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Get in touch to let us know your situation. In many cases, there are additional application materials that you can submit to make your case for acceptance. Once you arrive to the capital of Catalonia CISabroad staff will meet you at the airport and help get you to your apartment or homestay. The onsite staff will introduce you to this dynamic and cosmopolitan city that you will call home, giving you tips on to how to be safe and healthy as well as how to make the most of your time in vibrant Barcelona.

As the program draws to a close, we will be sure you go home with the tools you need to make the most of your experience. This incredible location on the shores of the Mediterranean has a delightfully mild climate year round. Plus, Barcelona is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities to live in!

The second-largest city in Spain has two official languages, Castilian Spanish and Catalan. When you're ready to immerse yourself in nature, you can easily reach beaches and hiking sites just outside of Barcelona. While participating on a CISabroad program, you'll be able to take part in built-in day trips at no additional cost. These trips are subject to change from term to term; listed below are excursions that have run in the past.

This day trip around Catalonia includes guided tours, some museum entrance fees, a group lunch, and some free time. Enjoy a weekend trip to the rustic, historic, and vibrant Basque Country. Fall and Spring semester students also have the opportunity to join a four-day trip to Morocco with a non-profit organization dedicated to helping travelers jump off the beaten path and understand the local culture.

Sagrada Familia (Holy Family Church)

Travel Tip: We love what we do and want to talk to you! The Global Advising Center is here to help you decide on a program, and complete the Online Application. From the moment you first hear from us be it through a phone call, email or personal visit, you will find that our passion for international education is contagious. Travel Tip: When traveling make sure to use humour and start conversations with local people, they are the experts of the places you visit and you can learn so much from them; particularly the older generation can be a wealth of information.

Try to enjoy every single minute of your travels! Elena was born in Girona, but has lived in a variety of cities in Spain. She has her B. She worked and studied in various countries throughout Europe and is a world traveler. Currently, she lives in the dynamic city of Barcelona, and loves languages, dancing, traveling, culture and, above all, people.

Little did I know that I would learn more about myself and the world than anything I could ever learn in a classroom.

Etsuro Sotoo

Being abroad for four months gives you the chance to not only see the touristy places, but also the small details of life that make up the culture in Barcelona. Fall and Spring semester students also have the opportunity to join a four-day trip to Morocco with a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping travelers jump off the beaten path and understand the local culture. Ask an advisor for more details!

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As with all study abroad programs, you should count on a few additional expenses. Program Overview. GPA Requirement. Application Deadlines. August is probably the busiest time for tourists in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia (Holy Family Church)

However, many shops and restaurants are closed from early-August to early September. During this time, you will find the most expensive hotel rates outside of conference times such as the Mobile World Congress , and the city is devoid of locals, as the vast majority of residents go on vacation in August and leave the heat and humidity to the hordes of arriving tourists.

This is also one of the highest periods of home break-ins, as criminals know that many places are unoccupied for an entire month. While Barcelona has decent, albeit crowded beaches, the locals will be very appreciative if visitors do not consider Barcelona a beach resort and absolutely do not wear beachwear when visiting churches, restaurants, etc. If you only want a beach, and a good beach at that, head south to Costa Daurada , north to Costa Brava or out to sea for the Balearic Islands.

Barcelona is great off-season and is a lovely city even in the winter months of January and February, as long as the possibility of rain is low. These are the best times to visit the city. Anything warmer than this can feel too hot. Toddler happiness is considered a public responsibility in Spain. In any public place, people around you will make every effort possible to make your toddler happy: whenever he or she looks bored or is crying, everyone does their best to entertain or to calm them.

You will find a great list of things to do with children while your Barcelona visit. All tourist offices are closed on 1st January and 25th December. For a full list of tourist information points check the link above. The department store El Corte Ingles publishes a free street map for tourists. You can pick a copy at the store, or at one of the many hotels in the city. The Turisme de Barcelona site might be helpful. Barcelona City Pass is a package that combines preferential skip the line tickets and transport tickets in Barcelona.

This official city pass package saves you money during your must-do Barcelona visits. Barcelona Card. This card gives free entry to more than 25 museums and other sites in Barcelona. For over 70 moresites it offers various kinds of discounts. The card is available for purchase for periods of 2 to 5 days. If you don't plan to see lots of museums every day, then it may be cheaper to buy transport-only tickets see below , and if you spend a lot of time in the largest museums, the Barcelona Art Passport may be better value.

In general, if you plan to see only the famous highlights and don't visit museums, this card is not worth the hefty price or the hassle. Plenty of travel websites recommend and promote these kind of discount cards because they receive a commission. For transportation, get the T10 instead. The main airport is Since Ryanair started operating at BCN, you should check carefully where your flight goes. The three-letter IATA code should be part of your booking process. The journey takes approximately 1 hour 10 minutes. Timetables are available online.

The easiest way is to get there is to take the bus run by Hispano Igualadina from the Barcelona Sants bus station to the airport. The journey takes from 1 hr 30 min to 1 hr 45 min, depending on the traffic on the motorway. A slightly cheaper, yet longer option is to take a train from Barcelona Sants station to Reus and then the local bus no. Train timetables can be checked at Renfe's website and the bus timetable is available at the website of Reus public transport. Barcelona is well-connected to the Spanish railway network, and to the rest of Europe.

High-speed trains run frequently from main station There are also regular long-distance connections that partially use high-speed infrastructure to all major Spanish cities. The historic Direct regular high-speed train service goes to destinations in France. The former Talgo trains from Montpellier to Barcelona and Cartagena via Portbou ceased to run when direct high speed services started. Also, if booked in advance, TGV can be way cheaper than using these local trains.

There is also a less-known rail line over the Pyrenees to Toulouse. There is roughly one train every 3 hours on the Spanish side and one every two or four on the French side, including an sleeper train from Paris with a branch to Portbou which splits at Toulouse: check all timetables to see whether route is faster, it greatly depends on waiting times at the border. Purchasing tickets for this route can be tricky. The Spanish line is considered a commuter line despite being far away from Barcelona and does not appear in any global European timetable, so it is impossible to get an international CIV ticket, every portion must be purchased separately.

Also, for southbound travel, the Latour-de-Carol station only sells SNCF tickets so the Spanish portion must be bought directly at the ticket inspector, cash only. The launch of the high-speed service spelled the end of the overnight sleeper-car service called Trenhotel between Barcelona and Paris. Large cruise ships dock km to the southwest. Many of them offer bus-shuttles to locations at the south end of La Rambla. The ferries dock almost directly on the Ramblas. From Rome Civitavecchia it is actually cheaper to take the ferry than a bus.

All bus connections are at This includes national e. They can be very cheap, but be prepared for a hour coach ride from London! There may or may not be plug sockets or Wi-Fi on board. Megabus recommend that you be at your departure point at least 30 minutes before departure time except London Victoria where you are required to arrive 60 minutes before departure.

Several main roads connect Barcelona to France and to the rest of Spain. Traffic is usually relatively light outside of peak hours.

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Free parking spaces can be found a few metro stops from the center of the city. Blue parking spaces are paid M-Sa and At some crossroads, the pay time starts at Anyone can use a blue space, but they aren't that easy to find. You pay at the meter and put the ticket on the dashboard.

Green parking spaces are for residents only. White parking spaces are free at all times, but there aren't any in the city centre. City car parks are found throughout the city.

The whole area is covered by the Integrated Fare System , which is divided into 6 zones. This system includes the most of the public transport in the area: metro, city and intercity bus, tram and commuter trains. The city limits of Barcelona are completely inside zone 1. They have a separate site dedicated for tourists. Travel cards are excellent value in comparison with a single ticket. Be sure to look after them well as bent or damaged cards will not be read by the ticket machines.

Such cards can be replaced at one of TMB's customer service centres. TMB also offers a few route planners on their website: versions for desktop, for mobile browser and mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Another route planner is available on the ATM site. The Metro subway is an efficient way of getting around town. Operation times are — M—Th , — F , and continuous service from Saturday at until Sunday at midnight. Trains are fast, often coming in two minute intervals. However, on holidays and weekends trains only run every minutes and can get easily packed.

Announcements are made only in Catalan, though signs and ticketing machines generally include Spanish and English too. In this case, if you had a one-journey ticket, you need to get a new one. If you used a multiple journey ticket you won't be charged for a second time when changing lines as long as you are within the stated travel time for a single journey. Also, you can't repeat operator, so you can't use a FGC ride to make a shortcut. For instance: changing to L9S to L1 via L8 using Fira and Espanya will charge you with two journeys, you should go via Torrassa instead although its way longer.

All trains are air-conditioned. Take also care when travelling to the airport: while the T is valid for Renfe services, it is not accepted at Metro. The bus network in Barcelona is pretty extensive. Perhaps the best option in planning your route is to consult with one of the route planners mentioned above. A major reorganisation of bus lines was completed in November , so disregard old bus schedules and recheck routes. Buses H-V-D run about every ' minutes weekdays, ' weekends.

N buses run every 20' all nights. Other lines may run as frequent as 5' or as few as just one service per hour or less. Take note that some lines have special fare restrictions: Barcelona cards unlimited travel for 2 to 5 days are valid only on Hxx, Vxx, Dxx and line numbers below Any fare 1 travelcard is not valid for Cxx, Exx and line numbers above - in fact, trips fully inside fare zone 1 are not permitted on these lines no matter which ticket is used, if you board any of these buses inside fare zone 1 you won't be able to get off until reaching another fare zone.

Except for deliveries, electric scooters are forbidden on sidewalks and all pedestrian walks throughout Barcelona. Doing so may subject one to hefty fines, as well as frequent, audible disdain from pedestrians. His most noted work are sculptures located in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Among other figures there were sculptures of angels, musicians and singers, children, as well as the fruit baskets crowning the pinnacles of the temple.

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He has also designed the doors installed on the Nativity facade inagurated in December after many years of work , made of bronze [1] and glass, decorated with plants, insects and small animals. He has made four gargoyles to be installed in the towers of the Evangelists, currently under construction. In addition, Sotoo was commissioned to restore the sculptures of the Porta del Rosari, damaged in the Spanish Civil War. He is also author of a monument commemorating the th anniversary of the signature Louis Vuitton in Barbera del Valles and Memorial Angel Lace in Arenys de Munt and sculpture of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer in the Montalegre church for Barcelona.