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Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Gewicht: Selbstbestimmtes Leben, Language: German. Brand new Book. Am Lehrwerk lassen sich die Lehrziele, die methodische Ausrichtung, Lehrmaterialien und vieles andere ablesen. In dieser Funktion sind Lehrwerke ausschlaggebend fur den Unterrichts- und ganzen Fremdsprachenkursverlauf, daher ist es fur einen Lehrer von groer Bedeutung den passenden Lehrwerk fur die Lerner und fur sich auszusuchen.

Steht ein Lehrer vor solchen Aufgabe, kann er schon einige Schwierigkeiten mit Lehrwerken bekommen, nicht etwa, weil es keine gute oder zu wenig von diesen gibt.

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Sein Problem entsteht durch die Vielfalt der Lehrwerke in dem Fach. Dieser Gedanke ist als Grundidee dieser Arbeit zu verstehen. Das Ziel der Arbeit ist, das Lehrwerk Sichtwechsel neu zu prasentieren, seine Vor- und Nachteile zu zeigen, damit einem die Entscheidung fur ein Lehrwerk leichter fallt. Es wird jedoch nicht blo um dieses Lehrwerk gehen, sondern es sollten auch einige zentralen Fragen aus dem Fach erortert werden, die unmittelbar als Hintergrundereignisse zur Konzeption des Lehrwerks anzusehen sind.

Gemeint sind hier die Fragen hinsichtlich Landeskunde und literarischen Texten im Fremdsprachenunterricht, dazu kommen wir im spateren Teil der Arbeit. Um die richtige Wahl zu treffen, sollte man sich zuerst mit einigen Lehrwerken etwas vertrauter machen. Zu diesem Zweck sollen hier einige Lehrwerkklassifikationen prasentieren werden. Es wurden im Deutsch als Fremdsprache bereits einige Klassifikationsversuche unternommen. Lehrwerke wurden z. Seller Inventory APC Published by Hannover, o.

About this Item: Hannover, o. Interkulturelle Schule: Nie allein 5. Tolerante Schulkulturen, Kapitel 6. About this Item: Condition: Correcte. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Sichtwechsel You Searched For: Title: sichtwechsel. United Kingdom. Search Within These Results:. Sichtwechsel, Neubearbeitung, Bd.

Alltagswelten: Erfahrungen, Sichtwechsel, Reflexionen ; Festschrift zum From: medimops Berlin, Germany Seller Rating:. Le cas de Fouad Laroui". Dr Bivona examined multilingualism in a Moroccan context by analysing several novels from Moroccan writer, poet and journalist Fouad Laroui. She also gave some mind-provoking and humourous insights on the difficulty of translating literary works.

She also descripted the dilemmas faced by translators when confronted with cultural transfers and specific idioms in this difficult exercise. The lecture was followed by an interesting and lively discussion between the presenter and the audience. The title of her lecture was "Regarding the Case of Elfriede Jelinek". The competition was divided into three parts: a writing test, a prepared speech on the theme "China - a land of spectacular beauty", and a prepared performance of Chinese Cultural Skills. Second place was taken by a student from UCT. They will both attend the final competition to be held in Beijing this July and their visit will be fully sponsored by the Chinese Government.

Each year, about college students selected from all over the world gather in Beijing to compete in the finals of the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Competition. This is only the third year that South African students have been selected for the finals. This annual event, together with the newly-established Centre for Chinese Studies, not only promotes research and the teaching of Chinese at the US, but it also builds a "bridge" of friendship between China and South Africa.

The euphoria that accompanied the Armistice of did not last long. In his curious novel Recherche, the future psychologist Jean Piaget is just one of many writers to associate adolescence with anxiety or Angst. Painters too - Claude Monet among others - tried to come to terms with the terrible sense of estrangement induced by World War One.

Territory, and the Idea of Human Nature. In his talk John Noyes used the image of Odysseus to ask how we might evaluate the idea of human nature, self-restraint and violence in an age of US global hegemony. Who owns the technology of destruction? Who owns the idea of human nature?

Placing these questions at the center of the current global conflict allows us to understand what is at stake in the so-called war against so-called terrorism. The ownership of technologies of destruction today is inextricably bound to the idea of human nature, and it recasts the boundary between nature and freedom along lines of ownership.

Anil Bhatti held a public lecture on the 4th of April on the topic "Culture and Diversity. Postcolonial Reflections". The topic of the conference was "Literature and language - transnational? His paper dealt with the topic of "National philologies, cultural homogenization and post-colonial discourse".

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On the afternoon of the first day the 22nd General Meeting of the Association took place. At this meeting the new executive committee was elected and a motion was passed to authorize the new executive to work towards the creation of an African Association for German Studies. Professor von Maltzan was elected as president of the association for a further period of four years, and Dr Rolf Annas for a second term as secretary. Gina Weinkauff Heidelberg. On 31 March Rainer Kussler retired as Professor in German after being associated with this Department first German, then Modern Foreign Languages for a period of more than 40 years.

Between and Rainer Kussler was a student in our department, first completing his BA with a distinction in German, then Honours and MA, both of which he obtained cum laude. In he was awarded the DLitt-degree on the dissertation "Das Abschiedsmotiv in der deutschen Lyrik des In the same year, he became lecturer in German, two years later senior lecturer and in , at the age of 29, he was appointed Professor and Head of the German Department. When the departments of German and French amalgamated at the beginning of , Rainer Kussler became Chairman of the new Department of Modern Foreign Languages, a position he held until In Rainer Kussler introduced the MPhil-programme in Hypermedia for Language Learning, thereby substantially increasing the number of postgraduate students in the Department.

During his retirement, he will spend time following up his interests in literature and in computer assisted language learning. Professor Dr. Michaela Holdenried appointed as temporary German lecturer. He presented lectures on German language and literature to second and third year students. The MIH Group has extended its sponsorship of the Mandarin programme at the department for another five years until at least the end of Ms Amy Yu, the lecturer in Mandarin, had agreed to stay on in her present post.

From 15 September until 15 November Dr.

She presented courses on modern German literature to first- and third-year students. Holdenried has published widely in the field of the autobiographical novel and has recently completed her second doctoral dissertation Habilitation. The four-year temporary position will be filled by two professors for two years each. It will be known as "Comenius Chair in German as a Foreign Language" Comenius was a 17th century Czech educator who is regarded as one of the founders of modern language padagogy.

The Department of German as a Foreign Language at Kassel University is a postgraduate department only as far as is known, the only one worldwide. Prof Kussler's commission in Kassel will include furthering internationalisation and establishing 'new media' in the Department's teaching programmes. The University of Stellenbosch has granted leave without pay to prof Kussler to enable him to accept the appointment.

As, according to the rules of USAF, he will have to retire after the two years in Kassel, his chair in German as a Foreign Language at Stellenbosch University is currently being advertised. On 28 and 29 August , the Department undergoes its first external evaluation since its inception in All academic departments at Stellenbosch University are subjected to this process in regular intervals. He is also one of the two experts invited to do an independent external evaluation of the Department.

Merci beaucoup, France! Sowohl die Computerkundigen als auch die weniger Versierten kamen voll auf ihre Kosten. Die restlichen Folgen sollen, sobald sie hier eingehen, in einer Folgesitzung "genossen" werden. MIH extends sponsorship for Mandarin and donates generously.

Well-known German scholar visiting Department. Department receives book donation from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.


A specialized selection of 75 books on foreign language teaching and research was donated to the Department by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [DFG]. MIH has also promised a generous donation for acquiring electronic equipment, oudio-visual materials, language learning software, books, subscriptions of journals as well as a satellite dish and connections in support of the teaching of Mandarin. The grant forms part of their ongoing support of the teaching of French in South Africa.

Last year, the BCE provided bursaries for long term study in France to three of our Honours-students. The Department welcomes Prof. Gerd Neuner of the University of Kassel who is visiting us for six weeks from 21 February The support of these institutions is highly valued by the Department. As co-author of widely used German language learning compendia like Deutsch aktiv , Deutsch konkret and Sowieso , he is well known to teachers of German as a Foreign Language all over the world. He has held numerous international fellowships, i. In his Department at the University of Kassel, Prof Neuner has developed various post-graduate programmes in German as a Foreign Language, which are drawing students from 25 countries.

Prof Neuner is conducting specialized workshops for the staff and advanced students in the Department on the following topics:. Prof Neuner will also address a public meeting on 23 March at 19h00 in room of the Arts Building on "Interim Worlds" [on the images and stereotypes which exist with foreign language learners at the start of the learning process and how they change in the course of this process].

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  2. A Practical Casebook of Time-Limited Psychoanalytic Work: A Modern Kleinian approach.
  3. Caretta! Caretta! A Childs Tale of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

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