PDF Enough: Finding More by Living with Less

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When I first started contemplating blogging in , I nearly didn't start because I saw Beth Terry's blog and thought: well, she's already covered everything so well, what more do I have to offer?

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Later once I'd started blogging, but still in the early days I began embracing minimalism, and I wasn't sure whether I should write about that because people like Joshua Becker already do an amazing job. But then I wondered: maybe there's a place for me, too? Maybe I don't know everything about living plastic-free, and maybe I have too much stuff to be a minimalist, but maybe I still have something to add to the conversation?

Enough: Finding More by Living with Less

It's not about being the best. If I'd worried about not being the best, I'd never have started, and I'd have missed out on so many great experiences, lessons and connections.

Enough: Finding More by Living with Less - Baker Book House

Minimalism is about far more than simply getting rid of a bunch of stuff: it's a whole new way of thinking. I'm not perfect at any of these, and I still slip up, but being more aware of finding "enough" within myself has made me more positive, boosted my productivity and increased my happiness. I never realized when I first decided that I had a few too many possessions that the journey I was about to embark on would be so rewarding, and have such an impact on my life. But it has, and I'm grateful. Lindsay Miles is a writer, blogger, workshop facilitator, public speaker and all round enthusiast for sustainable living, with a passion for zero waste, plastic-free living, minimalism, real food and ethical consumerism.

Read this next: 7 Simple tips for minimalist living. Toggle navigation Fighting climate change through our everyday lives.

Enough: Find More by Living with Less

Here are 5 lessons that minimalism has taught me about "enough". I do enough.

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I am enough. Image: Unsplash 2. Comparisonitis is a waste of energy. Read this next: Lessons learnt from the longest study on happiness 3. You don't need likes, follows or shares to be complete. Do what feels right. Don't let feelings of less than enough hold you back. Subscribe to our mailing list.

Enough: Finding More by Living with Less

Carbon challenge ,,, Tonnes of co2 savings pledged. Can you cut 1 Tonne of carbon pollution out of your life? Take the challenge. I highly recommend Enough for every American! An avid hiker, mountain climber, and water-skier, Davis and his wife, Susie, have three children and live in Austin, Texas. View more by Will Jr. Davis Author. Dimensions 8.

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Qty Add To Cart. Description Do you have enough? In his provocative new book, "Enough" Will Davis Jr. Will Davis Jr.

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What led Will to write this book was "the difference between how I lived in America, and how people a three hour air plane ride South from my door lived, and why some people seem to be born with what I call less than enough, others have more than enough, and the line between the two" explains Will. This is not a popular message" Explains Will.

Living with Less: Does Minimalism bring more meaning? ​

What would happen is every pastor or Christian leader decided to live this principal of enough to become a little more generous? God honors obedience.