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The colourful illustrations do an excellent job of supporting the text, with pictures that are lively and involving. Each book includes a Note to Parents, which discusses the text and suggests activities. Adults should perhaps be forewarned that in Hungry Animals , the animals really do kill and eat other creatures, and that the illustrations clearly show this. Subscribe: Digital Edition. Subscribe: Print Edition.

Buy Back Issues. Manage Magazine Subscription. Amazon Account Toronto. Assistant Editor Toronto. McTavish heard a drunken shout as a wiry young man wearing a charcoal grey vest over a white button-up shirt stumbled out into the night. I don't care if you're the king of Scotland or Oliver Twist, you know the rules is rules. Sober up a bit, and don't get so rough next time.

You dropped this by the way. Saul's face washed between sadness and irritation as he looked at the item before sloppily pushing it back towards the man. Saul proceeded to fumble his way past McTavish, breaking into an old shanty with an off-key bravado. He turned to see a young Gremlin female wearing a hat that was way too big, clothes that were way too small, and leaning on a rifle almost as big as she was.

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Trixie leaned forward and replied with pursed lips,. What's the pay? Just collecting on a muckender is all. McTavish could feel the pulse of the night as he began the hunt. It didn't matter where he was, chasing his prey was an addiction. The adrenaline high of stalking after a target was as good as any drink McTavish had ever had. Saul was keeping a fairly steady path, pausing once or twice to rest against the side of a building or on a water trough.

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McTavish's muscles tensed as he felt the moment arriving where he would strike. McTavish ground his teeth as his trigger finger twitched reflexively. Keeping Saul in his sights, McTavish stormed over and did his best to keep a straight face. I'm aware of this.

Now why can't I give you a helping hand? Trixie gave McTavish a polite smile, then ran up on Saul as he was paused, cracking her rifle across the back of his knee.

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McTavish rushed forward as Saul fell, knocking Saul unconscious with the heel of his boot. It's not all about the money. McTavish stared at her blankly as he dragged Saul into the darkened alleyway, deciding the best path back to the swamps. You'll pardon my callin foul on dis one. You always been bout da pay.

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Trixie just laughed quietly and glanced out down the street. Bayou's changing, sug. And you done right by Mah, so you done right by me. You earned a little back-scratching. After the tense moments passed, McTavish hefted Saul's body up onto one shoulder, and began slinking his way back. You're being real, aintcha?

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Trixie chuckled as she snuck alongside him. McTavish paused near the edge of town, checking the quiet one last time. Maybe I change my tinking aboutcha. I'm used to working with what I got, not what's useful. I mean you're just going to throw away the guy ANYways. Maybe it ain't that bad workin wid em after all.

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