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Hill House is textbook haunted, beyond just the weird statues, graveyards, and gargoyles. As kids, Shirley and Theo are plagued by a series of intermittent, strong knockings on the door. No wonder Shirley and Theo live together as adults. That shit bonds you. Despite their fights, the adult Crain siblings really are close.

In episode 2, Crain siblings all appear together for the first time in the show in a mini-flashback. At this moment in the not-so-distant past, Luke is checking himself into rehab. Clearly, after their mother died, Shirley supported them all emotionally.

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Olivia is working on the designs. Are they a new brand of Sinister Migraine? Episode 3. Meet Theodora, a queen in sleek navy turtlenecks. Theo is suave, persuasive, and definitely the most appealing of the Crain siblings. Each of these preliminary episodes are like extended character studies.

All of The Haunting of Hill House Theories and Hidden Ghosts We Can't Stop Obsessing Over | E! News

The Crain siblings show us who they are — and how they came to be. In this episode, we understand why Theo has closed herself off to the world, and why she refuses to get close to her new lover, Trish Levy Tran. Theo, we learn, is too sensitive. If she let the world in, she might be overloaded by feelings. So she wears gloves to dull her powers, closes herself off. What do those hands do, exactly? Think of Theo as a super-feeler. First, the past incident: While living at Hill House, Theo sees as Luke is sent hurtling toward an unmarked floor by a demonic dumbwaiter.

She essentially opens up a whole new wing of the house, leading to the old bootlegging basement where alcohol was brewed in the house. We also see how Theo uses her hands to become a Superhero Psychologist. When she peels off her gloves and lays her hands on the basement couch, Theo has her confirmation: The girl is being sexually abused by her foster father. She gives the father a long, hard handshake. Theo is correct: The man crumples under investigation and admits to his crime, and the girl is removed from his care.

Shirley, her husband, and the other siblings adamantly refuse. This is a Big Family Secret. The episode ends with a final spiral. Working theory: She felt how her sister died. Immediately after, Theo summons Trish over for a late-night booty call. She spills out the details of her no good, very bad day. Is this progress? Is this her way of letting someone in? What we know about Hill House: Theo discovered a basement crawlspace.

She also has a dance studio, which has a strange doorknob that seems to turn on its own.

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Would anyone be haunted by Hill House, or are the Crains special? What did Theo see when she touched Nell? Why are Carlos and Theo in cahoots? Episode 4.

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When it comes to sweet, sweet, bespectacled Luke, The Haunting of Hill House is determined to draw a stark, defined connection between his childhood experiences at Hill House and his present struggle with addiction. To keep those things away. No one believes that Abigail, his imaginary friend, is real; no one believed the basement was real, either, until Theo — a more credible source — uncovers proof. More concerningly, his father denies the existence of the monster Luke and the audience saw in the basement last episode.

Essentially, his particular experiences and visions are not believed by his family members, save for Nell. Luke is an island. Now an adult, Luke is, once again, living in a house with unusual quirks and particularities. The ghost, who floats a few inches above the ground and uses a cane to push his body forward, first appears in an exquisite, near silent sequence at Hill House. He turned to heroin and created a world of his own. What follows is an odyssey through the streets of Los Angeles in which Luke is constantly confronted by his greatest temptation, heroin, among other travails.

The Haunting of Hill House

However, Luke is determined to help Joey the same way she helped him when he first arrived. See, Steven! Luke did change. Until now, Luke always had one Crain on his side: Nell. As children, Luke developed a method of calming him and Nell down when they saw visions him, the top-hat man; her, the bent-neck lady. They would count seven buttons, one for each of the family members. This little protective hex makes the ending all the more heartbreaking. His limbs feel like blocks.

Since he experienced her death, he knows something no one else does: Nell did not die of suicide. This brings up the possibility that the malevolent presences in Hill House could actually be murderous, too. What we know about Hill House: Hill House is home to a whole host of scary ghosts. The reflection of an old woman appears in the metal bell. The top-hat man comes out at night. Episode 5. But by the end of the episode, we know two things: Nell is the lynchpin of our grim tale, and The Haunting of Hill House is a brilliant show.

After decades of this particular torture, a sleep-deprived Nell visits a sleep doctor, where she hopes to use science to cure a paranormal visitation good luck with that. If the Crain family disbelieves Luke, then they outright dismiss Nell. But Arthur takes Nell seriously. He coaxes her out of those terrifying episodes of sleep paralysis.

Finally, at last, one individual in the show is in good hands. Well, she was in good hands for about five minutes. This time, the Lady is no passive presence. When Arthur gets up to comfort Nell, he has a sudden aneurysm and dies. Was it the work of the Bent-Neck Lady? After this tragedy, Nell has official proof that the Lady is no nightmare or hallucination. By the end of the episode, we agree. We know what the Bent-Neck Lady is: A rip in the fabric of space and time.

The Bent-Neck Lady, you see, is Nell. A haggard Liv blames Nell for graffiting the house. When Nell returns to Hill House as an adult, she sees a ghost version of Liv writes those notes on the wall. Nell is reunited with everyone she ever loved, and all versions of them, too, kind of like a macabre version of the ending of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. In this sequence, we see Nell slowly melting into the haunting; growing comfortable with the supernatural. The house is trying to seduce her into staying. Liv coaxes Nell up the stairs for a tea party with Luke and Abigail just as Luke mentioned earlier in the episode actually happened.

The only way for Nell to stay, of course, is death. Liv pushes her daughter from the ledge so she hangs herself. As Nell hurtles down from the staircase, Nell also begins to fall through her timeline, stopping at every sighting of the Bent-Neck Lady. But the character work this episode also fills in our understanding of the Crain siblings.

Then, a subtle demonstration of her place in their lives: When she calls everyone, only her dad answers her phone call. In this familial vacuum, Dr. Montague swoops in and influences an already unstable Nell.

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Was she fated to return home to Hill House? Was it Dr. Montague's prodding? Where did the Hills, the creators of Hill house, disappear off to? Can we get a tattoo of Mrs. Is Abigail even real? Why are some ghosts blue-skinned and others, like Liv, well-preserved? How does the house know everyone so well? Episode 6. How can Hill House follow up that time-traveling extravaganza of an episode?

Easy: By grounding the next one entirely in the everyday trauma of regular family life. The truth is, deep-seated family rivalries and inter-sibling grudges can be just as destructive as the perils of a haunted house. They sit in the aisle seats of the funeral home, like passengers in a train hurtling toward confrontation. And Hugh? They have no shared history beyond Hill House. Where there is a Crain, there is a haunting.

Otherwise, Hill House will keep following them, everywhere they go — and not just in memory. Honestly, it might be more disconcerting to be Hugh than to be a Crain kid in Hill House. How dad of him.

The Book That Terrified Neil Gaiman. And Carmen Maria Machado. And Dan Simmons.

How has Hugh changed in the ensuing years? He realizes the house had a will of its own. Not everyone is so forward-thinking. Steve still thinks the family is plagued by mental illness and delusions even though he saw ghost as a kid and sees them now , and believes Nell was responsible for her own death. The fights culminate in two revelations. Shirley, so principled, is livid. Then, they further break her trust when Shirley opens up the supply closet and sees Theo trying to kiss Kevin.

The betrayal! The majority of the tension in this episode stemmed from dialogue, not jump scares. Montague, Theodora, another young woman with an affinity for the paranormal, and Luke Sanderson, the heir to Hill House. When Eleanor arrives, she is immediately struck by its sense of evil. Dudley, both of whom refuse to stay after dark, also warn Eleanor to reconsider her plans to lodge in the home for the summer. When she arrives at the gates of the house, Mr. Dudley tells her, "You'll be sorry I ever opened that gate. At first, Eleanor hates the home. She is provided lodging in the "blue" room, which she describes as "chillingly wrong in all its dimensions, so that the walls seemed always in one direction a fraction less than the barest possible tolerable length The two quickly become close.

As the novel progresses, her mental health deteriorates, though it's not quite clear if it's because of the hauntings of Hill House entirely. Despite her worsening condition, Eleanor exists in a dreamlike state. She doesn't want to leave behind Hill House because she's never been wanted anywhere, has never experienced life fully, and believes this is the happiest she's ever been.

However, the others in the home are not happy about the paranormal events, which are becoming more frequent and more terrifying. Montague calls in Mrs. Montague and her companion, Arthur, to help investigate.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson - Full Audiobook (with captions)

Montague demands to sleep in the most haunted room of the house the nursery, naturally and decides to use a planchette, a tool for communing with the dead, to try and figure out what is haunting Hill House. She claims that the planchette has informed her that the house is haunted by a woman named Helen, but Dr.

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