony, or in your yard. Also, be aware that there are many plants that require minimal effort.

Your local garden expert can help you out with whatever you need to get started! Earth Day is truly a special day to take some time to reflect on how we can each make a difference. Start small with some of these tips today and then consider making longer commitments—a week, a month, even a year! Part of what makes Easter so fun are the games! To make this game extra-special, we suggest that you surprise the little participants with a yummy treat after they complete their search. Perhaps a Spring Chick or some other chocolate treat that will put a huge smile on their faces.

Tired of letting the kids have all the fun? Or are you spending Easter with kids of all ages this year? If so, then you are in luck because the Edible team found some fantastic ways to celebrate spring, friends and family! In the EGGstravaganza, make the Easter egg hunt a little more difficult and include some sort of task in the egg. For example, each egg will include a task like sing a commonly-known song or name the state capital. For groups with a mixed aged group, then separate eggs by color. For example, green eggs for kids, blue eggs for teens and pink eggs for adults.

Additionally, for the older groups, the tasks can be trivia questions, like name all of the states that start with A. As Play Party Plan points out, the rewards can be as simple as a piece of candy or players can accumulate points for some larger prizes! If you want to do something like this for older kids, put different numbers of points on the tasks.

Regardless of the ages and participants in your Easter scavenger hunt, a relay race always provides some fun competitive juices. The basics of the relay race remain the same, one person searches for an egg and returns to the group. Once they return, then the next member of the team searches for an egg. The team that finishes first, wins! Depending on your age groups and size of your get-together, then you can hold a kids and adults race. Or, mix and match with teams of all ages. The Easter egg hunt we all know and love is basically a free-for-all. All the kids run with no abandon to find all of the eggs and sweets they can find.

As the kids get a little older, this tradition losses some steam as kids remember the regular hiding places in your home or yard.

So, switch it up a bit and turn the annual event into a Easter scavenger hunt! In the standard scavenger hunt, then participants receive a list of the specific eggs they need to find. For example, for young kids, their list may include 3 green eggs, 2 blue eggs. For older kids, the list gets a little more difficult with 1 striped egg, 2 eggs with pennies inside.

This always creates a little friendly banter for the rest of the afternoon…. Do you recall the Choose Your Own Adventure book series? If so, then this Easter scavenger hunt ideas will bring a smile to your face. In this scenario, then create a list of clues that players must answer to find an egg. However, once they answer the clue or riddle correctly and find the egg, there will be two eggs in its place.

Now, the player must choose egg 1 or egg 2 each with a different clue as they progress through the scavenger hunt. As this egg-venture is better suited for some older kids, feel free to include one good prize and one joke prize! An easy way to enhance your Easter scavenger hunt is add some personal touches. Although this is far from personal, it works. A simple way to add personal touch starts with the common egg basket and adds a touch of pizzazz. Simply, create or find a bunny shaped or other animal if a child in your family has a favorite and write their name on it.

Then, just attach to the basket! Country Living offers a few more details for a more advanced name tag. Drill a small hole near the top of one duck, as shown. Following package instructions for the dry-erase paint, cover the front and back of the duck with three coats, allowing at least 30 minutes of drying time after each coat. Let cure for two days. Excited about a few new Easter scavenger hunt ideas, but not sure about the right prizes?

Rest assured, Edible found some great Easter gift ideas! For example, to help find the right gift, ask yourself a few questions about your friend or family member, such as:. And if all else fails, everybody loves chocolate! Planning an Easter celebration can be quite daunting. We want to help you WOW your guests with a gorgeous dining table that encompasses the elements of spring.

From napkin rings to flatware—every carefully selected accoutrement can make your dinner table a little extra special. From fun to fascinating, set the mood of your Easter gathering with the tablescape. Not every family is the same, so take some time to think about your home and the people attending your Easter meal.

For example, if lots of kids are attending, then set the mood with more bunnies or other Easter gifts for kids. Conversely, will you be hosting a more intimate gathering among adult friends? For example, decadent designs and formal wear will really set the tone of a mature conversation. To help, please find a few Easter tablescape ideas that aim to spur your imagination and spark some creative ideas that fit your party. Easter takes place every spring, so embrace the season and include elements inspired by nature on your table.

For example, make your setting warm and inviting by using wood and flowers. And, the best part of going with a natural setting, is it works for guests of all ages. Whether you prefer vibrant hues or earthy tones, doing embracing spring sensations will invigorate you and your guests with the magic of the season. For a mature crowd, then embrace the holiday with some sophistication and create a menu. Simply, place an individual menu on each place setting at the table.

Additionally, plenty of online programs, such as Canva , easily and inexpensively allow anyone to design a menu or other personalized decorations. Simply, print them out at home on some quality stock paper or print them at your local print and copy center to spark the elegant feeling. Another way to add some elegance to the holiday is by simply adding a patterned plate with a vibrant color. A different set of China really elevates your table setting skills to the next level.

Additionally, both online and traditional brick and mortar stores have many varieties to choose from, which are all at different price points. The eclectic flair of varying designs will only add to the dinner conversation. Simply, pick and choose whatever speaks to you—just as long as the patterns are cohesive. Regardless of the mix of people attending your celebration or the age group, candles offer a perfect setting for creating pleasant ambiance. For example, incorporate a variety of unscented candles around the table to create a relaxing Easter tablescape.

Additionally, if you alter the heights and sizes of the candles, this staging technique creates a sense of depth, which is very appealing to the eye. Try putting out a few tealight, votive, and pillar candles. As for color, keep it simple. Stick to only two to three different colors at the most that pair well with your color scheme. There are so many choices in flatware today, which are easily accessible—and affordable too!

Shake it up this Easter holiday! Select a set that has a vintage inspired design like the photo above. Or go for a tone that compliments a specific aspect of your Easter tablescape. Perhaps the gold trim on the glassware? Or maybe the design on your napkins? The idea is to have to fun! The best kind of dessert is a functional one. Regardless of who attends, one thing is certain, you want to let the food, decorations and dessert shine.

So, before the guests arrive and preferably a few days before finalizing your Easter tablescape take some time and check your things for some embarrassing mistakes. So, prior to setting the table, check for any lipstick on the glasses or rust spots on the flatware especially if it was just acquired. Also, watch out for any candle wax buildup on those candle holders or wrinkled napkins if you struggle to get them in the holders. Finally, if you embrace the season and put out flowers, make sure they are alive and healthy.

Or you can play it safe with any of these edible Easter gifts , which double as fantastic centerpieces. We are all about filling the world with goodness—and believe there can never be enough ways to delight people. Rogers was gracious enough to speak with us when we requested to chat about the matter.

The young woman went on to say that her original thought was to send a thank you note, but knew that it would take a few days to reach the doctor. So we asked Claire how she decided on what to send. She found the name to be sweet, and knew right then that was the gift. Obviously—because he was injured. A lover of golf since her high school years, Rogers follows the sport very closely.

Though not a professional herself, Rogers has worked for Golf Digest Magazine for the past two summers. Who needs dinner reservations? Triple Lemon Fettuccine Alfredo — Comfort food is elevated to a whole new level with this unique spin on this classic creamy pasta dish. Pan-Grilled Chicken with Fresh Plum Salsa — This meal is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, and will have your Valentine coming back for seconds. Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Cauliflower Pomegranate Salad — Pomegranate seeds are the pop of festive color this holiday meal needs. Services like these make cooking fun and easy.

After working hard to cook you and your loved one a meal from scratch, treat yourselves to a decadent delight where no cooking is required. A romantic meal at home has so many advantages over a noisy, overcrowded, and overpriced restaurant. It happens more often than most of us would like to admit.

Consider all the little details so nothing unexpected comes up. We suggest making an itinerary. This goes for dinner reservations, buying your movie tickets, and calling ahead about parking. The last thing you want to deal with is a sold-out movie theater or your favorite restaurant fully booked.

Ordering gifts in advance not only ensures that they will arrive on time, but you are also able to put more thought into them. Shopping early also means having the largest selection of items before things sell out. This could help you avoid the crowd, get some extra-special treatment at the restaurant of your choosing, and go out on a night that is convenient for you and your loved one.

Dinner and a movie are always enjoyable, but trying something new and spontaneous might be just what you need. Always wanted to learn the tango? Take a class together. Or, how about finding a local live music show? The most important thing to remember is to just go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Spend the holiday showing love to the most important person in your life: you. Get the girls together and do something fun as a group. Rather stay in? Plan a potluck dinner with your favorite gal pals where everyone brings their favorite food.

Include some festive decor to make it feel special and really pull it all together. Do something that you have never done before. Interested in taking up yoga? You could take a cooking class. The options are endless. Dedicate some time to intense relaxation and self-care. Book a day at the spa and go all out with a massage and facial treatment. Or, treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. Pull on a fuzzy robe and turn your bathroom into a spa.

Take the time to make yourself your favorite dish. Feel free to give yourself permission to have something totally decadent. Getting yourself a gift is a great idea , no matter what day of the year it is. Chocolate will always be there for you, so why not go with the classic chocolate covered strawberries?

Write yourself a sweet note, sit back, relax, and wait for that delicious delivery to arrive. However you choose to celebrate, just be sure to celebrate! Take the day to reconnect with yourself and your friends so you can feel refreshed and better than ever. Now go out there and treatyourself to some fun! Wondering how to host the ultimate football party? These winning football party tips will keep your guests happy from kickoff to final touchdown.

Ready, set, host! Chips, dips, hot wings, sliders…these fan favorites are classic football party pairings for a reason. Bonus points if you serve up some football shaped snacks, too! Ample, comfortable seating is crucial for a football party. Whichever way you arrange your furniture, make sure you not only have plenty of room, but that everyone has a comfortable view of the action on TV.

A little decorative detail goes a long way. Score points with football themed plates, napkins, cups, balloons, and serving trays to go along with your theme. If you want to get really creative, transform your food table into a football field by placing a plastic or cloth green table cloth on it to resemble turf. You can even create field markers using a white marker and number stickers! A sweet ending to the game, regardless if your team wins or loses is never a bad idea.

Packed with strawberries freshly dipped in white and semi-sweet chocolate , arranged in a keepsake football container, we bet everyone will rush to the table for this one! Planning a successful football party takes a little creativity, a lot of food, and a game-winning attitude. Now, hustle. The first month of the new year is nearly over! Have you stuck to your resolution by keeping up with your FreshStart? Well, if so—we have an ingredient to help you end the month feeling confident in yourself and your commitment to health!

Whey protein is most well-known for being used by cardio loving, weight lifting, gym goers. One of the reasons whey protein is popular amongst this group is because it helps with muscle recovery and growth post workout. In addition to these two benefits, there are a slew of other advantages to consuming whey protein. For starters, it can aid with weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure in those diagnosed with hypertension. Studies show that whey protein can be used as a natural source to help combat anxiety.

This is believed because it contains the amino acid L-tryptophan, which aids in the production of serotonin. And serotonin is regarded by some researchers to be what stabilizes behavior and mood levels. Give some of these recipes a try! Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Brownie Batter Overnight Protein Oatmeal. While prepping a protein-packed snack at home is great, we know it might not always fit into your schedule. This week we are discussing flaxseeds , which will take your FreshStart journey to the next level. Yes, ancient! Flaxseeds have been cultivated and consumed by civilization for roughly 6, years.

For them to be around this long must mean something, right? The ancient seed is one of the richest plant-based sources for omega-3 fatty acids—specifically, alpha-linolenic acid ALA not to be confused with the type found in salmon. It can also help with dry, flakey, skin acne, rosacea, and eczema. Another extraordinary benefit of this superfood is how much fiber it contains.

There are 3 grams of fiber in only just one tablespoon. Research has found that flaxseeds hold the ability to help make that full feeling last longer. Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites. Spiced Flaxseed Schnitzel Bites. This can be very beneficial if weight loss is a goal.

Plus, oats also have healing properties when used topically! Colloidal oatmeal—which are finely ground oats—are commonly used to soothe dry and itchy skin. So, how can you add more oats into your diet? When you think of oats, your mind probably jumps to the image of a lumpy bowl of hot oatmeal at the breakfast table. But nowadays there are so many uses for this ingredient. For instance, did you know that oat flour is now a readily available flour in many markets?

Here are a few ideas how to make oats a regular part of your routine:. Banana Oatmeal Muffins. Turkey Meatloaf. So what do you think? Are you willing to give oats a try? Comment below with how you plan to incorporate this grain into your diet. Sources: Healthline , WHFoods. For most of us that means making a fresh start with some sort of commitment to better ourselves.

For many, kale is that one new ingredient that helps power their healthy lifestyle. At first, it seemed to be a trend adopted only by celebrities, yoga instructors, and athletes. But over the past few years, kale has somehow integrated itself into almost every grocery store, smoothie shop, and restaurant menu. The reason why this dark leafy green has risen in popularity is due to the multiple health benefits it provides. For example, did you know kale helps with all of the following things?

This cruciferous vegetable provides these benefits because it contains high amounts vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and iron. Tina Paymaster, a certified health and lifestyle coach, describes the impact of these vitamins:. Additionally, Vitamin A helps support skin health and vision. Plus, Vitamin C is important for immune health and joint health, helps to keep the body hydrated and also increases your metabolism.

Many of us know about the health benefits, but there are so many other interesting kale facts! For example, the average person in the United States consumes cups of kale every year. According to the National Kale Day movement, kale would make a great addition to your home garden. Many of us think kale is just kale. However, kale actually covers a wide range of varieties , which offer different tastes and even colors.

Try to seek out a kale you have not yet tried. Although we typically think of the current trend as a kale fad, that is not the case at all. In fact, kale has been providing civilizations around the world with its amazing nutrients for thousands of years. WebMD shares the history of kale. However, because kale grows very well in cold, wet climates, such as Scotland, the plant now derives its name from Scottish heritage.

In addition to the health benefits and generous nutrients provided by the plant, kale also contains properties that help with weight loss. It is very low in calories but still provides significant bulk that should help you feel full.

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Because of the low calorie and high water content, kale has a low energy density. Eating plenty of foods with a low energy density has been shown to aid weight loss in numerous studies. Although there is no study directly testing the effects of kale on weight loss, it makes sense that it could be a useful addition to a weight loss diet.

As a result, many people simply do not find the taste appealing. Plus, we can incorporate kale into our diet without eating kale salad everyday. Kale chips remain one of the all time favorites in the kale community. They are easy to make and tasty! Why do kale chips make a great snack and offer a better alternative to typical chips? Kale chips are customizable and offer the same chip varieties. Yes, kale offers some amazing flexibility that helps enhance every type of disk. From transforming your BLT sandwich to including with any type of pasta, kale goes well beyond the standard salad. As a result, creative home cooks simple throw some kale into their home cooking and hearty meals!

To do so, simple, finely chop a little kale into dishes, which adds some color, texture and enhances the nutritious value of your dish. For example, learn how kale works with an all-time classic dish. Pasta offers another easy and tasty way to introduce kale into your diet. Many of us garnish our dishes with some oregano or other simple spices. Instead, garnish with chopped kale or simply cook some kale and mix with pasta. Additionally, kale works as a great basil replacement in pesto dishes.

Tips to Create a WOW-worthy Mother’s Day Brunch

These simple changes offer a healthier and for some, more delicious meal! Last, but certainly not least, kale smoothies remain one of the easiest ways to incorporate this magical ingredient into your diet. Along those lines, try mixing pineapple, apples, and strawberries with some kale for a simple DIY recipe. So, for all you new to the world of kale—will you give it a try with one of these recipes? Go out, be adventurous! Shopping local is a great way to support small business owners and all that they do for their communities.

Many local business owners will go above and beyond, whether that means special ordering a hard-to-find item or taking the time to help you select just the right product with personalized service. Small businesses deliver economic advantages to the town they are in, but they also strengthen relationships among neighbors, residents, other small business owners, community leaders, schools, and more.

Or when you shop at a small boutique, you can speak with the owner about where they sourced that pair of hand-knit gloves. Entrepreneurs create new businesses, ideas, and energy that can help your community thrive. When you shop and invest in your local businesses, you can also help contribute to creating more jobs in your area. Shopping local helps these smaller shops keep their doors open and their workers employed.

Buying local has benefits beyond mere convenience — when you support local business owners, you can get a better level of service and help make your community an even better place to live! In fact, her granddaughter Joanne informed us that she stops by once a week for a fresh, guilt-free treat at her local store. We so appreciate you as a loyal patron and wish you an amazing year filled with love, laughter, and as many smoothies as you can get your hands on! You can turn ordinary snacks and sweets into extra-special treats with minimal effort.

With these scary-good party treats, it will be love at first bite! Overwhelmed by last-minute party planning? In a time crunch? Opt for these adorable, spooky friends! With these awesome and festive treats, you and your guests will have a frightfully good time at your Halloween bash! Are you planning on giving these Halloween recipes a go? Post a photo of your masterpiece and tag us on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter.

We hope you have a terrifyingly delicious time! Dressing up in costumes, decorating the house, planning scary games, and eating delicious treats can only mean one thing — Halloween is almost here! Halloween is one of our favorite opportunities for one last social event before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Bats, cats, and ghosts — oh my! Decorating for Halloween parties is half the fun of throwing them. First, pick a theme. Whether you prefer a ghoulish, spooky ambience or a classic, harvest atmosphere, find unexpected ways to design the look and feel of your party.

This is a playful and festive twist that your guests will LOVE. Order ahead of time! You can even take advantage of same-day-delivery to make things even easier. Make sure to mix fun, upbeat, crowd-pleasing music with those Halloween-party staples to keep your guests grooving all night long! Halloween-themed activities can be just as fun today as when you were a kid. You can even host a costume contest and hand out prizes for different categories! Need some spook-tacular party activity inspiration? Throwing a Halloween party can take work, but the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it!

Planning to put these tips to good use? Share your photos with us by tagging on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Happy Haunting! Below are some super-fun, easy activities that everyone will love — adults included! The game that serves as a fun activity AND a festive decoration. Give this spin on a classic carnival game a go! New To Like New Condition!

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And The Bowls Are 6"Dia. Tote Filled With Misc. All New And Never Used! In Good Condition, 5"Dia. New In Packages! Children And Adults Love Them! X 8"H. Make Them Yours! All Are In Good Condition. Saucers And 4"H Cups. X 6" To 8"H. X 5"H And 11"Dia. Pamper Yourself with These New Items!

Stamped Crownford China Co.

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Staffordshire, England. Pattern is Calico, Called "Cottage of Contentment", 5. Original Hanging Cord Attached, Chapter 2. Black with Portrait of a Renaissance Child. Gold Edge has Little Wear. Tape on the Back Says "Give to Me ", 8. This is from Toledo Spain Trip in Shakespeare Alpha 6. For Adult Couples. Unit has Been in Storage. New in Package 12 Ft. Food Dehydrator by Mr. Nice Wooden Wine Crate with Misc. Good Ignitor! Grilling Season Is Here! New Or Nearly New!

New And Excellent Condition! Crafter's Lot! Huge And Lovable Teddy Bear! All Are In Great Condition! X 28"H. Fun Attic Find! New Condition To Great Condition! Bubble Padded Mailer Envelopes, Approx. Like New condition! Vintage Vulcan Superior No.

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Like New Fasco Furnace Inducer. Weslo Momentum G 3. Vintage Wooden 4ft. Extang Solid Fold 2. Bed, Good Condition, 68"W x 81"L. Joe Etc. Saucepan, One 1. Saucepan, One 3-Qt. New And Never Worn! Size S. To 8"Dia. Tested, Looks Hardly Used, Approx. Sore Back Or Neck?

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In Great Condition. New In Original Boxes! X 11"H. Vintage Glass Hazel Atlas 8 Oz. Vintage Look "Fish" Home Acc. Older Holmes Model Five Scale, 5 lb. Poulan 3. Box Small Misc. Bag of Misc. Dish Cloths, Approx. Fair Some Stains to Good Condition. Vintage Heaven Sent Parfum Spray 3. Each, 20 Tubes of Body Lotion 1 Oz. Flora By Gucci. Usher Woman. Womanity By Thierry Mugler. Never Used, Sold in Upscale Depart. Wickson Memorial Library Franklin St. Body Cream, Ten 1 FL. Real Parfum, Sold in Upscale Dept. Molded Resin Smoking Pipe, Dr.

Each, Sold in Upscale Dept. Stores, New Never Used. Great Patina, Works, 13"L Total. Stores, Great Party Favors. England, The Burgess Co. Stores, Great For Party Favors. TaylorMade Burner Super Steel 9. Probably Has 75 lbs. Vintage Whirlpool 10, BTU? Floral Print Comforter, Queen Size? Kills As Is. Good Condition, 54"W x 60"L. Marti F. Clever Bald" Very Good Condition. Using This, So Can You! Antique Cannon Oiler Size No. Bloomer Keithsburg, Ill. Ingento No.

Three No. Pehaps the chess game does have a parallel, with Ron eventually acting as the knight. The style of Chiasmus is a sort of X crossing or mirror writing, which seems to me to fit in well with the coded notes alchemists used to communicate with each other. In addition, the X structure could refer to the circle closing, the Orobouros, the Mirror of Erised. I can't see additional meaning in the note by looking at the letters reversed; perhaps someone else will see something! That post you mention seems interesting indeed, I'll have a look at it! Talking about "turning the page", I think I should have explained more what it means for me.

If you say to someone "turn the page! So, figuratively, when Harry "turns the page" while Ron talks about Krum, it can mean "forget it! And it isn't any page but "a page of Quintessence" he is turning, with all that is bound to that term About chapter 15, I've been wondering about Ginny's and Luna's roles in Harry's journey. I can't help but think that Slughorn's words in chapter 9, about Amortensia being "the most dangerous and powerful potion in this room" and that: "When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love" p.

There must be more to this than just Romilda Vane's feeble attempts to give some to Harry! Now, has Ginny really used a love potion on Harry or is it just a hint that her "obsessive love" can become "dangerous" i. There are a few details, in that chapter, that seem to reinforce that symbolism: - Luna saying: "Did you know one of your eyebrows is bright yellow?

Could that "stranger" be some kind of echo of the one Harry will be someday then? Or a hint that something in Harry "recognized" her for what she really is, which reminds me of what I wrote some times ago about the "magnet": post and alchemy being also called "art d'amour" art of love. Another detail reinforces that "fool" symbolism, it is hidden in the new Gryffindor password: "Baubles" since, according to teh Oxford dictionary, "baubles" can refer either to Christmas tree decorations, to something of no importance or worth or to "a baton formely used as an emblem by jesters", jesters, fools Your line of inquiry is very intriguing.

I also have my doubts about Ginny. When she makes up the nickname "Phlegm" for Fleur, it seems very acerbic, jealous, petty. Rowling left us with tantalizing potential for jealousy to rear its ugly head when Gabrielle, Fleur's little sister, attends Bill and Fleur's wedding. I was just reading over the Slughorn party as well, and couldn't help thinking of your past remarks about Luna's relationship to Harry.

Rowling seems to use very strong alchemy coding when describing Luna. Your thoughts about the code seems very likely. Great work! Draco bonds with Moaning Myrtle, the sad water ghost. Fluer, the flour's name is transmuted to Phlegm by Ginerva.

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Ron Bilious has more and more problems with his digestion, almost to his demise in book six, and is saved by Harry's potion antidote. Maybe antidon't. I gave up discussions about it on the Ginny thread. She is just tooo popular over there and nobody wants to hear negativity about her.

I'd love to see Harry end up with Luna. Looking at this from a "quintessence" or balancing perspective, Ginny to me is not at all balanced - so far anyway. Harry is obviously the personification of balancing and unifying opposites. This, I see also with Luna, who although Ravenclaw and ethereal, is also very grounded, brave, and has been given watery qualities as well.

Pardon me, I know this thread isn't about romance, but by book 7 Harry will achieve unification. He needs to be with a partner who is also unified and not all fire. But I am so delighted to find that someone else has mentioned the possibility of Ginny having used a love potion. I thought Ginny seemed rather interested in them in WWW Severus regularly gets toasted on the Snape thread, so why not the other characters? Rowling seems to have torpedoed the vast majority of the tall 'ships out there.

However, methinks Newt Scamander has a few tricks up her salamander sleeve. She is always focused and present in any conversation we find her in. Granted, at times her focus is on "conspiracy theory" discussions, but I find her to be very calm and not easily swayed - those descriptions are unusual to the qualities of "air", but are more earth-oriented or "grounding".

Hollywand - Feb 27, pm of Luna really held her own in the Ministry of Magic battle as well. I get it. I must have forgotten which thread I was on and was thinking literally, not symbolically. I do agree that Luna held her own in the Ministry of Magic battle, and I love her direct comments the ones that make Harry slightly uncomfortable. A couple of thoughts here: dreams have been a key source of information for Harry throughout the series, especially granting him access to Voldemort.

It would seem that ascending the ladder will also put Harry in the Hanged Man position. It is interesting that a bit of advice Dumbledore gives to Harry during the series is "Don't be so driven you forget to live" paraphrased here --this is the dilemma of The Hanged Man. Voldemort is the Hanged Man, isn't he? A hollow is a clearing with no trees. Can Godric's Hollow be the location where the Hanged Man will have no quarter? I wouldn't think too much of this except the legion of hanging references in the series. Isn't it interesting that Voldemort's mother's name is a sort of pun on hanging?

The third: Our group has explored the idea that the Horcruxes must be destroyed by another person willingly taking it upon themselves to wear the burden and destroy it, along with a bit of Voldemort's soul. Dumbledore does this with the ring and I think the locket , Harry does this with the diary Lily does it before either of these two guys by sacrificing herself on Harry's behalf.

Lily's sacrifice prevents the creation of the spell, foils the pathway of the Horcrux energy, and Harry survives the Avada Kedavra Curse, left with a lightning bolt scar. Harry has Lily's eyes, and his lighting bolt scar. Perhaps Lily's green eyes act as a Mirror of Desire, they reflect upon the viewer's desires, like the Mirror of Erised.

Dang it, I feel so close to understanding this Like Severus' healing song, that heals the Sectum Sempra? Like the Phoenix song? Cosmic harmony? Is Harry going to sing Voldemort a lullaby? Noone ever thought to sing to this guy? Not even his mom? I'll sing one of my favorites: The eensy weensy spider went up the water spout Down came the rain and washed the spider out!

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. And the eensy weensy spider went up the spout again. Totally alchemically magical. Very classic alchemy imagery disguised in this transit to the "Invisible College", Hogwarts. In the Goblet of Fire, The Phoenix song appears, suspends the Harry and Voldemort in a golden cage of light; the wizards hang in the balance during the reincarnation crucible.

The Graveyard event is very much a reversal of the initial Godric's Hollow event when Lily gave her life to save Harry. Voldemort is very conscious that he is returning to mortalilty. The song event is our first vision of cosmic harmony in the Potter series. It would seem that Rowling is leading us to a similar sort of event for the conclusion at Godric's Hollow. Fawkes surely represents the element of fire, and in Fantastic Beasts, Rowling clearly sets up the Augury as the Rain bird, the element of water. The Augury cries and brings the rain, it is black and green, to Fawkes' red and gold. Will these two Phoenixes unite in harmonious song, or struggle with each other?

The double phoenix metaphor has great potential. Maybe Voldemort fashions a new wand with an Augury feather tail. I am going to suggest again here that Severus is perhaps associated with the Augury. Um, can dragons sing? I'll carry that thought with me for the rest of the day Remember on Rowling's site, she said Dumbledore may sing the Hogwarts song again I think I get her clue now.

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By the way Jo, you are awesome. Remus Lupin, the grey wolf, the lead symbol. His name begs the brother pair, Rommuslus and Remus. Lupin is isolated by his condition, on the lam, banished from Hogwarts. At this stage Sirius, the dog is his spirit brother. The loss of Sirius causes great grieving in Tonks; her patronus changes to a dog form. She has a spiritual kinship with Sirius, and falls in love with Lupin. Lupin gains a soul mate in TonksI think we will see their great love bond flourish in book seven. Lupin also gains a brother in Bill Weasley, both transformed by Greyback, another reference to lead here.

Bill has fallen in love with Fleur in the previous book; Fleur earns her tiara crown by accepting Bill despite his physical transformation. I can't help but think of Fleur as the rose, the flower symbol of unity in alchemy. We now have wolf brothers with strong love relationships, Remus very knowledgeable in the Dark Arts, especially psychological projections, and the other, Bill, an expert charm breaker from Gringotts, the Goblin bank. A very positive Janus metaphor in the wolf brothers. Mentions of flowers in book seven are sure to be clues to harmony and resolution.

It's interesting that these love relationships were sort of a backdrop slipped in behind all the fuss of Ron and Lavender, the flower. It is appropriate that lead, the first base metal would be the first to transform. I would bet that, if we look, there will be other metallic transformational references in the other characters, ie, tin, copper, silver, gold. It is the relic of Godric Gryffindor, but belongs to Hogwarts. It is the fifth element used to unify the school.

The Sorting Hat sings a sort of aurgury to the first year initiates: harmony or chaos, the choice is yours. Harry chooses Gryffindor, the golden griffin, both lion and eagle, at his first rite of passage. I would bet my set of golden gobstones that a real struggle will take place for the Sorting Hat in Book Seven. I would bet that the Sorting Hat was the object of Voldemort's ambition when he sought to teach at Hogwarts.

The wizard that controls the Sorting Hat will control the nature of the Wizarding World. Will Harry wear the Sorting Hat again? What will emerge from the Hat? Will these objects act to unify the Wizarding World, as the sword of Gryffindor did in the Chamber of Secrets? I can't help but think that the other Founders must contribute for the unity to be complete four part Harmony with the fifth magical element. Perhaps the Sorting Hat is the key to reunification, and defeating the Horcruxes without everyone we know and love flying off the Astronomy Tower. One can only hope By the way, it is music that quells the Cerebus dog, Fluffy with the three heads.

We should look carefully at the other musical references in the book for unity clues. This may be a final celebration clue. I am too tired for writing all that reading your posts made me think of right now but I'll do it tomorrow! If it's not too much trouble, could you expand on your idea about Vold being the Hanged Man? I've always considered that card extremely positive, being about surrender, and would see Vold as being the antithesis of it actually.

Of course, all cards have "both" meanings I suppose, the force and it's opposite A triad of references to Voldie as The Hanged Man. His mother Merope or "My Rope". In Alchemy, the positive has a negative counterpart. I hope this makes sense. I think the Sphinx at the center of the maze in the Triwizard Tournament is a sly reference to Rowling herself as author, by the way. I think I should mention that Jo mentions on her website in her biography section her fondness for playing Hanged Man with her sister Diana on the balcony of her parent's home.

It's a really charming description if you have not read it. I think this is a sly clue to readers as well, that The Hanged Man has a basis in her personal history, so she would be mirroring her personal interest in the possibilities of the metaphor. If you do a "dedicated search" under "Hanged Man", on this thread, and the original Alchemy thread, you will find a legion of references cited in the Potter text that use The Hanged Man as a metaphor, a position that a number of the characters have assumed: Peeves, Harry, Snape, Voldemort, Ron and Harry, various combinations of characters.

Our philosophy here on the Alchemy thread is that the characters and symbols are not fixed, but fluid. That is to say, the characters and processes are constantly changing, interacting, failing, growing, binding, separating, and not static or fixed. This gives Rowling the opportunity as a writer to be infinitely slippery, like a firey little water salamander, immune to fireworks. I first became intrigued by The Hanged Man as an adolescent looking at Tarot cards.

I was always transfixed by the Hanged Man's expression of complete equanimity in his hanging position. The graphic typically depicted by the Crowley deck is suspension by the foot, his two legs suggesting the numeral four, reversed. Zelmia nicely summed up the spiritual associations with this symbol on the original Alchemy thread. It's difficult to believe it's been over a year since we began the initial discussion. I hope this is helpful; please don't hesitate to keep asking questions, we are a very kind group, I think.

I love this group. I would bet that you can add very significant details to the tapestry, as others have, once you get the hang of the language, and "go with the flow" as well and the burning and decapitation! I want to take my wizard hat off to you especially, my dear, as you were the first to bring in the element of the Quintessence.

You have been so wonderful about anticipating many of the major themes in the story. Making this discussion over the last year and a half has been a wonderful golden gift for me! I wanted to ask your thoughts about the Ortus. It would seem that if Fawkes and the Augury are anticipated, wouldn't the Ortus perhaps be an outcome of their singing in harmony or struggle?

I am hoping the two phoenixes sing together, rather than battle at the closing. Curious about your thoughts on this metaphor. Harry and Ron is another. We have seen earlier instances of the power of this pair core to the journey, and I think it will be foregrounded for Harmony. It is probably more significant that each of them fell in love with a Weasley in Book Six than the actual events themselves. Hermione as Harry's agent is so striking, especially at the close of many of the books, she is sure to the a crux, a crucial figure at the close of seve. Go Miss Granger, Hermes.

Fear is a key element in the Occlumency lessons Dumbledore liases between Harry and Snape. Snape hides his memories; he is frightened of Harry's penchant for reversing magic, a talent his father James used against Severus at Hogwarts. Considered in this historical context, Harry's declaration that Snape is a coward, and Snape's rage at the accusation is a dark companion to the Occlumency memory. Snape rages at Harry as Harry has struck a core, compassionate nerve in Snape's isolated condition.

Another extraordinary use by Rowling of the origin of the word as a nexus for meaning in the story. The detail that Snape sings and heals lends a lot of weight to the idea that he will be on the side of the Order in the closing, and perhaps very significantly as an agent. You guessed it: Quintessence. See you at the Leaky Cauldron! I feel like a kid locked in at Honeydukes, by mistake, for the night I'm afraid I'll have to wait till the weekend for really commentating on your brilliant ideas but I can't help but start a bit before it.

You said: "I wanted to ask your thoughts about the Ortus. It reminded me that we talked once about the ortus, remember? The name ortus means the sunrise. It came from the Latin word orior, ortus to rise and it gave the word "orient", that is to say East, where the sun is rising. In that way, to find the Philosopher's gold is also, for the alchemist, to find his own east, spiritual and psychological.

If we connect that to Fawkes: we do find the colours in him and he could be the one who is showing Harry his own East, that is to say from where the help will come. If he is the key agent of Harry's scar, then we can presume that he will lead him to that East, his own spiritual philosopher's stone.

I was then only thinking of Fawkes can you believe this was posted in October ? We have made so many researches since then! That would be a great image! Ortus is the sunrise, the side from which light comes. Symbolically, it can be a powerful metaphor: Harry is connected to the sun, as we so many times said, and the sun is connected to the Red Process. So, the image of the sun rising fits Harry in his red process perfectly, especially the moment when he'll receive the "light", i.

Knowledge only Dumbledore through Fawkes and Snape can provide him Edit: I almost forgot! What to say about the "Little Red Books" publishers then? And we find them connected to the Augurey, how perfect is that? If you think about it, the series has been connected to four seasonal divisions. How about an equivalent event atBeltane? I am intrigued that Voldem--ort that last syllable, the chap could transform as part of the Ortus.

That would be a nice, happy ending for all of us. Too much coincidence for it not to be a signifier. Butter beers all around. I know your are busy, Audrey, so don't worry about a speedy reply. I do look forward to any other thoughts you might have. I can't thank you enough for your participation in this conversation over the last two years. It's been unimaginably rewarding. I so happy to be looking forward to book seven. I think it will be golden. I asked this in the HBP symobolism thread but maybe I should also ask here. Would anyone know why the note in the locket would look like it was signed in reversed Alchemic Process?

I'm also wondering about what would be the meaning of these initials if they were indeed refering to the reversed journey. First, Voldemort already did that "reverse journey" during his "rebirthing party" see posts and on the archived thread and there are other connotations to the RAB initials and to "Regulus" that seem to me richer from an alchemical point of view.

We talked about it a lot when the HBP came out: it starts on post and lasts till posts s. Having said that, this is only my humble opinion and I could very well be wrong! Thank you so much Hollywand! Go Lions! PS: I'll write that post about your ideas during the weekend for sure! I think Rowling has already translated the Nigredo process as the "Black" process by having Sirius "Black" as his teacher instead of Sirius "Nigredo" or even Sirius "Nigellus" to carry him through the Nigredo process. Even though Sirius does have a relative by the name of Phineas Nigellus Black.

So, I would think that it would be more natural to have the reversed alchemic process be represented by the initials R. If Regulus is R. In otherwords could any one of those four represent the reversed alchemic process? Alchemy has many triads, among the the Rubedo, Nigredo and Albedo Processes. I think the books might follow the Alchemical triad pattern in that we are about to get our third mysterious book. I think that book will be the contents of the "Quintessence: A Quest" book, and the author will be mysterious.

Harry will read the book during Book Seven, and this text will explain and reveal a lot of the Alchemical processes we have been talking about here on this thread. Most of the public at large has no idea Rowling is using alchemical metaphors throughout the series, so she will use the Charms book to inform the reader. She will use the text as a device to explain to Harry, and to the reader, the meaning of his journey to date.

Since his last name is "Bumblebee, middle name Albus, the first name Rubedo, or something to do with his Auburn reddish gold hair that Riddle would know from his earlier years as a student. We should probably bet a plate of lemon drops on the outcome. Besides, "charme" is also the name of a tree in French: the hornbeam. Krum's wand is made of hornbeam, hmmm Something tells me he could well return and join his voice to the book 7 chorus Always thought Voldemort's journey would have been different if someone had ever sang him a song like "A la claire fontaine" at the clear fountain : a very old story of love, feathuring bath, bird's song, oak tree and roses Should have lightened his alchemical path a bit!

On a side note: "clear fountain" makes me think of "Clearwater". The white rose, symbol of the white process, becomes the red rose during the red process I would not be surprised at all if we were to find out exactly how skilled a witch Fleur is in book 7. We, and Greyback, hehehe That would be a great ouroboros image, wouldn't it? We often said that the macrocosm the Wizarding World's fate and the microcosm Harry's fate were closely bound.

Harry has to bring the balance back to the macrocosm, the Wizarding World, balance that was first broken by Slytherin. It would be logical then that the macrocosm through the founders gave Harry "weapons" to use in his quest. Now, what weapon that could be is hard to say: object or knowledge, or both? The two stars, on that crest, are very important from an alchemical point of view: "they're the stars that will guide the alchemist on his path. Alchemists as Basile Valentin were saying that their Star was one and double at the same time, one being the mirror of the other.

What if it was a hint that their paths, which seemed very different at first sight, were in fact one That's why, in my mind but it is only my opinion , the most interesting thing about Regulus is his link with Sirius and the fact that these two "Black stars"' fate, and role in Harry's quest, is one and the same. The "black" is over at that point of the story but it was a necessary step in Harry's journey and what happened to the Black brothers still has an echo in the current process es , just like what happens in the white and red processes of the alchemy couldn't have happened without the black one.

See what I mean? It seems the merging of opposites thus creating a third, being the universal theme here, is indeed everywhere for those with eyes to see. I agree it's highly probable that we will see another book, either Quintessence or a book mentioned from 12GP.

So thanks again. Good stuff. Jo mentions that Krum's wand and Hermione's vine wand are dragonheart string. Harry's wand produces wine, made of holly, phoenix feather core. Hermione has a crown of golden birds when she is jealous vitriol she is now the green lion, and Harry has a bout with jealousy at the close of book six. Both Krum and Harry are champion Seekers. There's some very interesting metaphors intermingled with this group. Wonder how Luna would fit in with this group; Luna notices Harry's golden eyebrow, prior to Slughorn's partyseems like a telling signifier this Ravenclaw will be important.

I suspect that, the appearance of birds is another signifier of harmony. Maybe Krum has gone from Quidditch to dragon handling It's maddening to feel so close to understanding the answer I read the whole thing from beginning to end! Well done everyone! I apologise for my lack of computer literacy in not being able to create a direct link to it, but simply click on essays on the main LC menu, then index of essays, and it will be listed there. I'm glad you like the thread! Thank you so much Me and My Shadow too!

LOL Hollywand, I know what you mean but I'm sure that if we keep putting our ideas together in the cauldron of the thread, we'll find the answers! He is still not ready to symbolically "bite his own tail" but he is moving nevertheless I have more to post about it and I hope I'll be able to do it soon! Rowling uses time metaphors for the trio that I believe will be used symbolically in a confluence of time to defeat Voldemort in book Seven. Hermione's time metaphor are: the Time Turner, and the charm that dated the galleon edge to notify the Defense Against the Dark Arts Team.

This talented little witch is able to travel backwards across time, and recognize the meaning of the clues to defeat the death of the Gryffin Buckbeak by decapitation. She is able to "stand time on its edge", and unify the secret Dumbledore devoted brotherhood for harmonious undertakings to defeat the Dark Lord. These are two highly charged metaphors for our Hermetic Hermione. The golden circle of information, the hourglass of time.

Hermione gazes upon the hummingbird returning to its egg, reborn again and again, and realizes the magical glass contains: Time. Ron's time metaphors are: The Weasley clock, that connects him intimately to his golden and firey family. A profound symbol of family ties and harmony. His personal golden watch gift given to him in Book Six, surely a symbol of his coming of age as a young man.

Family unity and personal growth. I bet there are more for Ron I have missed. Harry is the Macrocosm connected to the Mircocosm of the trio. He unites with Hermione within the Time Turne incident, ultimately discovering his own father as a silver spiritual guide. He unites with Ron, to save his friend in a race against time in the Triwizard Tournament.

He travels with Dumbledore, in a race against time, to find the Horcruxes that are key to destroying the Dark Lord. Here, it seems salient again to mention that I personally think that RAB is Dumbledore, as the note is a sort of hourglass configuration, and that the writer mentions the future, and facing death courageously. The Gryffindor hourglass breaking and spilling rubies could be a parallel metaphor for the note, time, and Dumbledore's death. I think it is not insignificant that the card recently on Jo's website is: a red circle, a lightning bolt, a chrysallis plant.

All of these symbols point to a closing of the golden red circle, a reversal of energy, time bringing the butterfly to fruition. Addenda: A "Key" element of beautiful music is: Time. Here's an interesting reference to sound and Alchemical metaphors, Hermione as Mercury and Lupin as lead. Really interesting pairing of action and connectionfurther, Harry learned how to project his Patronus from Lupin, who is in an animalistic form during the Patronus event. Gosh, these are very interesting interwoven connections, sure to be repeated again in Book Seven. Will Hermione call Bill and Lupin, the wolf brothers, to assist the trio?

As a trio, Harry is a sort of Hermaphrodite image to Ron and Hermione. Ron is the firey red Pureblood wizard, Hermione the Quicksilver Muggleborn. Harry completes the trio as the HalfBlood, the Hanged Man, if you will, trapped between the two worlds. It is interesting to note that Lily was a Muggleborn, James a Pureblood. Voldemort is the dark pairing to Harry, with the Muggle born father, the Purblood mother.

Now, let's see, this would put Bella in Hermione's oppositional position, and we need an oppositional Muggleborn for Ron's position. Not sure who that would be. By reincarnating himself with Harry's blood, Voldemort has weakened his own gateway of externalizing his soul, especially if he used the blood of the child who symbolizes unity, the Quintessence. Okay, a lot of the pieces are falling into place for me. This is so much fun. Fits Riddle Sr. How do you think Tonks' father will play a part in assisting Voldemort?

Rowling originally had an evil Muggle called Pyrites Fool's Gold who had red-stained gloves that returned to white, eventually. The closest character to this chap would seem to be Wormtail with his murderous silver hand or Mundungus Fletcher. I don't think either of them are Muggleborns. I don't have books so can't cite canon but I recall Nymphadora not liking her dad. Pure, pure speculation here. The little humming bird hatching and returning to its egg to be reborn, also a phoenix image. I love it. In this way, Hermione is the alchemist inthat she has the small Time Turner as an instrument she uses earlier in the series, and she recognizes the large Time Glass as a metaphor for the larger cosmic order, which would beThe Order of the Phoenix.

I am stunned at how all these puns and double entendres are elided. Reading Rowling's series can be compared to reading an alchemical textcloser inspection reveals a greater number of magical details. The butterfly is now red, black and gold. Very interesting. There must be some connection there with regards to weaving strands and Harry's other two mentors. Knitting is actually just tying knots and knots are a symbol of unity. Of course I say that as a joke. But in fact he does seem to shuttle back and forth from one side to the other, in so doing tightening the threads Bringing completion in his own way.

Rowling has given us a set of new "eggs" on her site coincident with the Ides of March th "Ides" originating from the Latin word for "division" and March, for Mars, the god of war. I wonder if we can scrutinize the timing on the other release dates for clues. Beltane, perhaps. I don't have the time to really post some comments about them, unfortunately, but reading your posts about "time" Hollywand reminded me of what I mentioned some times ago about the Dragon's blood symbolism, here.

I'll search more about that when I'll be back home. It could be that Rowling will take us back through the Potion puzzle as a key metaphor in Book Six or Seven, and we will, metaphorically as readers, return to the Mirror of Desire, and the quest for the Philosopher's Stone as the Dragon returns to full circle.

We begin with the scar, we end with the scar. This would mean that, metaphorically, we are now at the Mirror of Erised for Book Seven. This fits elegantly into the pattern. The final barrier is Dumbledore's barrier. Dumbledore protects the stone by making it accessable only to someone without an avaricious desire for immortality, a desire to dominate others with dark magic.

This is the Philosophical Gold. It is only when Harry's heart is shown to desire the greater good, the stone physically appears in his pocket. We end where we began. With the stone and the scar. The Mirror of Erised, then, is the Quintessence. Dumbledore is now a silver reflection, a spirit entity, as is Sirius, Lily and James, who appear within the mirror. It would seem that somehow, the mirror Sirius gave to Harry will be utilized, either metaphorically or literally. So then, the Philosopher's Stone ends up, as one alchemist's quote mentions, being tucked in the folds of the courageous heart.