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How does it function in the gospel? His preoccupation with his own affairs renders him unavailable to others. He judges others only by the way they fit into his preconceived desires and plans. He sees life as a limited bank account which must be maintained judiciously if it is to last as long as needed.

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Since he has, he thinks, only a limited amount of emotional, spiritual, and physical capital, he must calculate how it is to be spent. To squander love, to sacrifice, is an unwise policy which may lead to bankruptcy. The unavailable man hoards life. On the other hand, the available person is not encumbered with his own possessions or self-image. He has the capacity to listen to others and respond to their appeals, even though such responses are a conquest which he makes again and again over his own selfishness, laziness, materialism, or other factors which urge self-sufficient isolation.

He is not irresponsible, but confident that spiritual energy is inexhaustible. It is inevitably the person with strong faith who is most available. Availability and faith go hand in hand. The Savior is the finest example of spiritual availability. His availability is abundantly revealed in accounts of his ministrations to the physically, emotionally, and spiritually afflicted.

He willingly associated with outcasts from Jewish society and people such as Nicodemus, the Canaanite mother, the centurion; and children willingly sought him out. The sharp contrast between availability and unavailability is revealed metaphorically by two New Testament basins.

Rome required her governors to keep the tribute flowing and to maintain order. To appease the Jewish priests, Pilate found it easier to let them have their way. Thus, encumbered by self-interest, he was unavailable to act with justice and compassion. What a remarkable example of availability!

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The very act of laying aside his garments before he began symbolically reinforced the impression of humble openness. The ancient disciples took up that example, and we see Peter healing the beggar at the temple gate.

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So have the disciples of our age, and we see our General Authorities changing lives significantly through a brief interview. We have been challenged with new languages, new cultures and new ideas Do you view your home and family table as a nexus for work, education, worship, community, evangelism, and training in servant leadership? It can be!

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You don't have to be Martha Stewart or have a large home to practice true, biblical hospitality. Contact us for more information About Us. About A Candle in the Window.

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About our Family. Our Purpose Statement. Of course, this custom of placing candles in the windows was brought to America by the Irish immigrants, and has since become very popular. However, we must never lose sight of its meaning and historical background.

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As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, may we also open our hearts and homes to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Christ is our light, who entered this world to scatter sin and darkness. Having been enlightened by Christ through Holy Baptism, we must have a strong loyalty to our Church. We too must realize that the greatest gift of all is our faith, a faith which enabled the Irish to triumph over the most heinous persecutions.

The History Of Holiday Candles In The Windows

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