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But I have to admit, this was not always the case. As a kid, I struggled in math. From elementary school through college I struggled.

Picture Books About Shapes

It did not come easily to me and I had to work hard to maintain the scores I wanted. When I was a new teacher, guess what? Having taken a handful of exceptional professional development classes in math instruction, I can say with confidence I finally get it! Well, mostly. But more importantly, I can teach it, too! One thing I learned along the way is the importance of solidifying concepts using literature. While children may not be drawn to math, children are almost certainly drawn to great stories. So when we combine the two, we sneak in math concepts that can be reinforced with fun activities at the same time as retaining the interest of the children.

As many of you know, I have written an entire year of math lesson plans which spiral through all five disciplines of math.

The Greedy Triangle

This post includes every picture book I mention in those lesson plans. Some of our all time favorite books come from this collection of books that teach comparing and sorting. Measurement sometimes gets forgotten in the preschool setting, so these picture books are great for working it into the day! I may not remember learning to read but I remember learning to love books.

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That was when I got my first box set collection of C. On the surface, these stories are about the various rulers of Narnia and the children from our world who discover and explore within its vast borders.

16 Best Children’s Books That Will Teach Kids About Feminism

Sometimes those children and those rulers are one and the same. In a world before Harry Potter , it was my perfect escape; a world that showed me children like myself going on adventures and learning to become leaders in their own right. And some of them were girls! But while The Chronicles of Narnia , to some, might just be exciting flights of fancy, they are also deeply rooted in religious allegory.

Aslan is, after all, a Christ figure, and a blatant one at that. Lewis was not being subtle and was not trying to hide those biblical stories within his prose. He was merely dressing up Christian teachings in a way that made them accessible to those who had never even seen a Bible. I had seen a Bible. I was a pre-teen kid who was being raised Catholic. The Bible is full of parables of heroes and villains and love and loss.

He wanted to teach the same lessons one learns by reading the Bible in a format that would reach a much wider, perhaps more reluctant, audience. He was an evangelist who appealed to audiences using allegory instead of scripture. He taught, rather than preached. But for a child who encounters all of this at once, the two can, and in my case did, become difficult to distinguish.

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Credit: Knopf. No sooner had I completed The Chronicles of Narnia than another series of books crossed my path.

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It fed perfectly into the part of my burgeoning fantasy fandom that had been sparked by my time in Narnia and, by this age, Hogwarts but with one very important difference. It was a dark and fascinating critique, not of faith necessarily, but of the Church and the institutions of religion.

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  8. Over the course of that book and its two sequels The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass , Pullman crafted a world in which the Church and its leaders, hungry for power, sought to control every kind of existence and did some very un-Christian things to get there. The His Dark Materials trilogy presented a view of religion as an institution that had lost sight of the ideas of its original founding document, one which was power mad and patriarchal, even while the main villain of the series was a woman.

    Circle Dogs story about dogs that can be used to teach shapes preschool - Kindergarten. Tyrannosaurus Math dinos explore shapes and other math concepts Kindergarten - 3rd grade. Round is a Mooncake great to teach basic shapes, plus a little bit about Chinese culture preschool - kindergarten.

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