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All you need to do is toss a line out and get in, then you tell them what they want to hear. It's 80 percent effective, I tell you. The playboy took it as an invitation, the shy one stood there with a look of gratitude on his face.

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We then spent the next hour discussing what really impresses a woman. At the end of the conversation, only one of the men walked out with a phone number.

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It wasn't the one with "game. This list is, in part, a result of the conversation. Note: Ladies, don't let the title fool you; we are not off the hook. These tips work equally well for women looking to impress men, and are really just about mutual respect. What's "hotter" than that?

Act Like an Adult: This is such a big one, guys. Let's first discuss what is not acting like an adult. Basically, it's doing anything a year-old girl would do.

10 Celebs Who Fell In Love With Normal People

This includes, but is not limited to: ignoring texts, ending texts with "!!! Make a Decision: Wishy-washy is not decisive. Decisive is secure. Women like secure. Think Things Through and Have a Plan: Throwing caution to the wind is fun when you're booking a weekend getaway, not when you're looking at your future.

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Have an Opinion About Things: Just recognize that it's just an opinion and allow room for the opinions of others. Especially hers. Especially in front of other people. Be Transparent: If you want to see her, say so. If it's just a booty call, say so. If you want a relationship, say so. If you're not sure what you want, leave her alone. When Having Sex With Her Focus on more than just recreating the porn video you just watched and do that amazing thing you do much slower. Bring Her Flowers: Do this on days that are not her birthday, your anniversary or one on which you screwed up.

Better yet, screw the flowers. Write her a letter. Give Good Eye Contact: Seriously, it works like giving her two glasses of wine. Invite Her Out: Ask her if there is any place that she'd like to go or if you can make the plans.

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Then make some great ones and be on time. Pay attention to her response. Listen to it and ask if you can help before you start telling her what to do. Do you really want to look like a teething 2-year-old? Treat her the way you would want a man to treat your daughter. Would you want a man to start sending or asking for body shots as soon as he got her number?

Give her the benefit of the doubt. Especially when you least think she deserves it. Trust her. Don't assume friendships with men mean she can be stolen from you, wants to make you jealous or doesn't respect you.

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If you're going to end it, end it clearly, respectfully and with dignity. Don't play the "I need time" game. If, in time, you want her back, come back and see if she still wants you and go from there. Now Laurel is a celebrity dating and empowerment coach who gives her clients the inside scoop on how to attract interest and make a relationship last. As a dating and empowerment coach, Laurel House shares her dating experiences to add weight to her advice. She was married twice and proposed to several times in her 20s, and she claims to have experience making every mistake under the sun — until at last getting it right in her late 30s.

When she met a successful lawyer on a dating website, she knew her dating troubles were over. They got married at a winery in Sonoma in October , the day after her 40th birthday, and her young son walked her down the aisle. Her experience and authenticity has earned her a loyal following on YouTube, where she has nearly 62, subscribers and over 25 million views. Laurel said she has wanted to start a podcast ever since she began appearing as a guest expert on podcasts run by her friends and colleagues in the industry.

Laurel House and Robert Mack will discuss their dating takeaways in thoughtful and informative podcasts. The podcast will focus on one issue per weekly episode. Laurel will lead a discussion based on her experience as a dating coach and a single adult. She and her co-host Robert will cover online dating, first date etiquette, commitment issues, relationship struggles, and dating as a single parent in a comprehensive ask-me-anything format. Laurel said she may sometimes have a guest expert or a client to facilitate a constructive and instructive dialogue, but she plans to mostly attack the subject of love on her own merits.

Working individually with clients can be time-consuming, so Laurel has direct her energy to finding creative ways to help people without taking on more coaching clients than she can handle.

25 Little-Known Ways to Impress a Woman

In recent years, Laurel has become a spokesperson for different companies, expanding her brand by partnering with a sex-toy company, a diamond retailer, a fashion company, and other dating-related businesses. By drawing from her coaching experience and reputation, she can write up advice articles, provide quotes, create special videos, or give publicity to companies in need of dating or fashion expertise. She has even provided dating tips via Got Milk to help singles find their perfect match.