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Designing Educational Project and Program Evaluations. David A. Dawn Karen Booth. Assessment in Science. Solving the Dynamic Complexity Dilemma. Nabil Abu el Ata. John Preston. Rankings and Global Knowledge Governance. Assessment of Student Achievement. Gavin T. Carl Candoli.

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Decision-Oriented Educational Research. William Cooley. Chenicheri Sid Nair. Policy Perspectives on Educational Testing. Bernard R. Equity and Excellence in Educational Testing and Assessment. Michael T. University Rankings. William Yat Wai Lo. Jon Yorke. Tests and Exams in Singapore Schools. Kaycheng Soh. Jerry B. Educational Recommender Systems and Technologies.

Olga C. National Assessments of Educational Achievement, Volume 4. Gerry Shiel. Assessment Reform in Education. Rita Berry. Cases of Assessment in Mathematics Education. Mathematics Teachers Engaging with Representations of Practice. Orly Buchbinder. Looking Back. Neil J.

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Chinese as a Second Language Assessment. Dongbo Zhang.

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Comparing Learning Outcomes. Jay Moskowitz. Beyond Testing Classic Edition. Caroline Gipps. Examining the Examinations. Cognitive Abilities and Educational Outcomes. Ulrika Wolff. James W. Barry Bozeman. Anton Havnes. Mathematics Achievement of Immigrant Students. Dirk Hastedt. George F. E-Portfolios in Higher Education. Mark Anderson. Haiping Wang. Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills.

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Patrick Griffin. Bert Creemers. Statistical Models for Data Analysis. Salvatore Ingrassia. But does music help or hurt studying? The answer depends on the individual.

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However, research has shown that studying with headphones on tends to decrease memory and information retention, while background music can be a study aid. For students at online universities, most study time happens at home or out in public, not necessarily in quiet college libraries. This can be a problem when it comes to staying focused on your studying. The solution : First, get to know yourself. Can you get in the zone better in silence, or are you a student who thrives amid background noise?

Try a few settings, and pay attention to how each study session goes. One day, head to a public or local university library and see how that hushed environment works out. The next day, try a coffee shop or the park. After each session, write down some notes about how the studying went and how well you were able to understand and retain what you were studying. Once you know how your brain handles noise, pick study locations that matches your sound profile. How many times have you popped dinner in the oven and, during the down time while it cooked, tried to sneak in a chapter or two of reading?

The solution: Pick up and move. It's almost impossible to stay focused on your studies while straining your eyes to read in dim lighting, or squinting and getting a headache under harsh artificial lights. Adequate and appropriate lighting is a must for successful studying.

This may seem silly to you, but think about it. These small elements will add up and either help you have a great study session, or a bad one. The solution : Pay special attention to lighting when you sit down to study.

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Is the light adequate now, and is it likely to stay that way? Is it just an hour until sundown? Shielded full-spectrum fluorescent lights are said to help you be calmer, steadier, and less easily distracted. For a short time, you may be able to stay focused in hot or humid places, but after a while, these circumstances can become unbearable.

The solution : When you can control your environment—you have access to a thermostat, for example—set the temperature to a comfortable, constant level. Your smart phone. The TV. The solution : Once again, knowing yourself is crucial. Are you a compulsive email checker? Do you find yourself browsing Instagram or checking tweets without even thinking about it, even though you just checked them three minutes ago?

Remove the distractions. Turn off your phone and tuck it away in your bag or dresser drawer.

Log out of Facebook. Clear off your desk so only the necessary study supplies are within reach. And perhaps most importantly, schedule time for breaks. Take a walk every few minutes to refocus your energy.

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When studying, the clock can be your best friend or your worst enemy.