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That morning with my spiritual director I realized that my prayers for another child had become half-hearted and cold. I wanted to believe that my prayers were important to God, that He listened intently like a loving Father and considered my desires carefully. Of course, we have to be asking for things that are good, not for say, a million dollars because we want to be spoiled and lazy.

I took those thoughts home with me and spent the next several months grappling with them. Bless us again! My heart began to conform with the heart of my Father, I started to want only what He wanted, all because I started to really tell Him deep down what I wanted. I had found the grace to be open to His grace and was ready to accept His plan for our family, whatever it might be. In February my husband and I made an appointment with a specialist as a final attempt to see if we could uncover the underlying issue of our secondary infertility.

It was to be the last confirmation of our mysterious inability to conceive. After the appointment we were going to stop any current treatments we were pursuing and live life as if we were not going to be having any more biological children. I casually came back to confirm my negative results and gasped. The test was positive. I was pregnant. Can it really be that this long awaited miracle has come to me? Learning to conform my heart to the heart of my Father was a long and purifying experience, one I hope I will not forget too soon, as it is easy to forget the good things He has blessed us with.

Always, always ask, but be ready for any answer. Is there one book someone can recommend? Or you have many? Because I love this list, but like I said it overwhelms me with decisions.

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Redeeming Love- Francine Rivers Amazing! Captivating-Stasi Eldredge Intriguing! I read that Act like a Lady, think like a Man. My friend recommended me that book. The question and answer portion or the FAQs a woman always wanted an answer is really cool. I enjoy the Nora Roberts romance novels. I read a lot being physically disabled. I read this and was so heart broken. Obviously I believe God had to give me this image but I can just see a young girl running throught long grass with a huge smile on her face giggling and having the time of her life.

The divorce guide def helped me get through my divorce! This couple manage to share how they met when they have both struggling with their individual lives before they met. Until such time that they trust their lives to God even their love life. I hope you will find this book interesting. Just brilliant at identifying and combating the external pressures singles face to be in a relationship. A confident heart by Renee swope …..

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And how to see ourselves the way Hod sees us! Even in our brokenness!! And how to over come our brokenness by seeing ourselves the way God does!!! Awesome book! A must read for woman!

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I recommend Furious Pursuit by Tim King. Especially the chapter on the vows…. I have always been there for you and I always will be. I will walk with you forever, just the two of us. Be my personal concern. I love you. I always have and I always will. The eternal vows of the sacred lover. Solo flight Book is nice too. Steve is so real and gives it to you straight with no sugar coating!

I have your book as well and I enjoyed reading it! Ok ok Ladies. The whole point of true love and companionship is to find someone to love right where you are, as you are. We need each other people, to get through this thing called life. Everybody needs somebody.

How much longer do I wait? At this point…wait for what exactly? I just want, and expected quite honestly, a life partner, a companion to share my life with by now. But I only get silence, more isolation, and lonliness. I feel cheated, like I was sold a dream which was all a big lie. And guess what? Now that leaves you feeling worthless, unwanted, and unloved. Why does everyone else have a boyfriend, husband.. Well I look around when my true thinker self is put and i see that I did had the chance SOOO many times for something else, maybe not better, but something different.

We have to be true to our selves. Honestly girls are we putting ourselves out there?? Hayden, just think about this. A lot of people are married and a lot of them wanted to get out of their marriages too because they are miserable. Our happiness should be because we strive and decide to be happy, not because of our civil status. You should totally Read their books! Hi Mandy! Loveology by John Mark Comer A really great explanation on what the different stages of a relationship should look like.

Not sure if anyone has recommended this book yet too many comments to go through… Lol! Sacred Singleness and Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy have really blessed me over the last few years. I keep reading and rereading them for encouragement and clarity doing the years of my life. It really comes down to good communication which can be difficult at times.

I have been a celibate single lady by choice for many years now because yes, I would like to save myself for marriage the second time around. Steve Harvey talks about the Ninety-Day Rule in his book aka waiting to have sex in a relationship for 90 days. That simple statement still resonates with me today and we were in a beautiful relationship for a couple of years. I just got Beautiful Uncertainly and am so excited to start reading it! The funny thing is, I saw Brene Brown speak at a work function and was completely blown away with her words. I recommend it to every single woman.

This is a great list of books. A I am new to this blog and am happy to see so many good books I can read about singleness. I was in a dating relationship with a guy who decided he could see no future in dating me because I was celibate until marriage. I really liked him and feel rejected. He is also a Christian. Can anyone recommend a book that talks about how to handles this type of dissapointment?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Facebook Twitter. Christine suttie. Carmen Moreno. Mandy Hale. All of the above! Carmen I understand that you must be confused at where you are at in life. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus Dating is good.

Yes, I totally agree, a good read! Number one on my list. Danisa Khoza. Kymm Ballard. Amazing and many of these I will read! Thank you for sharing! Also a must read for single ladies! Mae Ann. A friend recommended it.

Jan Cullinane. Miss K. Now this book is everything! Love this list! Jenay S. Michelle F Busath. How to NOT marry the wrong guy. Love the list and the other suggestions!

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Virginia Mills. Rosey Dee. Lean In and Bossypants! Marian W. Captivating by Staci Eldridge is a must in my opinion. Dr Edun. Nice comment. The books will probably be teaching biblical truths though, christain ones, I mean. Diana Anosike. Love that one! I am a book worm too and enjoy the wisdom and encouragement these books have brought to my life.

Dana Mariel. I highly recommend Better Single Than Sorry! Thank you ladies. Hayden Loveless. Jennifer Zavala.

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