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He became little so that we might become great. He became human, pouring himself out in love and taking the form of a slave.

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All glory belongs to God. Everything we have comes from him. When we acknowledge God in all we do—our successes, rewards, admiration, and praise, we maintain the right balance between who we really are and who God wants us to be. In the third temptation, the devil asks Jesus to test God for proof that he cares. Why would Jesus have to prove what he already knows…that he is the beloved Son. However, this one can be hard for us.

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We want assurances that things will be alright. So, we want to be in control and make sure things go the way we want. So, what can we learn from Jesus? First, spiritual preparation is key.

Avoiding temptation, RBI likely to cut key rate by just 25 bps

Prayer, fasting, and reflection unlock the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Every Lent, we follow Jesus into the desert for a time of penance, prayer, and spiritual reflection. We do this to prepare ourselves for the Easter celebration with renewed hearts. We should think about similar preparation every time we make important decisions or take on challenging tasks.

Second, knowledge of Sacred Scripture is essential. Notice how Jesus uses Scripture to fight temptation. Scripture has power. We should use it as a source of strength, wisdom, encouragement, and guidance. Notice also, Jesus has the verses memorized. Scripture memorization is a powerful ancient tool we seldom use. You only get that through study.

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Reading Scripture within the mind of the Church is a sure way to have the correct interpretation and not be led astray by people who would use it for their own agenda. In this world of increasing turmoil, keeping ourselves worthy of receiving revelation is of utmost importance. An increase in worthiness and spirituality brings an increase in revelation. This verse gives us a four-part formula for receiving revelation: softening our hearts, asking with faith in Christ, believing that we will receive, and keeping the commandments.

Not all revelation comes immediately or as clearly as we may want, but it does come.

The receipt of revelation depends on our faithfulness, but the clarity of revelation depends on our listening skills. Learn to listen for it, learn to feel it, learn to recognize how it comes to you, act upon it, and be grateful for it. We must decide deep down inside that we want to be better and then act upon that desire so the waters of revelation can run freely.

The Savior Himself faced temptation in the wilderness as He prepared for His mission see Matthew — In His response to that temptation, He taught seven valuable lessons we can apply in our own lives that will enable us to remain worthy of divine communication. Recognize that Satan is the source of temptation.

All that is wicked comes from Satan, and we should recognize it and shun it. In many sports there is a shroud of secrecy over the tactics of opposing teams, especially just before a game.

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To know the plans of our opponent is to have an advantage. She was a perimeter pursuer as Jeffersonville went 3-for from long range. Of course, she desperately wants to contribute. Sometimes the temptation is too great.

During the second battle with Jeffersonville, in the Hall of Fame Classic, she attempted 4 early shots. Missed them all, a rare moment when she stepped out of character. Now she understands there are times she needs to do that, and there are times she can be a little patient. She was calm, she really gave us some good defense, and her ballhandling was very calm against their pressure. BNL also tinkered with a couple of its usual sets to get Crulo-Rood open at close range.

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Worked perfectly. She scored once on a layup, got fouled on another and made both free throws, for only the second time all year. Her signature play was when she waded into the fray for a loose ball, saved the possession and whipped a pass to Madison Webb for a basket. It was an instinct play.