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They are not primarily made up of structures and systems, but of people — individuals who bring their ambitions, insecurities, biases, and humanity with them to work every day. If you would prefer to be reading books like Crucial Conversations , The Ideal Team Player , or any book by Bob Goff, and like to talk about the importance of teamwork, empowerment, and hanging out with your co-workers outside of office hours, this is your frame.

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An effective leader in this frame creates a caring and empowering environment for their team. They offer support and act as a catalyst for others to achieve their potential.

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An ineffective leader in this frame can be seen as a weakling or a pushover; they abdicate their responsibilities and avoid the hard, yet necessary, conversations so that everyone will like them. The in this framework is primarily about building a relationship between a leader and their staff.

It serves to build trust and create safety, not set goals. The leader is more of a shepherd than a coach and will use that time to listen, support, and build empathy. The primary outcome is whether or not the employee feels cared for. As you can begin to imagine, if one person in that room is viewing the through this frame and the other is viewing it through the structural frame, there is bound to be frustrations. Politics has such a negative connotation, especially in a church setting, but the truth is that every organization has a political component to it. Any time a group of people attempt to be organized in some fashion and there are differences of opinions combined with a limited amount of resources, political behaviour will arise.

Leaders in this frame see organizations not as families or factories, but as jungles — places of competition, power-struggles, and danger.

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  6. If you gravitate towards books like Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion or Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It , and you find yourself thinking in terms of power, competition, bargaining, and compromise, this is a frame you are comfortable in. An effective leader in this frame will be an advocate and a negotiator.

    An ineffective leader in this frame will come across as manipulative and controlling; a con-artist or a thug. A in this frame will be centered around the word influence. Skills such as persuasion and advocacy are valuable here. This is where our visionaries like to live.

    To a leader viewing their work through the symbolic frame, everything means something. To continue the metaphor, Bolman and Deal would say that organizations in this frame are not seen as factories, families, or jungles, but as temples ; places of transcendence and spiritual significance. Stories, legends, rituals, and ceremonies all find their place here.

    The picture of a theatre or carnival can apply here as well, with all of its carefully orchestrated components coming together to create an experience and tell a story. An effective leader here, as you can imagine, can inspire the masses or the person sitting across the table with vision and stories. Going back to our , the leader in this frame will not be as concerned with being a coach or shepherd, but will act as a spiritual guide, highlighting moments and stories that deepen the culture and values of the organization. Their goal is that you walk away inspired, having seen the bigger picture, and knowing why you and your work matter.

    While this is a quick summary, I hope, at this point, that you can see the value that reframing leadership brings to the table. If we are able to move fluidly between these various maps, we increase our ability to navigate complex situations and accurately interpret reality. Perhaps you want to recall the last change initiative you had to lead people through.

    The Four Frames of Leadership: Untangling Complexity | Dan Doerksen

    Imagine how you might have done that more effectively and with less resistance by viewing the situation through a different frame. It fosters humility and reminds us that our way of viewing the world is not the only correct way. I hope that this concept will help you understand your co-workers, employees, volunteers, and bosses in a new way and allow you work more collaboratively toward goals that matter.

    First Name. Submit Comment. Leadership is complex. The Four Frames Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal have been helping leaders navigate complexity and reframe their worlds for over 40 years. Structural Frame Leaders in this frame love to talk about systems, structures, metrics, goals, and processes.

    Human Resource Frame In this frame, organizations are far less like factories and a lot more like families. Frames in real life — The The in this framework is primarily about building a relationship between a leader and their staff. Umbra Pane Multi Frame, Red. But i think that is due to the design of the frame.

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    Only 1 left in stock more on the way. This photo frame is a great buy - easy to place on the wall - one hook required for placement in the centre. It is funky and stylish.

    The photo openings are easy to open at the back. Looks great in my kitchen area, which is themed red and white. Bought several for my daughter's nursery. Quickly delivered and securely packaged. Brilliant colours and good quality. Really pleased with these and will be ordering more!

    Pragmatic Frames for Teaching and Learning in Human–Robot Interaction: Review and Challenges

    Love it! I'll be honest it's a bit fiddly putting the photos in do give your self loads of time and patience, but for the price and size very good!

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    Great price, great delivery, great product. Easy to put photos in which aren't standard size. Good number of pages and good quality. Brilliant value for three books. Would recommend. Does the job. Quality product and great value for money. It took me ages to find a coloured frame that was wood with glass. Eventually found these frames and they are perfect.

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    Look great as a series of four on our kitchen wall.