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When I first saw these in the magazine over the summer, I thought they sounded amazing. I just baked them today, and they were a major disappointment. It's such an enormous batch that the kitchen aid mixer couldn't handle it - the dough was so dense the blade got stuck.

They taste okay, and if someone gave me or sold me the cookie, I would probably think it was good, but for the effort I spent baking them, I was expecting the delicious looking things in the photo, and I got cookies that look like scones, and are a little too done on the bottom despite reducing the cooking time to under 20 minute. Note: there is another version of this recipe out there the chef was on Martha Stewart that uses glucose instead of corn syrup and does call for a little melted white chocolate in the milk crumbs.

I wonder if that might make them more true to the restaurant version. Best cookies I've ever made!!! Everyone asks for the recipe, and I've had a few people ask when I'll be making them again. Excellent cookies! I made these twice - following the recipe precisely each time.

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The second time, I baked for 20 minutes resulting in a crunchy outside and slightly chewy center - everyone loved them both times but my family prefers the softer center. A couple of my friends have commented that these cookies are the best cookies they have EVER tasted.

These cookies are absolutely addictive and worth the considerable time in making them-- I have received more compliments and recipe requests for these than any any other cookie! My recommedation for everyone is to really follow the directions carefully-- the only thing I changed was use a smaller scoop and reduced the cooking time accordingly-- perfect every time!

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I don't know what's going on, but I've been baking these all morning and I keep turning down the temperature and reducing the baking time, but they continue to spread a lot and come out crispy instead of chewy. Still, they don't look at all like the picture.

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Also, I got 48 cookies out of this recipe. That's a lot of cookies, and they're kind of greasy. I found these cookies to be too sweet and buttery for my taste.

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I had high hopes this was going to be an exceptional recipe, but its not going to be a keeper for me. The version of the recipe on the Martha Stewart web site looked much more appealing to me as the recipe was both scaled down in size and the butter content cut in half.

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I just made these cookies and what a yum!!!! Mine stayed plump though and didn't spread. They more looked like a scone.

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I didn't find the recipe any trouble and I bake with butter anyway. The best way to get that fulfilling flavor and this cookie made for a real cookie fix. I will be shipping off these cookies to one of my soldiers and I sure hope they love every bite as much as I enjoyed baking them. This is a keeper and well worth making over and over. I am all about eating yummy things regardless of fat content, but if this makes 35 cookies in just one cookie -there is over 1 Tablespoon of butter each!! Just seeing that was what made me not want to go through the trouble.

The idea sound delicious. Maybe we can send this recipe to Cooking light so they can make it over? Very good, don't have that many alternatives to chocolate type cookies, this is a keeper. I thought the cookies were great.

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I had a lot of family over when I baked them and everyone agreed. I was totally intrigued by this recipe and felt compelled to give it a try. As soon as I got started, though, I knew that the editors hadn't gone over the recipe carefully enough. A pound of butter? I don't think they bothered to scale it down to non-restaurant proportions.

Sure, I ended up with a boatload of pretty good cookies As a devout epicurious fan and avid baker, I consider a recipe like this the perfect example of too much trouble for too little in results.

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A very true representation of the actual cookies at Milk Bar. Made them exactly as written and they came out exactly right. To LLightning from Australia, I don't believe there is white chocolate in the recipe? Maybe that's why yours were too sweet? Mine had a good salty bite to them, just like the ones at Milk Bar. This is my favorite cookie ever and very much like the real thing from Momofuku Milk Bar.

The perfect way to christen my new KitchenAid I can't wait to try the Crack Pie recipe! Now if we could just get the Cereal Milk Ice Cream recipe- please. Question On milk crumbs Are they suppose to be in clumps? Or small crumbs Addictively good. Can't stop eating them! Highly recommend making them to anyone. Flat Rate shipping boxes are free from the post office and no matter the weight are the same cost.

Sturdy cookies like chocolate chip, oatmeal or even Rice Krispie treats hold up the best. Looking for some great recipes? Interested in joining our Angel Baker Team? Find out more about them here: Angel Bakers Team. Sending 4th of July Spirit Overseas. Overseas Cookie Packaging Tips. Do you have a loved one serving overseas? Step One: Wrap two cookies in plastic Step Two: Label your cookies and be sure to indicate cookies that contain nuts Step Three: Gather your pairs of wrapped cookies and package them in freezer grade zipper plastic bags.

Other tips: Size matters.

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For drop cookies, use a 30 ice cream scoop. Too many veterans hesitate to… 9 months, 4 weeks ago I was in Army for 8 years. Glad to have… 1 year ago Thank you so much for your bravery--both overseas and… 1 year ago David, you are giving other veterans who suffer from… 1 year ago Bravery comes in many forms.