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Because of the production delays and animation errors in these two episodes, Fox threatened to sever AKOM's contracts. Throughout the series run, producers had to deal with quality control issues including attempts to cut costs, requests to change the tone of the series to something more child-friendly as well to integrate toys being sold into the show.

The show was originally planned to run for 65 episodes. Given its success and Marvel's bankruptcy, Saban funded the additional episodes, a season's worth and more. Television was satirized in the episodes " Mojovision " and " Longshot ". X-Men crossed over with the animated series Spider-Man , when Spider-Man seeks out the X-Men's help to stave off his progressing mutation. In the abbreviated form of the Secret Wars storyline, the Beyonder and Madame Web selected Spider-Man to lead a team of heroes including Storm against a group of villains.

An earlier draft of "Secret Wars" involved all of the X-Men, but transporting the voice cast to Los Angeles where production for the Spider-Man animated series was based from Canada had been too costly in previous crossovers, so the episode was re-written to include only Storm, whose actress, Iona Morris, lived in Los Angeles. Hulk and She-Hulk were excluded from the episodes because [ citation needed ] the Incredible Hulk animated series featuring the characters was airing on rival network UPN. The first season of the show brought the X-Men into conflict with human conspirators building mutant-exterminating Sentinel robots, Magneto and his attempts to instigate a human-mutant war, and the powerful mutant Apocalypse 's plans to eradicate the weak, both human and mutant alike.

Other storylines including X-Men member Morph's death at the hands of Sentinels, Beast's incarceration, and an assassination attempt on US senator Kelly by Apocalypse's minions to turn human sentiment against the mutants. The second season sees Cyclops and Jean get married and become the targets of Mister Sinister, who hopes to use the genetically perfect combination of their DNA to create an army of obedient mutants. Morph returns, having been rescued by Sinister and brainwashed into forcing the X-Men apart.

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The season also features the growing rift between humans and mutants, spearheaded by the Friends of Humanity, an anti-mutant group who lead the persecution of all mutants. Apocalypse also returns, developing a deadly plague to be blamed on mutants, fueling mutant hatred. A parallel narrative of Professor X and Magneto being lost in the Savage Land runs throughout this season.

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The third season focuses on the cosmic force, the Phoenix, which merges with Jean Grey and eventually turns her into the malevolent and powerful Dark Phoenix. Other storylines include the introduction of Wolverine's former lover turned mercenary, Lady Deathstrike, former X-Men member Iceman, and the villainous Shadow King. Although the majority of series's stories are original, a number of storylines and events from the comics are loosely adapted in the series, such as:.

The series' voice acting was recorded in Toronto studios, with Dan Hennessey serving as voice director. Toronto voice actors had been already used for the s Marvel Comics cartoons. The original opening sequence featured the X-Men demonstrating their mutant abilities to a now very distinctive instrumental theme written by Ron Wasserman. This intro is used throughout the first four seasons. A modified version is eventually introduced in season five, episode one "Phalanx Covenant, Part One". In this new intro, the beginning of the theme is slightly changed.

When UPN began airing repeats on Sunday mornings an alternate credits sequence was used: a high-quality Japanese-animated version of the original opening. This modified version occasionally appears in the digital streaming release of the show, which was used for re-runs on Toon Disney. X-Men originally aired on TV Tokyo from through The TV Tokyo dub was directed by Yoshikazu Iwanami and featured scripts rewritten to include a more humorous, self-satirical tone as well as an emphasis on comical adlibbing a hallmark of Iwanami's dubbing style.

Episodes were edited for time so that new segments could be added to the end which promoted the X-Men: Children of the Atom video game from Capcom. The dub actors would pretend to play the game as their characters and make humorous asides and remarks.

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X-Men was dubbed a second time in the early s for broadcast on Toon Disney Japan. This dub was more faithful to the original English scripts and episodes were not cut for time. The Toon Disney version used the original American intro and end credits rather than the unique ones created for the TV Tokyo version. Two versions of the episode "No Mutant is an Island" exist with completely different animation.

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The first version was aired for Toon Disney re-runs and can be seen in digital streaming services such as iTunes and Amazon Video, while the second version is available on region 1 DVD. The show was both acclaimed and commercially successful. Along with Batman: The Animated Series , the series success helped launch numerous comic book shows in the s. In its prime, X-Men garnered very high ratings for a Saturday morning cartoon, and like Batman: The Animated Series , it received wide critical praise for its portrayal of many different storylines from the comics.

The show has been hailed as a pioneer in crafting mature, serialized storylines for an animated series, as well as paving the way for the X-Men feature film. X-Men Adventures was a comic book spin-off of the animated series. Beginning in November , it adapted the first three seasons of the show; in April , it became Adventures of the X-Men , which contained original stories set within the same continuity.

Also, the plague-infested future that Bishop tried to prevent in Season 2 is listed as Earth while Cable's release of the immediate cure of the plague is listed as Earth The comic book series X-Men '92 , one of the many tie-in titles for Marvel's Secret Wars event and later was released in its second volume as a continuous series in early , starring members of the TV show's reality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the s TV animated series. For other uses, see X-Men disambiguation. Norm Spencer Cathal J. X-Men Adventures vol. Art by Steve Lightle. In , when Geralt was searching for Yennefer in White Orchard , he visited a local tavern where he ran into O'Dimm who claimed to know about Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg from Master Dandelion 's ballads and advised him to go to a Nilfgaardian garrison nearby to continue his search.

He remarked that one day he may need Geralt and then suddenly disappeared. When a captive Geralt was on a ship en route to Ofier to await execution for unknowingly killing the Ofieri Prince , Gaunter O'Dimm mysteriously appeared. He offered to help free Geralt in exchange for a small favor. When Geralt agreed, O'Dimm burned a mark on his face as a sign of their bargain.

He then caused a storm to destroy the ship and gave Geralt an opening to escape. The two later reunited at O'Dimm's rendezvous point at the crossroads of Yantra at midnight. There, O'Dimm contracted Geralt into helping him finish up a different contract: to grant three wishes to the immortal Olgierd , telling him once the wishes have been granted he will free Geralt of his pact. O'Dimm reappeared when Geralt went to confront Olgierd.

As it turned out, their pact required a proxy to fulfill Olgierd's wishes. After Olgierd gave Geralt his first two wishes to show his brother Vlodimir the time of his life and to bring him Maximilian Borsodi 's house O'Dimm appeared before Geralt, offering his help as the contract did not forbid it.

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He informed Geralt that Vlodimir was already deceased and thus provided a vial of von Everec blood to perform a Blood Summoning. However, he refused to make things easy on Geralt, telling him to rely on his wit and intelligence when it came to Maximilian Borsodi's house.

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Gaunter O'Dimm's true identity remained a mystery throughout most of the story, though he appeared to be a powerful being as he could take souls, grant wishes, see things for their true nature, cause ghosts pain, and could manipulate time itself, making Geralt increasingly suspicious of the true nature of O'Dimm. Despite asking who he is, O'Dimm refused to reveal his true name to Geralt, warning him that those who learned it suffered a terrible fate. While seemingly almost untouchable, Geralt did learn that O'Dimm had one weakness: he loved to make deals with anyone who asked as long as the payment was their soul.

Playing into this, he will also take up challenges where one's soul is at stake, as he almost always won with the exception of one person who had beaten him at his own game. However, his deals were often filled with conditions and wordplay loopholes through which O'Dimm could claim payment, apparently often Faustian in nature. The clearest example of this trickery was shown with one Professor Premethine Shakeslock : O'Dimm granted him physical protection but forced him to remain within a spell diagram, caused mental damage with dreams and visions, and then set a trap to kill Shakeslock should he ever leave the circle.

Through the tasks Olgierd made him do, Geralt learned that Olgierd had previously made a pact with O'Dimm for the restoration of his wealth and power so that he could once again be of nobility and marry his noble-born love. However, O'Dimm delighted in difficult decisions and made Olgierd choose between sacrificing Iris or Vlodimir before granting his wish; Olgierd chose his brother, causing him to die the next day.

However it was shown that as a "side effect" of his fulfilled desires, Olgierd had developed a heart of stone: losing his capacity for any emotions over time, culminating in the eventual death of his wife.

Looking for more information on O'Dimm, Geralt, thanks to Shani 's help, eventually found the Professor Shakeslock in Oxenfurt Academy , where he had cloistered himself in his house out of fear of what he had discovered. He told the witcher that Olgierd had hired him to research O'Dimm's identity and to figure out how Olgierd might get rid of him. He had "pored over countless tomes, delved into obscure incidents and analyzed folk legends" and came to believe that, in short, O'Dimm was "Evil Incarnate. He further explained that O'Dimm was just one of many names belonging to the entity, a record of whose presence could be traced back thousands of years and across different cultures, and was a being who appeared to relish in meddling with human affairs, taking their souls, and sowing misfortune.

However, O'Dimm had one weakness: he could be tempted into pacts where one's soul is at stake and he must always keep his end of the bargain. The professor revealed that simply studying about O'Dimm had caused him to go blind, which had in turn attracted the attention of O'Dimm himself. O'Dimm had then drawn the professor a magical circle of protection as a reward of sorts, telling him that he would be safe as long as he remained in the circle.