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"The Dark Side of Chocolate"

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Would you like to rate and review this book? Add a Review Maybe Later. Sweet on the Dark Side 1. Katie Louise. Notify Me. Not in stock Click 'Notify Me' to get an email alert when this item becomes available. Synopsis Product Details Delivery Have you ever thought about how a coincidence can change the life of a family? Or perhaps why an accidental insult leaves you feeling perplexed and bewildered rather than mortified?

Dimity, the matriarch of her large family, can answer both these questions. The discovery of her husband's infidelity finds her roaming around England searching for some answer to her woes.

"The Dark Side of Chocolate" — Sweet Impact Chocolates

Strangely, she meets Malcolm in Rye, whom she offends, but a series of coincidences result in two chance meetings later which not only form a friendship but changes her family life forever. Meantime, back in Sydney, her assertive daughter Bianca is accidentally pregnant with child number five. Bianca's indolent husband, Louis, is very wealthy and has a cocaine habit.

Their marriage is tumultuous to say the least. Melanie is daughter number two. She is a lawyer beset with bouts of depression and endures heartache and tragedy. Dimity supports both daughters in whatever capacity she can. Indeed there is a heady mix of characters as well as an unexpected twist.

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Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon pre-empts an eerie aura at the outset; however, at the end, Dark side of the Moon displays how sweet life really can be. Let's Try No, Thanks. Select the List you'd like to categorise as, or add your own. Libras who deny their own darkness can end up even darker when all that's been repressed finally bursts out into the open. As air signs , Libras are big thinkers, and if they're trying to avoid pain, they'll talk themselves out of dealing with a coming crisis.

They can create complex justifications and be blind to the suffering of others when it doesn't fit the picture they want to see. Libras can be scornful at times when topics they deem negative come up. But it can feel oppressive when there are very real problems in a family or relationship and Libras do not want to deal with them. Libras use their intellect to spar with others, and when they are feeling negative, use words to bend the will of others. Some use their cunning to ingratiate themselves or to achieve a particular goal.

The dark side of chocolate

In love, a shadow Libra is narcissistic and only out to be adored and have their beauty reflected back at them. They are likely to leave behind a string of broken hearts and be cursed afterward as phony. Some Libras are obsessed with how you make them look, and reject all but the impossible idea of perfection. They also impose this on themselves and may suffer from very high standards, always trying to achieve something that cannot be achieved in real life. Everyday misdeeds can include blaming others to avoid responsibility.

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Libras are inclined to weave a web of lies if it will help them avoid facing the consequences of their actions. She reached a poor remote village where the tired and weary people have no school, no clinic, no electricity or phones. They grow cocoa, sell it to buyers, but have no concept of what happens to it or where it goes when the raw product leaves their community.

When chocolate bars are explained to the children of the village they do not grasp the idea that children here eat chocolate bars frequently. Off describes in Bitter Chocolate the horrific history of the production of cocoa and its sweet offspring, chocolate, that our privileged world loves so much.

When Cortes invaded what is now Mexico he found the elite of Montezuma court and army drinking a miraculous liquid that nourished and strengthened leaders and soldiers. He took it cocoa, a commodity so precious that it was used in the conquered lands as currency, to Spain from where is spread in popularity across Europe. From the plantations of indigenous people the trade expanded so that slaves were imported from Africa to the new colonies to produce both sugar and cocoa.

Meanwhile improvements and additives made the popularity of the new drink spread throughout Europe — from the royalty down to any who could afford it. Cocoa became a beverage imbued with health, sexual and sensuous pleasures. By the s Van Houten, a Dutch inventor, had created cocoa powder and the Fry enterprise in England invented the modern chocolate bar.

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By then cocoa production had been established in Africa with a ready source of labour in European colonies. Journalists began to track the story, a task which continues to the present as chocolate grown with slave and child labour is still promoted as a symbol of love, luxury, religion and even health. New empires were created on cocoa by Hershey, Nestles and Mars. It just keeps growing and so do profits to fill our endless desire for this pleasure.

It seem like such a cosy and warm feeling thing to do — give a lover a box of chocolates, make a cup of cocoa for a sick a child, take chocolate chip cookies to a party. But as Susan Hawthorne says in Wild Politics, Disconnection is critical for a system based on profit. And profit is what contemporary trade and food production is all about. We enjoy these small luxuries and expensive ones, like diamonds without any connection to the workers who make our pleasure possible. Off makes the connections for us without mercy for our sensitivities, driven by her experiences in West Africa where she followed other journalists who were murdered because they sought the truth.

Organizations dedicated to human rights and relief also feel the pressure, many pack up and leave countries when their work and workers are threatened.

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Today the Ivory Coast still produces more cocoa than any other country but no nation controls the production or price of the raw cocoa it exports. Slave child labour is still used, no supposed agreements and commitments to end this practice has worked, because there is not proper monitoring and as Off learned, trying to reveal the truth is dangerous. We are talking big business here; marketing is controlled by the notorious Cargill and the lesser known Archer Daniels Midland — both secretive and powerful in many agricultural commodities.

Cocoa, like diamonds, is a useful currency for the arms that the minority world industry and governments are happy to peddle in the majority world to dictators who have no desire to upset this trade by creating justice for peasants and labourers. Several issues become very clear as one reads Bitter Chocolate; issues that stay with the reader, issues firmly based in the documentation Off provides. First of all, we in the minority world seem to believe we have a divine right to cheap food and other commodities, but especially food.

We rarely connect the price of food to the conditions of farms, including the rapidly disappearing Canadian family farm.