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Set key measures to make sure "slippage" is within a reasonable range. For example, look at your inventory turnover rate this year as compared to the last few years to detect greater-than-average turnover. Yes, all of these safeguards are time-consuming and they may be costly. But they take far less time and cost less than losing money to employee theft and embezzlement. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our. By Jean Murray. The CNBC article says the costliest types of employee theft are:.

The employees who steal are most likely those who are the most trusted.

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Don't ever assume that the bookkeeper who has been with your company forever is honest. Because this person has unrestricted access to company records, cash, and information, he can do untold damage to your company. Think "bankruptcy" here. The hacker phenomenon is at work here. As soon as you plug up one hole in your security, the thief will work to find another. You will always be only one step ahead of a determined employee thief. Learn to recognize behaviors. You don't have to spy on your employees to recognize behaviors that could be a sign of employee actions. We have successfully defended juveniles charged with offense ranging from routine traffic violations, to computer offenses, to sexual assault crimes.

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The mere allegation that an individual committed a sex offense can be life-altering. Few crimes trigger more public outcry and command more media coverage than sex offenses. At KJK, we understand the serious nature of these offenses and provide our clients with a skilled and aggressive defense. Typically, our clients charged with a sex offense have no prior criminal history and little experience with how the criminal justice system operates.

In order to effectively combat allegations of sex crimes and build a defense, we utilize private investigators, computer forensic examiners, and medical professionals.

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We are particularly skilled at uncovering evidence that is favorable for our client and that law enforcement investigators never even looked for, let alone identified. There are many laws concerning the punishment that results if you are convicted of OVI and some penalties are more severe if you have prior OVI convictions. There are several types of punishment including:.

BUSINESS UPDATE: How to safeguard your business from employee theft and fraud

There are many potential defenses that can be raised an OVI case. We have successfully defended many OVI cases resulting in a dismissal or reduction of the charges from the offense of OVI. The criminal defense lawyers at KJK have extensive experience in defending clients charged with theft and fraud-related offenses. Theft offenses can be felonies or misdemeanors and generally involve the unauthorized taking of property from another.

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You can also be charged with theft by deception, by threat or by intimidation. The level of felony offense depends on the value of property or services stolen. If you are facing charges for a theft offense our team of experienced criminal trial attorneys can defend you.

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  5. White collar criminal defense involves representing individuals and organizations involved in prosecutions, regulatory enforcement matters, and internal investigations. We have years of experience representing clients in connection with grand jury investigations as well as litigation in state and federal courts. We regularly represent clients in their dealings with the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and state and local law enforcement agencies.

    Our goal is to avoid criminal prosecution if at all possible. Use purchase orders. The payment, receipt and preparation of purchase orders should be separate functions and handled by different individuals. Use serially pre-numbered purchase orders and always verify incoming orders. Control cash receipts. Use serially pre-numbered sales slips and conduct weekly audits. Balancing of sales slips and register receipts should be done by someone other than the sales clerk. Use informal audits.

    Make unannounced internal audits and have a yearly audit performed by an outside firm.

    10 Ways to Prevent Employee Theft and Fraud

    Install computer security measures. Understand your computer systems and software, and how they might be used to divert money or inventory.

    Preventing Embezzlement Precautions

    Restrict access to computer terminals and records. Periodically change entry codes and check regularly to ensure that security procedures are in effect. Track your business checks.

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    Always use pre-numbered checks, with amounts and payees typed or written in permanent ink. Producing all checks from financial software such as QuickBooks is highly recommended. Lock blank checks and a signature machine, if you have one, in a secure place. Manage inventory and use security systems. Separate receiving, store keeping and shipping functions.