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Previous Scene 5. Next Scene 1. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks? Sign In. Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare. But it does more than merely describe a method.

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It provides a practical tool for applying it to real-life situations: A navigation simulator for testing whether and how a planned action will succeed in satisfying your personal sense of achievement and happiness. The rationalistic method employed by the Book of Decisions is the 'mind game'. It deliberately appeals to your sense of romance and adventure by transporting you into a world of fantasy:. You will find its counsel refreshingly free of moralising mysticism.

Instead it focuses on one purpose: helping you assess the outcome of your decision by your own criteria of satisfaction and happiness, especially, those that tend to hide beneath the surface of your conscious awareness. The Book of Decisions exploits that resource. In this mode the Book of Decisions assists you in the more complex task of drafting plans and strategies for advantage and success in any decision situation life presents. The games are all the more exciting for not merely entertaining but leaving you with a sharpened awareness of reality. To start the download click the "Buy and Download" button which opens the PayPal payment form.

This is a great novel but the reason I rated it as a three is because of the amount of grammatical errors aligned in the story. I enjoyed reading Bound to Fate. It felt like I was reading about someone who went through this experience and was retelling the story. It was so hard for me to stop reading it because I was so keen on finding what exactly that night.

I love how Ike did not give up on her from day one.


Great story line. May 17, Mildred L. The One Fate has a way of placing us where we need to be when we least expect it. I loved the story. It made me realize that there is someone waiting for each of us whether we yesterday or 10 years ago. LOVE will find its way to you. Sep 21, Cassandra Yieng rated it it was amazing. This is powerful and moving. Well worth the time reading. It reminds me of The Bride Price, another African-themed novel I read in Form 2 while others picked the more popular books during reading class. That "unpopular" book changed my life. Love it! Great drama, love, and passion.

Jul 02, Dynette M. The story is just as the author described her writing, however, there are quite a few distracting typographical and grammar errors. Good read I love reading about ike and lara story, a little sad what happen to Lara, but i am glad Malcom got what he deserved. And Gloria will be getting hers next. Bound to fate I like it because of the love and fate. Fate brought together a love that couldn't be broken.

Great work of art! Romance at its Best A truly romantic read between two people who are truly in love with each other. Time is on their side. Forbidden love Forbidden love leaves to making all the wrong decisions. Great change of location, Nigeria yea!

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I did feel that the ending was rushed, but good. Jan 24, Love Africa Book Club rated it really liked it Shelves: book-series , contemporary , new-adult , nigeria , reading-challenge , romance , subha-s-review. This is a story in two parts with time in between. What I did like straight away was that this was not about two people who meet, fall in love, have lots of sex, problem occurs but hey presto all is sorted within the space of a week.

I think you hear these stories in the press and they stay with you. However, we learn that there are only a few years between them and Lara will be turning eighteen in a month. The chemistry between them sizzled off the page and to be honest the way Ike is described; I would have gone for him too. What happens next. What we get is Ike pleasuring her but not taking her virginity.

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The story turns tragic from here. As a reader we do not find out what happens but there is a sense of foreboding.

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We know something has happened that affected Lara badly and the person we see years later is not the same innocent young girl. Ike and Lara meet again. Their past is still there between them. Lara is a tough, independent woman and Ike is a successful businessman. She is haunted by the past and blames him. The sense of trauma is played out very well. Ms Taye hint at it, dropping clues though not revealing all. Though there was a part where she is overcome by the nightmare memories and goes into a catatonic state. When she come out of it she seems to try to seduce Ike. The author entwines the theme of psychological trauma and the stigma attached to it.

Through careful weaving she also shows how help through expert counselling can help overcome trauma and lead you — in this case Lara to a better place where she is free. This story is about first love lost, changes as a result of a hideous event and the slow path to facing the past and putting it behind you.

This is a story with bite because of the topics it touches on.

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  • After the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, Benvolio acts as a.

There are one or two steamy scenes and the way they are written fit really well into the story and not just there for the sake of adding sex to the book. A lovely story — I understand the next book Bound to Ransom is about one of the villains in this book — someone who I could easily stab in the eyes! So it will be interesting to see how Ms Taye plays that one. Feb 23, Sophia marked it as dnf-set-aside-for-later. DNF at Chap 6 I have read wonderful reviews for this author and I wanted to try an African romance to expand my horizons.

I picked this one because it was also a new adult story and I wanted to try more of those. The story is set in Nigeria. Lara and her sister are in high school and have just suffered the loss of their parents in a car crash. They are living with their aunt now and attending a new school. Lara is the serious studious type and her sister is a social butterfly. Lara makes a friend DNF at Chap 6 I have read wonderful reviews for this author and I wanted to try an African romance to expand my horizons.

This is why he will not succumb to the attraction he feels toward one of his students. He will finish the internship and move on with his own college degree.

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But when he sees Lara in trouble with a punk at school, he has to rescue her. And then he gets himself sacked when he punches the guy for spreading rumors about Lara. But Ike keeps things on the right side of respectable and tells her that he got himself into trouble. His act makes her fall for him all the more and now she pushes him for a relationship and to be her first to take her virginity.

I know that some really darker things happen after that and Ike and Lara have to fight hard for their love. While I enjoyed the setting, the characters, and the author's writing style to a certain extent, it was the early romance that didn't work for me. I've read other teacher student forbidden romances and was alright, but I struggled with this one. She felt young and the story skipped from the meet up to several months later. Maybe if it had filled in a bit and grew their relationship, but it went from meet up to full on obsession and I struggled with that and the maturity level of the heroine.

She felt younger than her years for me. Though Lara turned eighteen and Ike stopped being her teacher, she still felt awful young for what she was getting into. And Ike, he seemed to be in lust, too, since he only knew her as a pretty girl who was a good student. So, I called it quits. I want to try other books from the author particularly that are straight up adult romances because her writing wasn't the issue. I struggled with this one, but fans of the author and others who enjoy New Adult might want to give it a try.

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I rec'd this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Disclaimer : I received an ARC of this book in exchange of a review. So here it is! This one was no exception, although it wasn't too bad. The problematic relationship didn't last too long and wasn't really the main aspect of the story although it did affect some aspects of it.

Mostly, I just didn't felt the romance between the two lead characters was believable to begin with : it started out as a student crush and I never really bought into Ike's fee Disclaimer : I received an ARC of this book in exchange of a review. Mostly, I just didn't felt the romance between the two lead characters was believable to begin with : it started out as a student crush and I never really bought into Ike's feelings.

It felt like he woke up one day and decided he was attracted to her and then insta-love happened. The second part of the story was a bit better, seeing they weren't in the same dynamics anymore. But it was too much a coincidence who the obstacle was. The story of what happened back when they were younger was a tough subject and the author handled it not too badly. But I found all of it a bit too much drama. Mar 26, Chantel DaCosta rated it did not like it Shelves: reading-challenge. I did not like this story. I hope to read other books by Kiru Taye, this was not the best introduction.