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Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow, Words to know begin this book describing the differences between sharks and dolphins. Quick, easy to read facts accompany real photos of different species of sharks and dolphins. A listing of books and websites to learn more are present at the back of the text. Younger students will enjoy this book. Calkhoven, Laurie.

Illustrated By Rebecca Zomchek. I grew up to be president. New York : Scholastic, A nice introduction leads into two pages of information about each president. Presidential information includes a fact file accompanied by a photo. George Washington to Barack H. Obama are represented in this book that talks about their childhood, how they grew up as well as the steps each of them took to become a U. The back of the book provides additional information on the three branches of government, how presidents are elected, a two page glossary, sources and websites for further learning.

Good information for early or beginning report writing. Sawyer, Kem Knapp. The amazing Underground Railroad. P Along the way you meet many of the people involved in helping escaped slaves reach freedom. Explained is the process and the hardship that all involved when through. Maps of the routes used by runaway slaves show the distances that they had to go without being caught to reach freedom.

The reader also learns about those that spoke out against slavery and had a hand in making slavery against the law. Pictures of the time period, a timeline, chapter notes, further reading, interned addresses And an index finish this book. Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca. Multiplication and division. Clear and easy to understand wording makes this a user friendly volume. Test-taking hints are present at each lesson. Clear explanations of steps to solve each problem about different math concepts makes learning math simplified. The book concludes with further reading suggestions, internet addresses and an index.

Very well written math text that could easily be used with students to help them understand multiplication and division. Wilner, Barry. Tom Brady : a football star who cares. Gr 3 — 4 Photos add to the text as you get to know quarterback Tom Brady in six easy to read chapters. Readers learn about his season and how he makes a difference through charities for many people around the world.

Career statistics are given through season. Many reference sources add to this title. Football fans will enjoy getting to know Tom Brady. This would be a good source for early biography report writing. LaBaff, Stephanie. Illustrated by Tom LaBaff. Draw pirates in 4 easy steps : then write a story. After being guided through your drawing, you need a story to go with it. Five easy steps to add a story to your drawings, story starters and brainstorming exercises help the reader with this. After you have gone step by step, drawn you pictures, written the story to accompany them, suggestions are given as to how to publish your book.

To finish the book enjoy their pirate story before moving on to further reading, internet addresses and the index sections. A fun guided lesson in drawing and story writing. Wade, Mary Dodson. Amazing Olympic athlete Wilma Rudolph. Good source for early biography writing. A timeline, words to know and other learn more information is provided. Norwich, Grace. Complete with a table of contents, an introduction, two snake tests and a glossary, this book tells about many different species of snakes. Throughout the book is the fear-o-meter gauging how scary certain parts of a snake are to people.

The information is presented in a reader friendly format inviting learning all about snakes. Key words are highlighted before they are defined. Folk Tales Galdone, Paul. The three billy goats Gruff : a folk tale classic. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, K-2 Each taking their turn from smallest to largest the three Billy Goats Gruff go across the bridge to the green grass of the meadow to get fat, only to encounter the mean ugly troll.

The largest Billy Goat Gruff pushes the troll into the rushing river never to bother them again. Galdone, Paul. The gingerbread boy : a folk tale classic. Nice graphics tell the classic story of the gingerbread boy running first from the little old man and woman, then the cow, horse and various other through the story.

Middle school. It took me awhile to connect and get into the story. Middle School to Adult. The book features different countries with fact blocks, games and photos. This would be a great book for history, physical education, photography and geography classes and teachers. Lowry, Lois. Upper elementary and middle school. This is one of Dear America series book about a girl and her brother who are taken in by the Shakers after her parents die from the Spanish flu.

I enjoy reading historical fiction and this book also has a Life in America in section that explains details about the Spanish influenza and the Shakers. It also has a section of black and white photos from this time in history. Cool City. Henry Holt and Company, Basically, this is a book showing kids how to build buildings and city-related objects out of Legos.

The pictures are clear and colorful, and the diagrams should be easy to follow. I think Lego obsessed kids will love this book. Beskow, Elsa. Princess Sylvie. Floris Books, English Version. This is a cute fairy tale, originally published in Sweden in , about Princess Sylvie, her dog Oskar, and the king and their adventure in the woods where they meet a nice bear.

The illustrations are simple, gentle watercolors. Cox, Judy. Jeffrey Ebbeler, ill. Haunted House, Haunted Mouse. Holiday House, Mouse is jealous of the treats the local kids are getting Trick or Treating, so he tags along. His adventure turns out to be scarier than he planned, but he does end up with plenty of candy for himself. Non-Fiction: Levy, Joel. Scholastic, This book is sure to be popular with middle age kids. It explores a long list of phobias. The pictures are clear. This is a good general book on the subject. Berk, Ari.

Death Watch. The book delves deeply into the history of a small town, and looks at its inhabitants, both living and dead, and plays with the folklore of ghosts and death. The destructive power of unresolved grief is a huge theme, along with and the importance of ritual and remembering the dead. You would think a book like this would be depressing, but it has subtle humor and leaves you wanting more. They have to gather all the magical items that are needed in order to free her from the spell that Jack did wrong. This time they are leaving Frog Creek, Pennsylvania and traveling back in time to the year They have to collect a magic feather from Abraham Lincoln.

Entering the White House, which was open to the public at this time, Annie and Jack soon realize that it will be hard to see the President. With the Civil War raging and a nation to run when will he have time to see two kids, Jack and Annie? When Tad and Willie tell their father about the two he acts if he already knows them. Another trip in the magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back in time where they meet Abe Lincoln as a young man. This was a story that I enjoyed what with the two time shifts and then being able to visualize Abe Lincoln as a father and not just the president made the story more personal.

The illustrations by Sal Murdocca are black and white and help the reader to see Abraham as a father and as a president. ISBN, Gr. Her father promises that he will be back to pick her up at Christmas. May B, only wants to return to school so she can continue to learn. She suffers from dyslexia, a disability that was not recognized at this time, making it hard for her to read.

What May B faces is a very withdrawn unhappy bride, Mrs. Oblinger, who comes from a rich family and is unable to stand the prairie. When Mrs. Oblinger takes off after her. May B, is left behind and must fend for herself living on the rations left behind for the next four months. She faces shortages of food, howling wolves, and severe snow blizzards. The story is written in free verse which shows the grit and determination of a young girl trying to survive at all costs.

She rants and raves about how her grandmother is ruining everything. Why should her father have to take care of him after she had run off and left him when he was little boy? To Italy her parents go and off on a train Flora goes. Flora gets more than she ever expected, a trip into the past to the year Flora, is stuck in until she is able to right a wrong. She just has to figure out who and what it is. Beryl comes in twenty-third and gives Tatum one of her dogs Bandit.

It might, if she can just get her mother to agree to let her keep Bandit. When Beryl leaves it looks like she has no other recourse but to keep Bandit. Tatum and her mother are asked to care for a hotel on Santa Ysablel Island and must take Bandit with them. Here Tatum meets 15 year-old Cole, a native of the Island, who also has a dog sled. Cole asks Tatum to go on a training run with him and they encounter a surprising blizzard. Tatum has to rely on all she has learned in order to survive and to get help for Cole whom she has had to leave behind.

Here he should be able to come to terms with what is causing him to be so depressed. Complicating the matter is that Shari no longer remembers who she is. The longer that you stay in the story world the more your memories start to fade away. It is up to Yeat to rescue her and bring her back to the present. This is a story within a story that has many plot twists but is a fast paced magical adventure that will appeal to both middle and high school age students.

Through a series of pictures and very simple letters they are able to see that things are different in their countries but also the same. The artists used several different mediums in the illustrations of this book. Acrylics, crayon, pencil, collage, and tissue paper were all used to show how each of the two boys lives were the same but also different. This would be a great book to read aloud to an elementary class that was going to write pen pal letters.

Through a series of brightly colored, mixed media and digitally produced illustrations a young girl flows from page to page gathering all together in a park to celebrate. Knopf, New York, , unp. The little girl dreams of different scenarios where she can be polite and helpful to the dinosaur. The illustrations done in acrylic paint on bristol board are of a large green near sighted clumsy dinosaur that will make the kids laugh. Shaw, Hannah, School for bandits, Alfred A. They decide that they must send him to Bandit School where he can learn to be a bad raccoon.

At Bandit School he fails to impress his teacher, Mrs. Mischief, when he fails to take something without asking. When a class competition for who will be the Best Bandit in school, to be based on filling their sack with the most loot, Ralph just knows he will be the loser. When the other raccoons learn he has won they are just a little jealous and want to know how he did. The illustrations are a combination of the use of pen and ink and printmaking and Photoshop that are bright and so detailed that they will appeal to younger readers. A glowing crown upon his head stays with him as he grows and comes to symbolize that all you have to do is believe and your crown will keep shining.

I know that it can be read at any time but it seems more fitting for night or napping time. The illustrations are vivid bright primary colors, that are sometimes muted, that showcase a baby boy who grows up in an amazing world where dreams know no bounds. The day shift leaves and the night shift takes their places, working first with coal you are able to see each job that is needed in the process make steel.

You are able to feel the depths of the despair that people went through. It is the muddy black and white illustrations that really help the reader to see the horrors that people faced in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp. This nonfiction companion to the book does just that.

From his early life on the frontier to his becoming President of the United States all are delved into. The illustrations again by Sal Murdocca are black and white detailed drawings showing Abe as a young boy growing up in a log cabin and to his entering the White House as president.

They greatly add to the understanding of how a poor boy, Abe grew up to be a president. I always loved to watch the rockets blasting off against a clear blue sky. This flight however was different from the others as an explosion happened that caused damage to the craft. There are two stories in this book, one that could read aloud to a class and the other in the side bars of the book which gives a much more detailed story. He has also used smaller ones to accompany the side board story as well. Scholastic Press, , pgs. It is the sequel to a book called Shiver, and it takes quite a while to put the pieces together to understand what has gone before.

I would definitely recommend that the reader get the first one first! Except for one father who hunts the wolves in the woods who are the friends of the teens. Now, that is not nice! In spite of the skewed perspective, the story moves along with some sexy and violent salacious events. The cover is quite beautiful and the typeface is green, so it is an attractive book, contributing to its popularity quotient. Scieszka, Jon, ed. Guys Read: Thriller. Brett Helquist. This is volume 2 and includes short stories of mystery and intrigue, written by best known authors such as Patrick Carman, James Patterson, Margaret Peterson Haddix, and of course, illustrated by Brett Helquist.

The stories all involve middle school-age boys doing fairly typical guy-stuff. Most of them are light-hearted and some are comic. They may gain some insight into the minds and hearts of pre-teen boys! Picture Books Muller, Gerda. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Floris Books, , unpgd. It is a beautifully illustrated book with a bit of a kinder, gentler slant to the old favorite. The little golden-haired girl lives with her dad and mum in a trailer caravan that travels around with the circus. Goldilocks strays from the path while picking flowers and ends up at a house that looks like it was designed by LL Bean.

Everything happens just as in the old tale, but as the little girl is running away from the house, the baby bear offers her more porridge and the parent bears call after her with rules of etiquette. It is not a frightening experience, but Goldilocks remembers her manners for ever after. Rayner, Catherine. Solomon Crocodile. Farrar Straus Giroux, , unpgd. The cover, with its mischievous looking young crocodile, gold flecked skin and gold title will draw young lap sitters right in. The illustrations are big enough to be a wonderful story time book and the text will be great fun to read aloud.

This is a must buy for every library! Carle, Eric. Tom Thumb. Scholastic, Inc. The illustrations, simple as they are convey a sly humor into the stories that make them a delight to read for both children and adults. One cool friend. P7Q8 Dapper in his black suit and bowtie, Elliot is enthralled by the penguins at the local aquarium and asks his father if he may have one.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys cool kids and penguins—also for preschool and public library collections. How to make a heron happy. P6Q7 Young Hamish worries that the heron in the park always looks grumpy. His strategies for making the heron happy range from feeding the tall bird to cleaning up the park and stream. Everyone in the neighborhood likes the changes to the park. Why does the heron still look grumpy? Simple, realistic illustrations contribute to this amusing environmental fable. Recommended for preschool and public library collections. Ernst, Lisa Campbell.

The gingerbread girl goes animal crackers. Unfortunately, the wild animal crackers leap from their box into a stampede that brings them into the clutches of the well-known, very hungry fox. Though text-heavy, the story includes a refrain that will engage story time listeners. Recommended for kindergarten and public library collections. Juan, Ana. The pet shop revolution. Levine books. Walnut, who might be the meanest pet shop owner in the world, has her. With the help of the delivery boy, Bobo, Mina frees the caged animals, leaving Mr. Walnut alone in his shop, without his toupee, afraid of ridicule should he show his bald head in the town.

As time passes, Mr. Walnut, with the help of the free pets, creates toy animals, changing from a frightful tyrant to a creative—even cheerful—man. This odd fable goes from the dark, depressing shadows of the cruel pet shop to the whimsical bright colors of the toy factory. The grotesque and exaggerated style of illustration and the contrast between light and dark will appeal to young readers and listeners as goodness triumphs over evil once again. Recommended for preschool, elementary, and public library collections.

McGhee, Alison ; with illustrations by Marc Rosenthal. Making a friend. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, P7Q8 A book with deceptively simple, almost old-fashioned illustrations and spare text gives the story of a lonely child who builds a snowman and creates a friend. Suggested for preschool and public library collections. McKay, Elizabeth ; Maria Bogade.

The unhurried pacing and cheerful watercolor illustrations will make this very funny story a hit at story times. One review suggested putting on a Scottish accent to add to the atmosphere. Juvenile nonfiction Alexander, Elizabeth ; illustrated by David Diaz. Recommended as a supplemental purchase for school and public library poetry collections. Chin, Jason. Coral reefs. P7Q8 Jason Chin writes nonfiction texts about interesting topics and combines them with fantastic illustrations that bring the information to life. Though the text speaks of coral polyps and the ecology that depends upon the reefs they create, the illustrations show a girl reading, with more and more sea creatures washing into the reading rooms and hallways of the venerable library where she wanders.

Endpapers are decorated with line drawings of common coral reef inhabitants. Highly recommended for elementary and public library collections. The boy who harnessed the wind. P7Q7 As a fourteen year old boy in drought-stricken Malawi, William Kamkwamba found his way to a library and taught himself the basics of electrical engineering. Then, he salvaged metal scraps, parts of a bicycle, and old electric motors and created a functional windmill to bring electricity and water to his starving village.

This inspiring autobiographical work, enlivened with cut paper and oil paint illustrations, shows that people of any age can make a positive difference in the world. Highly recommended for kindergarten, elementary, and public library collections. Sallas, Laura Purdie ; illustrated by Josee Bisaillon.

Unfortunately, several of the poems do not follow their own meter. This is a well-meaning attempt, that almost, but not quite, achieves poetry. Recommended only for collections with an emphasis on illustrated poetry. Wood, Douglas ; illustrated by Barry Moser.

Franklin and Winston : a Christmas that changed the world. Includes bibliographic references. Using quotations from both world leaders and pictures of places and incidents of the visit, Wood and Moser introduce a new generation to the history and people of World War II. I particularly enjoyed the picture of Churchill surprised as he climbed out of his bath. Recommended for elementary and public library collections.

Young adult fiction Pierce, Tamora. Mastiff : a Tortall legend. P7Q7 Beka Cooper, able to hear the ghosts that ride on the backs of pigeons, keeper of the scent hound Achoo, and now trained police officer, takes on a secret Hunt for the kidnapped heir to the kingdom of Tortall.

This quasi-medieval police procedural leaves no doubt that dealing with lawbreakers is gritty, dangerous, tiring work, even when assisted by magic and divine beings. As the third book in a trilogy, it requires a few leaps to guess at the character development and experiences that appeared in previous volumes, but fans of Tamora Pierce will be happy for the opportunity to read this new title. Highly recommended for middle, high school and public libraries who should also have the previous titles in this series. And, for those libraries lacking the previous titles, I recommend that they be purchased.

Picture Books[Reviewer no named] Arnosky, Jim. At this very moment. K — 3 Colorful illustrations accompany rhyming verse that invites the reader to think about all the things globally happening at the same time. From the things you do when you get up to going to sleep at night the story connects things that happen in the animal kingdom at the same time. Chabon, Michael. Illustrated by Jake Parker. The astonishing secret of Awesome Man.

K — 3 Awesome man has a secret grip to crush things, he can fly as high as a satellite and shoot positronic rays out of his eyeballs to fight off giant killer robots. His sidekick is his dog Moskowitz and together they fight evil when are not using the secret identity as a kid to hide from his enemies. Roode, Daniel. Little Bea and the snowy day. Join little Bea and her friends for a day in the snow. They make snow angels, skate on the ice, and sled before stopping for hot chocolate. Together they make a new friend, a snow bear then it is time to say goodbye till tomorrow.

Simple story with colorful illustrations. Blake, Robert J. Painter and Ugly. New York : Philomel Books, K — 3 Painter and Ugly are sled dogs and best friends and always together until they are sold to different owners. Each dog participates in the junior Iditarod where they find each other again. Together they race side by side and cross the finish line at exactly the same time. Watkins, Angela Farris. Illustrated by. Eric Velasquez. The author reminds us of the importance and meaning of words spoken by her uncle Martin Luther King Jr. The reader learns how King used words focusing on love and peace to fight for civil rights.

Fiction Toft, Di. Wolven: The twilight circus. New York. Chicken House, The twilight circus is made up of many beings of myth and legend. Upon reaching the town of Salinas they find that some unsettling events have been taking place in the nearby towns. Children have gone missing and cattle have been killed.

Suspecting vampire activity agent Alexandria Fish is sent to watch over Nat and Woody and to eliminate any threats to their survival. Woody is a shape shifting Wolven from the Kings clan and hopes to find the rest of his clan while in Salinas if there are any survivors.

Agent Fish, Nat, Woody along with his new found clan and others from the Twilight Circus find and eliminate the vampires. The missing children are found and returned to their parents. Nat and Woody know that their real enemy however has not been found and will again try to kill them. Jacobson, Jennifer, Small as an elephant.

Eleven year old Jack and his mother are spending Labor Day weekend in Arcadia National Park however when Jack wakes up the first morning his mother and all her things are gone. Jack thinks that if he is caught and does not have a good excuse as to where his mother is DSS will take him away and that he will have to go live with his grandmother.

Jack does not want this to happen. Jack loves everything about elephants and before he leaves the park he wants to visit the elephant that lives there and gives people rides. With the help of an unknown ally Jack makes it to see the elephant where he finds his grandmother waiting for him. They have a nice talk about what to do and Jack gets to visit with the elephant before what Jack thought would be the end but now feels like the middle of a journey that started long ago and now is in its next leg.

Mills, Claudia. Illustrated By Guy Francis. Mason Dixon : basketball disasters. New York : Knopf, Mason does not like sports but finds himself talked into playing basketball by his best friend Brody. Mason just knows that it is going to be a disaster. Practices and games at first go just as Mason thought they would, not so good. By the last game of the season and after having to sit out one because of an injury Mason is ready to win.

His team does win when they are reminded not to play as individuals but as a team. A well written story about a boy overcoming his fear of sports looking forward to the next season. Morse, Scott. Magic Pickle and the garden of evil. New York : Graphix, Jo Jo Wigman has a secret, her bedroom sits over the super secret lab of government scientist Dr.

Jekyll Formaldehyde. One day when he was working to create a special agent the pickle from his lunch landed in the experiment and Magic Pickle was created. As a class project Jo Jo and her classmates are going to grow a vegetable garden. Working together with two classmates Jo Jo adds some super growing formula to the seeds that they plant.

Readers will enjoy the black and white graphics that accompany this good against evil story. Yep, Laurence, The star maker. Being the youngest and smallest in the family made it very hard for Artie. He was always getting teased by his older cousin Petey. His Uncle Chester, like him, was also the youngest in his generation. Uncle Chester and Artie get along great and do many things together. Artie having been pushed too far at a family gathering by Petey made a promise to his family that he would have fireworks to give them all during Chinese New Year.

Carter March 5, am. Keith Whitley has influenced more artists in the last twenty years than anyone. Greatest voice of my generation. Virgil Williams March 4, pm. Get these mofos in. There is no doubt some of his X-rated material…well personally I think it disgusting… But…. He explaining that crap for the rest of his life.

That should be punishment enough. JMHO, of course. I think he gets in eventually…..

Starmaker!: The Story of Virgil Hannon

March 4, pm. Richie May 17, pm. These were supposedly the finalists for the Hall of Fame this year in the Veterans and Modern categories and there were 7 finalists in each category this year and they were:. Angelo Rinaldi March 4, pm. King Honky Of Crackershire March 4, pm. Ron Ballard March 4, pm. Gary stewart.. Ray March 4, pm. RD March 6, am. Who is David Allen Coe? Jerry lee lewis should have been in a long time ago. From till Jerry Lee could do no wrong with songs like what made Milwaukee famous she still coming around the love with left of me to make love sweeter for you the list goes on and on and on.

Jerry Lee put 65 song on the charts. Erik North March 5, am. The CHoF should recognize him for what he bought to the table, even if it is only for what he did between and , which was a pretty big deal and which was also liked by a lot of his rock and roll fan base as well IMHO. Alan Jackson was A-i-R in The following year, it was Rosanne Cash. So I think she has a shot. Luckyoldsun March 5, pm. I think it could be a huge success and would almost certainly win him induction—probably in the same year.

Not sure if he would do an artist-in-residence, but I think if they chose to induct him, he would not turn down the opportunity to be fawned over for a few hours. Rich March 5, am. It is long overdue that Whitley be inducted. The idea that Kenny Chesney is being considered why so many greats have been overlooked makes me question the whole system. Bruce Kirk March 11, pm. I am not a Kenny Chesney fan at all. It is inevitable that he will get soon. Jason Hannan March 5, am. Along with Lefty Frizzell and George Jones, Keith Whitley is one of the most influential and talented pure vocalists in the history of the genre.

His induction should be a top priority. James March 5, pm. Clayton March 5, am. Along with the Delmore Brothers who are inductees , his early boogie songs paved the way for early rock and roll. He and Lonnie Glosson are primarily responsible for the popularity of the harmonica in country music, and the pair sold millions of harmonicas by mail order before Amazon!

Like many country musicians of his era, he cut several gospel records, which rank among the best. Bobaloo March 5, pm. He is a trusted, go-to source and an expert in the genre. This may be the year to once again waive the rules and go with the top 2 or 3 vote-getters in each category to play catch up.

MS3 March 5, pm. Cody March 5, pm. I agree — PayCheck needs to go in. Along with Watson, Emmylou, Mel Street, Johnny Bush and a couple of others, they were fighting the good fight when mainstream country was turning into pop pablum. I love this piece. No discussion needed. Every artist who might be in contention in the Veterans category has a tough hill to climb, and you make it clear why that is. Thanks for being objective. There a re a lot of artists that are probably Hall of Fame worthy, but until the bigger names ahead of them get in, they may not even be worth discussing.

David B March 5, pm. I have about gave up predicting who will get the award. Like all awards, this one is somewhat political as well. I think anyone who really follows the Hall of Fame and CMA circles could come close in guessing the nominees from year to year.

Crystal Gayle — She is presently the glaring female omission. Mickey Gilley — With awards, chart numbers and a career in general comparable to Don Williams, Gilley will be elected at some point. Ray Stevens — Where do you put the great Ray Stevens? Millions of Records sales are under his belt. He will go in very soon. Hank Williams, Jr. If he was not so politically vocal, he would already be in.

The question is, when will they do it? It may be after he is deceased. And you known what? I doubt he cares. Both had great and huge cross over success in Country Music, and both are in the news a lot lately. Grossly overlooked is the great Stonewall Jackson. The last of the great honky tonkers not inducted, and sadly it more than likely will not happen. The biggest selling duo in Country Music History.

Its a no-brainer, but I feel it still may be a few years to soon. If not this year, within the next three. Many awards and millions of record sales. But she was the CMA Female Vocalist of the year, and I believe that is what is going to be considered at this point in time. Next to Crystal Gayle, she is the next most deserving female to be considered.

Steve Wariner — One of the most respected singers, songwriters and instrumentalists in the history of Country Music.

Works (998)

A great solid hit making career from to In fact, it would not surprise me if he is not inducted this year. Keith Whitley — He was the Patsy Cline of his generation. Taken too soon, and only grown in popularity since his untimely death. He is just one of those artists you know would have gone so far in Country Music.

Others — One act seldom mentioned is The Bellamy Brothers; but look at their carrer numbers. They are Hall of Famers. It will just take someone getting behind them and pushing for it. Marty Stuart maybe sooner than later will go in within the next five years. This may be a very posthumous nominee filled category this year. Richie April 21, pm.

Starmaker live singing kaise karte hai - How to go live on starmaker - Go Live on Star Maker

David B April 21, pm. Richie May 13, pm. Hank, Jr. Tom March 6, am. Shania Twain really needs to be a part of the Modern Era discussion. March 6, pm. Jordan Stacey March 6, pm. As someone who would love to see more female representation, I would love to see Rosanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea, Janie Fricke, and Patty Loveless start to see some serious discussion in the upcoming years. Doug March 8, am. Never mind the music. Matthew March 8, pm. The next woman that goes into the hall of fame should be Lynn Anderson. Long overdue.

The Aeneid of Virgil (I-VI) Virgil by Virgil, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Considering how long it took to recognize Dottie West, I have my doubts but Lynn amassed at least eight number one hits, many top 20 hits, won a grammy for Rose Garden and was the ACM females vocatlist twice, the CMA once and the first country female to win the American Music Awards. She has an amazing body of work. She really needs to be there soon. Eddie March 9, pm. As a group they were major radio stars and have had so much influence on country music.

Each of them were successful solo artists in one way or another too. If the group was elected it would make Maybelle Carter the only female to be inducted twice. She was one of the first two females inducted. Their influence on country music continues to this day.

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They were one of the very first self-contained all female groups, pioneering in many ways as their career is studied. They were major radio stars beginning in the 40s and 50s. They were important during the folk era of the 60s. Each member of the group was successful as a soloist in her own way too. They were all great musicians, great song-writers and singers. She surely is the only deserving one for that honor so far! Woogeroo March 11, am.

Contemporary — Dwight Yoakam Non-performer: John Lair star maker and powerful player in 40ss country with Renfro Valley, nominated decades ago when the HOF named the five contenders each year; of course, modern Nashville probably has no clue who he was. I think Robert Oerrman has a better chance among journalists of getting elected as he is good friends with quite a few power players and arguably deserves it more than any other journalist.

Jeff Weed March 12, pm. Bernadette Coombs March 13, am. Jerry Lee Lewis should have been inducted a long time ago as in my opinion, I think he changed Country music for the better. Way to go, Killer! Josh Evans April 4, am. Michelle March 16, am. Janice Brooks March 17, pm. Lillian Bracy March 17, pm.

Shirl March 19, pm. Jeanie Stanley March 29, pm. They were a team. How disrespectful can you be? Just because Carter passed early in is no reason to obliterate his name from an honor that he earned a very long time ago. Stupid people. CMA, honor it! Trigger March 29, pm. I appreciate your concern. Also, it was not meant as disrespect to the legacy of Carter Stanley whatsoever, or to advocate that Carter not be inducted with his brother.

The Veterans Era induction process has been very curious, and very unpredictable over the last few years, being no different with Ray Stevens going in over what in my opinion are much more worthy candidates, including The Stanley Brothers. This article was simply to lay out possibilities. Jeanie Stanley March 30, pm. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs.

About this Item: Condition: Good. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Seller Inventory GRP Published by Saint Mary's Press About this Item: Saint Mary's Press, Eight months before the election, it's the hottest spring on record for Washington, and Navy Commander Lee Peterson learns terrorists have blown up a dirty nuclear bomb in Germany, placing Europe in grave peril.

Their mission is to find a solution for the nuclear waste, before it happens in the U. President Bagley draws the world's top scientists together, and they combat myriad obstacles and detours to once and for all, bring to an end the scourge of nuclear waste! But an old flame appears back into his life, it's Lieutenant Pam Foster, a pilot whose specialty is astro navigation. She's drop dead good looking, but evidently, Commander Peterson's isn't the only one she's dropped into.

Something with the plan goes terribly wrong, and clearly the project is dead, but now the question is whether they can stop an environmental crisis, the likes of which the world's never seen!!. Seller Inventory AAV New copy - Usually dispatched within 2 working days. Seller Inventory B The discovery of a grisly body lying at the bottom of a subway entrance in mid-town Manhattan, leads NYPD detectives Gordon Hodges and Carl Furillo on the path of a monumental serial killer. As their investigation leads them to discover similar crimes around the country, they engage the FBI to help them coordinate tracking and identify whoever is committing the murders.

When the FBI calls in one of their youngest and sharpest criminal profilers to help unravel the perplexing case, Shane Roberts' insights lead them to the inescapable conclusion that a Major League Baseball player could be a vicious, deranged serial murderer! At the top of the list.

Boston Red Sox mega-star, Willie Starmaker. Seller Inventory LHB Published by Lulu. About this Item: Lulu. Condition: Brand New. Seller Inventory zk Paperback or Softback. The Legend of the Starmaker. Seller Inventory BBS Published by Philip John Edwards. About this Item: Philip John Edwards. He ends up living in the future where he has several adventures involving aliens, other time-machines, robots and dark-energy. This story has an underlying theme about the variety of complex situations which can be created by the experimentation of time, proving that there is far more to the manipulation of time than time-travel.

Published by Ecw Press , Toronto, Ont.

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