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Logically, this would be considered Butters' biggest health problem, but it has never been even remotely mentioned anywhere else in the show, except for one scene later on in the same episode. He has also said that he kept his sphincter problem and the fact that he wears diapers to school a secret from everyone, except his parents, his doctor s and Cartman, who he told without knowing it was him. In " Erection Day ", Butters is singing his " apple song " at the South Park Elementary Talent Show , but when he forgets the words, he becomes very nervous and wets himself before running offstage; his accident is very obvious and visible when it happens.

Of course, this would probably mean that his sphincter problem has been cured and he is wearing normal underwear. It is most likely, however, that the writers on the show either forgot about it or decided to ignore it outside of the one episode where it was mentioned. In " Obama Wins! He is later seen in the hospital swollen, and unable to articulate speech.

Butters wants to play with them, but they don't allow him. Butters then transforms into Professor Chaos and has a "ninja fight" with the gang. This ends when Kenny accidentally throws a shuriken into Butters' eye, which causes him extreme pain, shocking the other boys. Luckily, Butters receives medical attention after the whole town sees him in shock. In later episodes his eye appears to be fine as if it never happened.

In " Pre-School " he finds out that a bully from pre-school got out of jail, and then tries to hide. His dad later kicks him out of the house in an effort to make him have fun, but he simply gets nervous and starts singing to himself. The bully arrives and gives him several stereotypical "bully" injuries, including a wedgie so massive it almost killed him, and two severe Indian sunburns. In " The List ", he hits Nelly between her legs in order to obtain the list she keeps away from the boys.

He apparently gets beaten up for it afterwards, as in the next scene he is seen with a black eye and an arm in a sling. He leaves the frame with a bloodied nose, also claiming a broken tooth. In " Butterballs " he shows up in the cafeteria at lunchtime sporting a black eye. The kids think a school bully is responsible and suggest that he talk to his grandmother about it. However, it's revealed that she is the one who has been inflicting this pain on him. In " Safe Space " he is forced to delete any bad comments about people that are posted on social media or get two weeks of detention.

Butters eventually goes insane from sleep deprivation and being tormented by Reality and jumps out of the school window, causing him to have a head brace for the rest of Season These injuries appear to be gone by " Member Berries ". Butters openly joins and helps with some of Cartman's schemes, and is usually shown doing well at it.

Butters is often depicted as being innocent, gullible, easily manipulated and stupid. Butters is shown to be smart in " Christian Rock Hard " and highly talented, instantly supplying the correct answer to a complicated math problem as well as playing the drums. The context suggests this is a talent of Butters' that is well known to the others.

He also tutors Stan, at his request, in " My Future Self n' Me " — although it isn't clear in which subject, possibly more than one. However, in " Go God Go ", he did not realize that Cartman may die if frozen in snow for several weeks - he had to get Dougie to inform him of these facts. Although, this may reflect his innocence; Butters may have thought that a person can survive being frozen due to Steve , real name Larry, from " Prehistoric Ice Man " being frozen in ice for thirty-two months and being revived completely healthy; this would give him good reason to believe that Cartman could survive being frozen for three weeks.

In the episode " Proper Condom Use ", Butters was shown with good negotiation skills. As revealed in the episode " You Got F'd in the A ", Butters is a very talented tap dancer, but his fondness for dancing was cut short at the National Tap Dancing Championship when a freak accident caused by Butters' tap shoe flying off his foot set off a chain reaction leading to the deaths of eleven people.

This has left Butters quite scarred, although this isn't immediately apparent. In the same episode he was further terrified as his tap shoe again started another fatal chain of events, leading to the death of five rival dancers and their instructor who Butters and Stan were set to face in a dance contest. He also seems to have some break-dancing ability, as seen in the episode " Asspen ". Additionally, Butters exhibits some impressive free-style dancing ability, dancing to Justin Timberlake 's "Rock Your Body" in the episode " Marjorine ".

He showed off more dance moves at the end of " Hell on Earth " during Satan's party, imitating Michael Jackson. Making it seem that his song has changed, but this may be only because he was taking a bath while singing it. In " The Losing Edge ", Butters is in the outfield in baseball and is seen singing a song that goes, "I see a ladybug, hello little ladybug! More recently, in the episode " Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy ", Butters is heard singing a song while using the urinal in the boy's bathroom: "Hey there Mr.

The end result is him being called a homo. He played with the rest of the boys as the left fielder, on their baseball team in " The Losing Edge ". He was number 99 on the dodgeball team in " Conjoined Fetus Lady ". He is also seen playing football with the others in " Raisins ". He has been shown several times to be somewhat weak physically, especially in fights.

This might impact whatever sport skills he has. In " The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs ", the boys shift the blame of writing a vulgar book on Butters, in the hopes to avoid punishment for creating something so disgusting. However, when the book becomes a success, Butters takes credit believing he did create it after having assorted blackouts after reading The Catcher in the Rye and goes on to write a second book entitled " The Poop That Took a Pee ".

Butters' style however is much more childish than that of the boys; the extent of his vulgar language involves repeated use of the words "Pee-pee" and "Poop". However, due to people constantly over-analyzing things for what's not really there, the book becomes an instant success, at least until the book supposedly causes a man to kill the Kardashians.

Butters is actually a poor writer or at least a lot worse than Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Aside from speaking English, Butters is shown to understand at least one other language. In " Fatbeard ", when Cartman asks residents of Somalia the location of the pirates, he asks Butters to ask them something, using a book to see how he would say the question in Somalian.

When someone replies, Butters, while taking a quick glance at the book, can understand what the man is saying. Due to the fact Butters was still a kid, his hands flailed wildly, and he was only able to shoot guys in their penis. Butters has a small tuft of bright blond hair on the top of his head. He wears a turquoise jacket and dark green pants. For the rest of season 19, Butters wore a neck brace after trying to commit suicide in " Safe Space ". Butters in " Super Fun Time ".

Unlike nearly all South Park characters, he rarely curses and instead uses euphemisms such as "Aw, hamburgers" or "Son of a biscuit. In " Christian Rock Hard ", for example, Butters solemnly says "Fuck you, Eric" to Cartman and farts on his face after his mental breakdown; in " Raisins ", Butters says "I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth kid" , much to Stan's surprise; and "At least we have assholes" to Bebe. He is also noted for swearing a lot more heavily in " Butters' Bottom Bitch ". He has also said "You're poor as shit!

In the earlier seasons, Butters seemed much more intelligent, and he also seemed to use inappropriate words more often, even saying when the girls challenged them to a sledding race "Us men will show those skanky hos who is who! Butters refines himself in self-improvement in almost everything, to perfection, studying regularly and often commenting on how he "needs to learn to behave himself".

Other skills include tap dancing but he vowed to not do that talent anymore because he accidentally caused a very horrible tragedy in the tap dancing championships. Unfortunately, he also has extremely low self-esteem and therefore has no judgment as to when or how to use his skills, and perceives everyone around him as knowing much more than he does. Another side effect of this is that he is almost constantly worried about being grounded. Butters is a good student and considered to be a dork by his associates. Butters seems to be constantly seeking a role model, as evidenced when he takes to Cartman unbeknownst to him pretending to be a robot in " AWESOM-O ".

He constantly struggles to find acceptance among his associates, hence why he often does menial tasks in hopes that this will earn him favor and respect.

Butters Stotch

In the same episode he reveals to Cartman dressed as AWESOM-O all of his darkest secrets, including the fact that he suffers from a herniated colon, which means he can't always control his bowels and requires him to take a suppository through his anus regularly. In " Casa Bonita ", it is revealed that Butters enjoys going to Stark's Pond and he always hangs out there. In " Cartman Sucks " Butters is mistakenly accused of being bi-curious, and although he agrees, it's obvious he does not know what this means.

Wakeup Time for Blondboy Adult Baby

Butters also unwittingly gave a very thoughtful speech in the same episode, regarding the treatment of bisexual children. He also admits to be "bike-curious" in " The F Word ". In " Super Fun Time ", Butters is shown to be more assertive and less willing to go along with Cartman's plans and rule-breaking. In " Butters' Bottom Bitch ", he took the fact that he kissed Sally Darson as a sign that he was now a man and began thinking on how he needs a job to pay for bills, even though he is only a fourth-grader.

In " Raisins ", he is shown to be somewhat wise, in the end when he basically tells Stan you can't be upset forever. Butters' biggest problem seems to be self-confidence, the will to stand up for himself. He gets taken advantage of by nearly everyone he comes across. In " The Ungroundable ", once he believes he has actually become a vampire, he's not so easily pushed around anymore as he thinks he is immortal. In " Cartman Sucks ", Butters finally stands up for himself by stating to the camp counselors that his confusion is nothing more than a result of the counselors telling several boys, that are assumed to be 'bicurious', that they are confused without explanation.

Butters also showed some self-confidence in " The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs ", where he told the the boys that he wouldn't be tricked, and told them off by saying that they can "Suck on his wiener. Sometimes when Butters is very happy, his smile appears to have risen almost far up to his eyes while the bottom part of his face is almost all skin and nothing more as seen in " Butters' Bottom Bitch ", " The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs ", " You Have 0 Friends ", " Poor and Stupid ", " T. Although he is ten years old, Butters still pees like a pre-school boy by pulling his pants right down and pulling his shirt up as he stands in front of the urinal.

In the episode " The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs ", it appears that Butters may have an attraction to fat women, as he fell for one of the Kardashians because she was "so big and squishy. However, his kind, sweet, and gullible personality disappears in the episode, Going Native , and is replaced with an upset, pissy, antisocial, and rude persona, as he beats up Scott Malkinson for having such a low self esteem due to the fact he has diabetes, and when his boy classmates attempt to reason with him, Butters immediately lashes out at Kyle, saying he believes he knows everything and acts as though he is an expert at everything, even though he isn't, and then rips on Stan, who he says believes the world revolves around himself, and how Stan only cares about self image.

Butters continues to insult his classmates, saying that they are all just as bad, selfish pieces of crap like Cartman, as well as being stuck up, claiming that the only one with any decency is Kenny. This personality fades away, however, when he has a ceremony at his home land, Hawaii, and then returns to his kind and innocent personality. Butters presumably subconscious view of his father. Butters shows obvious signs of mental trauma, most likely due to his father 's psychologically and physically abusive "parenting".

As revealed in " Super Best Friends ", this trauma extends to such an extent that he falls asleep and wakes up to the sound of his own screams. Further evidence of psychological trauma due to his father can be seen in " Imaginationland, Episode III ", where he was told to imagine "the most prominent thing in his mind" , which happened to be his father, screaming that he was grounded; the imaginary version of his father later morphed into a monster-like being. However, his father is likely not his only source of psychological trauma. Butters' social isolation and constant ridicule at the hands of some of his classmates likely traumatizes him as well.

Furthermore, in " The Return of Chef ", Butters was revealed to have been molested by his uncle , although he did not seem to realize it was molestation, this is likely another source of trauma. As a result of these events, Butters has very low self-esteem, constantly putting himself down as well believing he is a bad child who deserves punishment. Butters also has a nervous stutter - it is likely this can be attributed to psychological trauma. Though possibly Butters' grandma was the source of psychological trauma as she was constantly hurting him physically and mentally. He spreads chaos with his sidekick, General Disarray , and his hamsters or "minions".

In " The Coon ", the police and citizens watching his fight against Mysterion seemed aware of his name. The police decided not to even try to shoot him, believing as a villain he had unknown superhuman abilities, and the bullets would not affect him and believed he could not die. There are cardboard computers and a board of possible suspects for the Coon and Mysterion. In " Coon 2: Hindsight " it is revealed he was captured by Coon and Friends and has been held captive in Cartman's basement for several days without food or water.

He is still there in " Coon vs. In " City Sushi ", as he is burning all of his alter-ego costumes, he attempts to burn his Professor Chaos mask as well, but is abruptly interrupted by Dr. As a result, his costume remains unharmed. We do not know if we should seek help for him or just leave it Also he confessed some time ago that he is a Fury Cub.

So he is constanlty role playing pretending to be a cub in a nappie I must say that we are very confused as nothing from his past would indicate this kind of fascination His childhood was quite normal, usual I would say. What should we do? I grew up with a curiosity that started when I was eight years old. I suppressed it cause I was already considered weird as it was. But, by time I was thirty the curiosity became a slight more of fascination.


So, I explored it and found that I honestly enjoy wearing diapers. This of course after years of research on the net, learning I wasn't as alone in it as I previously thought. Some of what I learned there is nothing that indicates this by the nature of an individual's childhood. This isn't all that new, there's been people like this most often male for centuries. They we're considered eccentric.

No one spoke of it, kept as a family secret. But the most important thing to take from all this is he not hurting himself or anyone else. With stuff like the those that seek role play are only looking for a temporary escape from the stresses of life. Rather it be the peer pressured of teen age life or the busy work of adulthood. Mind a lot of people turn to drugs and worse to combated these pressures. So your child seeks to enjoy being in diapers, at least they are capturing their innocence rather than all the potential corruption there is in our world today.

As a parent the only thing that could be done wrong is to make your child feel ashamed. In fact unlike myself as a child, they feel safe enough to share this with you rather than feeling like a freak. They know you love and care about what's best for them. This is what gave them the courage to tell you all this. Most kids are so scared of being rejected. If it an't hurting himself or anyone else then it shouldn't be that big of deal. If you do shun the idea of what they are doing then it will make them feel shamed to be who they are and resort to sneaking around to fulfill this interest.

Not only could it be worse, but your child could kept this secret from you in the first place. They trust you, if was really all that wrong then they would be hiding it not coming forth and open their heart to you about these feels and interests. I would find a good therapist for him to talk to. Someone he can trust and hopefully help him lead a more normal life. Let your son be who he wants to be.

If that means he wants to be a diapered cub, let him. I understand your concern, and I'm sure there will continue to be questions regarding his desire to be diapered. I get it! I had questions for myself My conclusion We want to be accepted and we don't want to be discriminated against. Most of us are good people We are just different. As a person who identifies as an adult baby, I must strenuously object to the obviously mocking photo at the top of this article. From all appearances, that gentleman is wearing a Halloween "baby" costume, which by its nature is likely to be more of a caricature of a baby outfit than anything an adult baby or diaper lover would actually wear.

A picture like that would be better suited to a site such as Encyclopedia Dramatica or Cracked.

Best Diapered Life images in | Diapers, Cloth Diapers, Diaper babies

I know this is older, but yeah. That lead picture is degrading. Kinda like blackface. Im black, btw. What does this mean? I'm confused and I can't find anything on google that matches the term in context to childhood learning, of course. I don't really feel like this article was as reflective of ABDLs as it could have been, but props to the author for trying since infantilism is so under-researched. I think, for me at least, the reason I don't get turned on by anything except a well-told story involving humiliation and nappies is because I grew up with parents who we're very keen on reading, story-telling, and wordsmithing.

So naturally, in sex, regular old porn doesn't do the trick, and never has. Anyways, if anyone can refer me to something that would answer my first question or just explain it themselves that'd be very much appreciated. While doing the research I did a survey on wether it was classed as a mental disorder and should the person seek help? The consensus was that the majority felt that so long as Nobody was being hurt by those persons then they felt that it should be left alone!

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I also felt that there was an element of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder due to the fact that people reported that they felt a compulsion to wear these items and if they tried to repress these urges to wear such apparel such as a Diaper and plastic pants then the urge returned even stronger than before! In other studies to do with DL 's they suggested that it was a paraphilia.

I feel it is a combination of several factors 1. But to these people it's everyday life. They did not come to you for treatment nor to be told that they are somehow deviants. Having a Ph. At best your research is limited as are the views of those whose research you used then taken it as fact. True infantilism is not a sexual condition, nor seeks sexual gratification. You just come across as an up your arse scientist who thinks everyone should be diagnosed with a problem to making up some new condition or for a hallucinating an old one, then fucking awarding people a certificate for having it.

And not to be defining who they think people are by their own limitations. An Adult baby rarely has a sexual attraction or desire attached to wearing diapers and role playing a baby. For an Adult Baby the desire to wear a diaper and role play a younger age, is always about comfort, security and being cared for. This often can be linked to a traumatic child hood. For a Diaper lover the sexual attraction is almost always the diaper itself.

A Diaper Lover would not care weather it was a monkey in a diaper, a two year old or his own dying mother. In either case just the sight of the diaper or the bulge of the diaper if under cloths would stimulate a Diaper Lover to Erection. Teen Babies, are teenagers that know they. When they arrived home James was dragged up to his room. James took off his clothes while his mom watched and stood there in his underwear, he looked at the shopping bag in her hand and began to see where this was going, "No, I'll be good I promise, I'm sorry," but his mother's anger had driven her to desperate measures, She then pulled the white lacey sleeved summer dress over his head.

She made him stand there in front of the mirror and stare at himself for several minutes while he cried. Hannah was a Junior in high school and considered very beautiful. James' mom went down and begin preparing supper and it wasn't long before the phone rang, "Mrs. Lewis, this is Mr. Daniels, I'm calling about James, there is only two weeks of school left before summer so we've decided to suspend him for the rest of the year.

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James' mom just agreed that was probably for the best and hung up the phone then went on cooking and wiped the tears out of her eyes. One hour later she went upstairs to James' bedroom and knocked at the closed door. After a moment she knocked again and then opened the door. The dress, was lying on the floor and the window was open, James had climbed through the window to the sundeck behind the house and ran off. I think james just got himself diapered for the summer poor sissy.

James looked at himself in the mirror, he had calmed down some, but he was still trembling. He was so angry at his Mom for treating him that way, but that wasn't what he was so upset about. When she made him put on the girls clothes he was so embarrassed, but at the same time he had these feelings that scared him, feelings he didn't exactly understand be he thought he might have liked it, or would have liked it if he wasn't so embarrassed, or maybe what he liked was being so embarrassed, whatever it was he know he had to get out. He walked out of the bathroom in the mall and made his way to the arcade.

He wasn't sure what he was going to do, he didn't have any friends that lived nearby and it was a long enough walk to the mall, plus he was sure his Mom had already called his very few friends' houses and told them he was in trouble. James dropped a quarter into his favorite pinball machine and started playing. The buzzers, bells, and flashing lights took his mind off his problems and soon he was lost in a world of bonus points and extra games.

He was stunned to see it was his Mom and Sister. For a moment he thought about making a run for it, but figured he was in enough trouble as it was. They arrived home and sit down around the dinner table to cold plates of spaghetti and ate a very quiet meal. James was led to the bathroom and told to pee, which he did, though it took him some time to get started since his Mom was watching him.

Then he was led to his bedroom. He noticed that his Mom had placed a padlock on his window. Much to James relief he wasn't made to put on the girls clothes again, even though he couldn't deny a part of him wanted to put them back on. Without anything in his room to do other then go to bed James opened his underwear drawer and pulled out one of the bed wetter pants that were kept there. James had a problem with bedwetting when he was younger and when his mom got tired of wet sheets he started wearing a pull-up to sleep; he had stopped bedwetting around the age of 6 but recently started again when his father died.

The doctors said it was stress and would go away, and the Goodnights fit him and kept his bed dry so he'd been wearing them for the last six months even though his Mom was starting to get sick of buying them. A couple hours later James was awoken "James your school called and they have decided to suspend you for the rest of the year, which basically means you get two more weeks of summer break. I have decided that a long summer break would be the worst possible thing for you, you've been grounded from everything and I can't just lock you in your room.

I've been on the phone with your Aunt Thelma and she's agreed that she would take you for awhile. James was shocked, this wasn't good, His Aunt Thelma was the strictest person he knew, she lived on the other side of the state in big house in the country, he would be away from his friends, his home, the arcade, the pool, everything. Worst of all was Aunt Thelma's kids, they really weren't her kids, but foster children, she usually kept several foster children, mostly babies and toddlers so the few times they had visited he had to listen to crying babies, he had been crawled on by Toddlers, and he had even been badgered into helping out taking care of them.

All the while his Aunt's eagle eyes watched his every move. Any remark he made would set her temper off. All she did was complain about how his parents spoiled him. He didn't want to spend any time there, let alone his entire summer. His sister found it all incredibly hilarious. How many of them do you think are still in diapers?

James had no reply and went back to silently sulking. It seemed like no time at all and he was pulling into Thelma's driveway after a 4 hour car ride across the state. Her house was away from town on a side road, and her driveway was at least a quarter of mile, but the house was magnificent. Like an old Southern mansion out in the boneys it stood amount tall pines and a sharply mowed lawn. Thelma was like James Mom, now a widow; her husband had been a well to do lawyer and had died of a heart attack before James was even born. They never had children of their own, but Thelma said taking on foster children was much more rewarding then raising her own kids and she didn't have to deal with them when they became bratty teenagers.

They parked the car and walked onto the large wraparound porch, an older black man was there coating the walls in a fresh coat of white paint. Thelma is expecting you,". They walked into the house and James was instantly stunned by how clean and proper everything looked. The brightly painted walls were covered in huge paintings of girls and mothers in various poses, all painted in a delicate impressionistic style.

Velma walked into the room her long black dress that reminded James a wicked witch and he couldn't help but laugh. Hannah is doing very well though," James Mom answered. James was trying to think of any last ditch efforts he could make to get out of this trip. He did his best to look sullen and walked around as they were shown a few rooms of the house that had recently been redecorated. The tour went upstairs into a large room that served as a nursery. James eye attached to a beautiful girl who was lifting a baby out of a crib. She was wearing a short low cut summer dress that clung tight around her rear and was letting her ample breasts get plenty of light.

Thelma has told me all about you, and you must be James, please to meet you," the girl said in a sweet southern voice. James was instantly in love though the girl was several years older then him, she just oozed sweetness, her short cut off shorts and tight T-shirt were a perfect fit and her blond hair was in pig tails.


The room was in every sense the classic nursery, 2 cribs, a playpen, a large rocking chair, a big well supplied changing table, and loads of cute nursery rhyme imagery on the walls. Aunt Thelma went about explaining the she currently had 2 foster children under 2 years old and how she hired Kate to come out and help her take care of them. James was lifted from the spell Kate had cast over him when he smelled the poopy diaper and saw her go to work wiping the baby clean. He took a few steps back and turned his head, the women all giggled at his disgust.

Two children, a boy and a girl rushed into the room both looked to be somewhere between James thought, maybe kindergarten age, he wasn't really sure. James mustered up a "Hey," only the way a uninterested teenager can and looked over the two kids. He was amused by the way they were dressed. The girl was wearing an old fashioned looking dress with puffy sleeves and an apron, it kind of reminded him of Dorothy but in a light pink. The boy was wearing very childish looking overalls and an orange shirt.

James shrugged and his mother glared at his smart alec comment. Both kids didn't seem to care. The group wandered back to the front room and it wasn't long before James mother said goodbye handing him his small backpack she'd allowed him to bring, no cell phone, no toys or games, just a few items of clothes. She tried to get a hug but he continued the sulking and wouldn't even say goodbye.

She left giving her sister Thelma a hug, "Thank you so much, I hope this is good for him," she said. I have an uneasy feeling I've read this before Sorry I know its not very original, I just wanted to try my hand at a story that while extremely unlikely wasn't completely absurd, just mostly absurd. There was a long awkward pause when the door shut, James looked at the grandfather clock in the large formal living room, it was and he was thinking, I bet I can get out of this, I'll be such a jerk that Thelma will have mom back here before this time tomorrow.

James stared at his Aunt Thelma and tried to look as ticked off as possible. She pulled the new package of Goodnights out of the backpack. I don't know, but I sure as hell ain't taking care of those babies," James replied in his most smart teenage voice. Kate walked into the room with a large canvas bag and sat it on the floor.

Thelma savagely slapped him across the face and his head was turned to the side. He was grabbed and before he knew it he was being held over his Aunt's knee and she was pulling his pants down, then his underwear down. He fought and struggled but she was so strong, Kate handed something to Thelma then took hold of his hands while he screamed and struggled.

The spankings stopped and James saw he was being whipped with a wooden spoon that had a hole drilled out. He continued to sob as he felt his pants and underwear come the rest of the way off and Kate pulled his T-shirt over his head. He was yanked back to his feet and dragged to where a pink blanket had been laid out on the floor. His tears were partly from pain and partly the embarrassment of being necked in front of both his Aunt Thelma and the beautiful Kate.

He was pushed to a sitting position and a fresh wave of pain welled up from his rear end. Thelma began to pull one on to James hand and he jerked his hand away, she reached for the spoon and raised it over her head. Kate pulled the other glove on and they were both tied tightly around his wrist, he found that his fingers were guided around a thick wad off padding and he was unable to move any of his digits.

Next a large white stack of what looked like towels were pulled out of the bag then unfolded and James realized that they were cloth diapers and they were meant for him. He was given a hard and fast swat by the spoon on his side that hurt like hell and started crying again. James did as he was told and was soon sitting on a soft fuzzy pile of cloth. It was all expertly pulled up and pinned around his crotch. He was told to lift up again as a pair of clear plastic pants were pulled up his legs and pulled tight into his crotch. One last time he lifted up and a very thick diaper cover that was elastic and plastic on the inside and soft baby print flannel on the outside was pulled up his legs hauled over the diapers.

His Aunt snapped the stretchy waistband on the diaper cover and grinned. He looked around and saw that Kate was grinning from ear to ear at him. His Aunt Thelma pulled a soft nursery print shirt over his head that had little chicks and rattles all over it. The remarks made James feel exactly like the infant he was dressed as and angered him. James began to struggle with his big gloves trying to get some kind of grip on the diaper cover, and then he tried to pull off the gloves.

He grabbed one in his mouth and pulled but it wouldn't budge it was on so tight. James was pulled to his feet and Thelma guided him to the nursery. He had to waddle with his legs very far apart because the diapers were so thick. There was a new addition to the nursery, a big white crib that wasn't there earlier. It had a sliding side that was down but unlike the other cribs it had white bars along the top.

He meekly struggled as he was pushed into the crib but the fight was gone and everyone knew it. The crib wasn't long enough for him to completely stretch out, but he was able to lay down with just a a slight bend in his legs. He was surrounded by soft plush animals and pillows which he found oddly calming despite his embarrassing situation.

This is called diaper discipline, this summer you are going to be treated as a baby in diapers for awhile, the bathroom is off limits for you, and you are going to be using the bathroom in your diapers. Your mother has been telling me about her problems and your attitude and I've been offering to discipline you for months, she finally agreed when you ran away from home. She was worried you would run away and get into even more trouble so you need to understand you brought this onto yourself and your mother knows I am doing this.

You will stay here in the nursery. You will not ask to be fed or changed, we will do it when we think it is time if you ask for something you will not get it no matter how poopy and wet your diaper gets, if you want something you have to ask for it as a baby would ask, by crying. It doesn't matter if you don't understand, because as a baby you don't have to understand anything, we're going to leave you for awhile so you can get used to your new home," Thelma finished explaining then her and Kate left the room.

James looked down at his hugely padded diaper cover and the mittens that made his hand useless, the he looked around the crib at all the stuffed animals and pillows. He mashed his head into a big stuffed elephant and began to cry. This is a very good story, please do continue, I am fascinated as to how his humiliation and punishment will go. James stuffed his face into a big plush elephant and cried, before long he was joined by another crying baby, that's when he realized he wasn't alone in the nursery. He stopped crying and looked through the bars of his crib and saw a baby boy standing with his arms held tight around his own crib bars and crying his eyes out.

James stopped crying and pinched himself.