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About the "WBF Installation Art Award" ?

Neo-Integrity, cur. What is Painting? Introvert, Extrovert, Makes no Difference, cur. Very Abstract and Hyper Figurative, cur. Tbilisi 3. Pose and Sculpture, cur.

Shane Dawson: Ich bin ein Deutscher!

Greater New York, P. New York Twice, cur. Die Gute Forme, cur. Principles of Construction, cur. Pale Ramone, cur. Modern Art, today. Tuesday is Gone, cur. The World Championships where artists from over 50 different nations present the most amazing art for visitors and photographers alike. We award in 2 categories for the best image created in that year.

Everyone can take part in this competition. Since we are getting more and more images in the photo competition that are showing beautiful make-up, stylings or fashion, we changed the categories of the WBF Photo Awards last year and will keep that also for Worlfgang Rentz - "Medusa" Germany. With this evanescent body art, photography is an essential part of the festival.

Over the years the "World Bodypainting Photo Days " have evolved with more and more content. The festival is not only a place to get great photos, it is even more a meeting point of the Bodypainting Photocommunity! The WBF Photo days offer also in a great scenery, professional models, asthetic bodies, state of the art equipment and great workshops to create the perfect picture.

Photo: Pedro Silva. The WB Academy program and side events take place from Sunday to Wednesday during the days and evenings leading up to the main days. There are a variety of workshops such as nudes, gothic, or surreal photography workshops offered to photographers.

These high quality classes are limited to small groups and have participation fees. Photo: Wolfgang Renz. In the Open Air Art Park "Bodypaint City" you will find the exhibition areas, the artists tents as well as photo areas. Digital Creative Corner and service areas and more are spread throughout the park.

After the completion of artistic work on the models , they pose exclusively in the "Photo Award Area" this is where Photo Ticket holders can make the most fantastic shots to enter in the photo contest. In addition, photo ticket holders also have access to the front stage area. All Ticket Options. Photo: Davide Da Damos. Since 21 years the photo competition is a big part of the World Bodypainting Festival. We award in 2 categories the best images done in that year.


Since we are getting more and more images in the photo competition that are showing beautiful make-up, stylings or fashion, we would like to change the categories of the WBF Photo Award. Follow us:. Registered nations artists We are very happy to warmly welcome again participants from all around the world! The top 5 of each day will go into the finals on Sunday. The participant is able to select a location within the festival week. The start of creation can be on request before the main days.

The curator and director are consulting with the artists about needs in space and time. The registration should include a detailed idea, portfolio and portrait of the artist. Ebooks and Manuals

Part of the concept is a list of materials you use and bring, as well as what you need us to organize. The amount of performers is not limited. With the artist pass you get a badge for yourself, 1 assistant and 1 model for Bodypaint City for all three days. Note: please provided the names of your team until 1st of July Start and Finish times on the selected day Bodypaint City opens daily from 9.

The art installation is presented to the committee on a specific time, which will be disussed with you. Jury The artist gives a detailed explanation about the artwork including the used materials. The works will be showncased at the festival the following year. Many of the participating photos are printed in the annual photo catalog and sent free of charge to each participant.

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Best Bodypainting Photo This category focuses on the art of bodypainting. You attend that classic category if you capture the bodypainting models during the work, on stage, in the photo areas. Also Special Effects Bodypainting belong in this category. If the photo captured close ups, parts of the body or a headshot with more than shoulders this is the right category. It is allowed to retouch.