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However from the other side of the world I had envisioned head high point breaks and smooth clean cuts backs, the next morning as I looked out over a small, flat lonely bay I could sense mischief brewing…….

In Search of the Craic. Probably the Best Surf Trip in the World

The dim grey mist of the Irish dawn; my mind heavy with the fug of Guinness and back sore from another night in the fart riddled tent my eyes stubbornly prized themselves open. I could I hear the unmistakable noises of a hastily lashed long boards getting dragged off roofs, the shuffle of still wet, wetsuits getting squeezed into, then the clanging of leashes on tails as the boys started running down the beach. The sea was pan flat, then about every twenty minutes a tiny wave not much bigger than the rail of a long board would, begrudgingly, wearily, drag its self shoreward, peak before meekly dribbling its way down the sand bar before lapping without sound upon the shore.

Yet the boys where unperturbed by my cynicism, they sat there like damp silverbacks in a dull, flat sea waiting for their waves. Apparently god loves a trier and sure enough the boys all got waves, dragging them selves into shin high peaks and getting to their feet before doing some fancy foot work and on occasion riding to the shore.

I opted to take a few shots from the rocks, as I watch my thirty something mates, splashing around, hassling and hooting, shouting each other into sets, dropping in and falling off. A strange sense of pride washed over me, I was inspired, proud they where all frothing more than ever and still having just as much fun in knee high shite as when we where all dewy-eyed-groms. Dan Kerins is photographer, writer, surfer and horticulturalist specialising in ill-planned and under-funded excursions into the lesser known.

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Poems in the North Yorkshire Dialect. Northumberland Words.

In Search of the Craic One Man's Pub Crawl Through Irish Music

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  7. Author : Jim Togher. The Craic was good in Cricklewood The lad wouldn't leave the "Crown" Here's to the Craic Jim.

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    Happy 50th Birthday! The tiny island of Ireland has just been a mere staging area for the Irish. A place to regroup before they embark on the conquest of the world.