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You can use the tip to nudge the icing right up the outline, if it seems to be pulling back towards the middle. Do one or two at a time, then add the sprinkles. Then another couple, and more sprinkles. Now, repeat the same technique for the bottom half of each cupcake.

Use the 2 tip to outline, and the 4 tip to fill. To make the lines on the cupcake wrapper, wait an hour or two for the icing to set a little. Then use the 2 tip and carefully make the lines. Make sure to hold the tip above the icing and let it fall, like we did for the outlining. And there you have it: beautiful, colorful cupcake cookies. They are really ideal for almost any occasion. You can also find lots of tutorials on YouTube if you feel you need to watch someone do it.

You can also divide up the steps and do these over several days if that makes it less overwhelming. You can make the cookies on day 1, make and color the icing on day 2, and do the decorating on day 3. How do you store the cookies while making icing and decorating if you use the 3 day method? Thanks for the step by step. It is extremely hepful. I love the way you show pictures of step by step. It is very helpful. Your recipes look delicious and the way you explain the process makes me want to try it.

Last week I attended a workshop for decorating cookies and we used an icing made of powdered sugar and eggwhite powder - which had an awful smell and taste! Glad to see your recipe because the only other recipe I have is with eggwhite. Freezing Once they are frosted, I don't recommend freezing them. The colors may run when they defrost. Take them out and wait for them to come to room temperature, then frost. Well planned and photographed. This would be very easy for a first time baker to follow Reply. Thank you! Thank you everyone for the blog birthday wishes!

1. Always, ALWAYS make more royal icing of each color and consistency than you think you’ll need.

I'm looking forward to another great year of recipes and cooking ahead. Food coloring Hi Esther, I use assorted food colorings that I've collected over time. Your best bet is seeing what you can find with kosher certification in a store near you. Excited to try these cookies! Congratulations on a year with this amazing blog! My daughter and I look forward to making these. Thank you for the fantastic instructions. Adorable and delicious cookies. What a brilliant use of food coloring and cutter. I will make these cookies for definite.

Thanks Reply.

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Thank you Miriam! Kosher brand for coloring What brand did you use for the food coloring? And also, great instructions - thank you! Happy Birthday!!! Happy birthday!! Miriam this blog is a whole year of incredible! Congratulations and thank you for all the fantastic posts. I'd try these cookies at home- at your home : Reply. Here's a great tip! Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. No Thanks. Subscribe Subscribe. Ask the Rabbi. Chabad Locator Find.

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Happy Birthday! Watch 6 Comments. These look amazing! Of course I would prefer it if you would just bake them and ship them to my home address. You are the queen of beautiful baking. Those cookies are gorgeous! Too much work! My favorite cookie! These are beautiful! I often struggle to get a good consistency with the icing mine ends up being so runny. To get the texture you achieved in the photos you posted — how long are you beating the sugar for?

New follower :. I just made these with my boy. Super easy to follow and the result was perfection! Thank you for sharing. So light, airy, sweet, and relatable. Your personality really comes through in your posts. I will be adding you to my feed. Thanks so much, Christine! That Macklemore challenge was hilarious and fun. I still love that gold clutch I found. These look so beautiful — perfection.

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Do you take the cookies out when they are really soft? Mine are crispy. Do u pipe on icing or use a spatula? I took mine out when they were still soft but light brown on the bottom. They hardened a little bit after cooling but after sitting overnight in an airtight container with the icing on them, they softened up. I piped the icing on and then smoothed it out with an angled spatula. These are amazing!

I made them for my sons birthday and since then my friends and family demand that I make them for everything. Lightly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Just the right amount of sweetness. Thank you so much for sharing. My coworkers LOVE them. They are easy, delicious and look beautiful. GREAT recipe.

I have had this recipe pinned for a while and finally made them last night. Mine turned out flat as pancakes. I tried not flattening as much, baking a shorter time, and Nothing worked.

Twenty to Make: Decorated Cookies : Lisa Slatter :

Do you chill your dough or have any suggestions? Sounds like a baking powder may have gotten old or need more flour for your altitude. Just made these and they are absolutely wonderful! Bringing them to many people tomorrow. Can you stack them or will the icing mess up? Depending how long they are baked they can be on the soft side or crisp. This recipe is great for snickerdoodles too. I roll it in cinnamon-sugar and flatten them slightly before baking.

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Twenty to Make: Decorated Cookies

Nike Air Deals fresh, new life a old challenge. How free Organization Chat People as cares is successful?!. Note , Not Attempt resign other kind of nike Cheat guides until you read this Zero cost Documentation. Scene News — nike Considered An absolute must in recent memory. Nike provides fresh, new life a old topic — defacto well-known. Wow these look amazing my sister in law loves these cookies and when we put them in the freezer and eat them semi frozen even better its like an ice cream sandwich without the ice cream.

Thanks for sharing on Inspiration Monday, so we can now make them instead of buying them. Oh yum! Thanks for the recipe! Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Pinned and sharing on FB! Have a great week! I have always wanted to try these! Your photos are just amazing, love how bright and colorful they are and the cookies looks fab as well!

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER

My mouth is watering! Just trying to figure out packaging options…. I do not like sugar cookies, but these are fabulous!