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Alpha Dragos Lupescu is an enforcer to the werewolf king and on a mission to capture a tyrannical alpha accused of many crimes, including murder.

Blazed (Dragos, Book 3)

Neither are prepared when it looks like their duo is about to become a trio. Journalist Ryan Seeley is in Isherwood after his homophobic father had a heart attack, and he jumps at the chance to investigate the violence happening in the nearby ghost town. He has no idea why he's so incredibly attracted to a beast who sounds like Dracula and a little beauty with soulful eyes, but it's compromising his work and his sanity. And then they go and tell him they're werewolves and he's their fated mate, the one person meant to be theirs.

With Dragos compromised by his instincts to protect his mates, Aurel exhausted from trying to keep everyone calm, and Ryan caught up in the middle, the violence arrives at their doorstep. Now the three of them must come together with their allies to recover a weapon that could expose them all while also desperately trying to stop a massacre. Dragos Lupescu sat in the back seat of a black Hummer heading northwest out of town. It was a nice change of pace to stay in an apartment instead of yet another hotel.

Even if the accommodations were quainter than he was accustomed to, Dragos like being near their friends in Isherwood. As enforcer to the throne, Dragos had to stop the tyrannical alpha known as Zeddicus Strain. Intent on reviewing the intel one more time, Dragos removed his phone from his inside coat pocket only to have it ring the moment he had it in his hand.

Grigore Farkas, king of all werewolves, was requesting a video chat. Dragos accepted with a smile. How are you? Heaven forbid I worry over family.

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Dragos barked a laugh. Dragos chuckled because he was fairly certain one of them had been guarding Aurel when he bought the cuffs.

Dragos Series (Erotic PNR) | Amber Kallyn

With a groan, Grigore covered his eyes. You win. Having that thing anywhere near him made him twitch. I will have you know it is continuously locked in a location that only three people know. But, Dragos, it will still be accessible until it is at the bottom of the ocean.

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NASA is quite rogue, as far as I can tell, and not at all interested in breaking with their moral code. Since most packs of a similar size usually pooled their resources or went into some type of business as a unit, Strain Pack should have been quite capable of providing better accommodations for themselves. Yet here they were on the edge of three different territories in what the locals referred to as a ghost town. Dragos put his phone back in his pocket and sighed at the window. Strain had not purchased the land where these hundred-plus-year-old buildings still managed to stand.

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No, he and his pack had simply appeared one night, the whole of them doing what the local authorities called squatting. Dragos doubted he would have a difficult time getting the alpha to admit to impregnating pack members against their wills—he seemed the type to brag about the evil he performed.

As Dragos stepped from the Hummer and saw the wide eyes of children staring at him from out of windows with no glass in them, he rather hoped Strain would attack now and seal his fate. Though it had yet to snow here in southern Ohio, the temperatures were often below freezing. Did Strain make his pack shift to stay warm? Not one chimney showed signs of smoke. Aurel came around from the other vehicle to stand beside Dragos. The smaller man wore a long, tan wool coat, a knitted hat in shades of green, and a matching scarf wrapped several times around his neck.

Blazing Dragons ep3 (1/3) - Tournament Day

His hands were stuffed in his pockets and, no doubt, covered by mittens that matched the scarf and hat. Though his werewolf blood kept him warmer than a human would be, Aurel did not enjoy the cold weather. Dragos did, which was why he wore a long, black wool coat, but left it open, his houndstooth scarf hanging free, and his leather gloves remaining in his pockets.

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Aurel burrowed his face into his scarf before he spoke. Can you sense where Strain is? The church.

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Masterful aerial maneuvering for such an immense wingspan. When Viking sailors explored the Greek Isles, they heard tales of a mythical bird that flew on wings of flame. Now this legend has reached the Archipelago in the form of the Blazing Phoenixfire. The best known flyer in the Nightmare family despite her massive size and wingspan, she navigates narrow gaps between sea stacks or enemy vessels and ignites them as she passes.

The Blazing Phoenixfire's intimidating appearance is backed by an equally terrifying amount of power. Of the known Nightmares, she's the most monstrous of them. Though not an Alpha , many Nightmares appear to pay tribute to this living legend. They drop fresh fish at her feet, and show the utmost respect which is saying a lot for Nightmares while in her presence. Fishlegs is fascinated by this hierarchical behavior. Statistics in. Battle Type.

Monstrous Nightmare.