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At every step, 3M Food Safety provides solutions that help mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line. Its culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better. For more information, visit www. Buscar en este sitio:. Centro de ayuda. Sala de Prensa. Lunes, Diciembre 12, am CST. Dateline: ST. Contact: 3M Mary Kokkinen, mckokkinen mmm.

Materiales relacionados Download article as a PDF. Signal-to-noise ratio optimization for detecting bacteria with interdigitated microelectrodes. A forced convection heating source was used for wax valve actuation and temperature heating for the LAMP amplification, leading toward compactness and system minia-turization.

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Franca Rossi. Grape pomace GP , a winery by-product is increasingly being explored as food ingredients. Ochratoxin A OTA , a natural toxigenic metabolite frequently found in wine and its by-products. Black Aspergilli are mainly responsible for OTA Black Aspergilli are mainly responsible for OTA build-up and contamination of grapes and winery by-products. The fungal population in GP of five grape cultivars were enumerated and characterized. Fungal population ranged from 4. Aspergillus niger Other fungal isolates were A.

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Fungal contamination of GP correlated with the type of grape cultivars used for the pomace. Clustering of banding patterns generated from amplification with primer OPC using Pearson's coefficient detected similarity at The findings from this study suggest that GP obtained from some grape cultivars could be unsafe as food ingredients due to contamination by ochratoxigenic-producing molds, which is an indicative factor for the presence of ochratoxin A and other mycotoxins. Yu Jiamei. Method comparison for enhanced recovery, isolation and qualitative detection of Campylobacter jejuni and C.

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In want of a sensitive protocol, culture-dependent methods were compared to detect thermophilic Campylobacter species from untreated urban effluents. We evaluated various combinations of selective media, with and without an enrichment We evaluated various combinations of selective media, with and without an enrichment step, as well as an extra filtration step. Culture-independent real-time quantitative PCR was also included and all detected isolates underwent antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

Although enrichment using Preston broth resulted in better recovery of potentially stressed Campylobacter than Bolton or Campyfood broth CFB , there was no significant increase in efficiency compared to direct plating. Inclusion of an enrichment step increased the ratio of C. Resistances against all antimicrobials tested were observed in C.

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  5. Molecular detection of foodborne pathogens.

Whether this difference was the result of selection during the enrichment step could not be determined. The presence of Campylobacter in urban effluents can be considered as a valuable proxy for Campylobacter populations present in urban environments. Meurer Moreira, M. Lemos Miguel, A.

Molecular detection of foodborne pathogens [2010]

Dias de Castro, M. Alves, and R.

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Salmonella, C. Hoorfar, J. Schelin, P.

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    Rapids methods for detection and enumeration of food borne pathogens