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Hanukkah Family Fun

I feel like you need one of all of this. I feel like your holiday will be extra special if you had a Jewish headband.

  1. Kommunistisches Manifest und Aufstieg des Sozialismus in Asien: Aufstieg des Marxismus in Asien und Gründung der VR China (1920–1949) (German Edition).
  2. Finny Knits: Hurricane Moishe touches down briefly in Miami.?
  3. A Festival of Lights – The Hurricane Eye.
  4. Doing a PhD: The Hero’s Journey.
  5. Dreidel And The Hurricane Drawing by Angel Artist.

Your Jewish headband is like Because you know I have reindeer socks. Too many douchebags were leaving bullshit SPAM comments and my inbox was getting flooded, but if you're here to comment in a real way like a real person, go to it. So, here's the thing with commenting, unless you have an email address associated with your own profile, your comment will still post, but I won't have an email address with which to reply to you personally. Sucks, right?

Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook – What’s Next?

Anyway, to remedy this, I usually come back to my posts and post replies in the comment field with you. But, if you ever want to email me directly to talk about pumpkins or shoes or what it's like to spend a good part of your day Swiffering - shoot me an email to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom. Monday, December 17, Hurricane Moishe touches down briefly in Miami.

The power of hurricane sandy

A while back I did a holiday rant about ugly menorahs. I'll sum it up for you real quick - eight nights of ugly menorahs were featured and they were, indeed, all ugly. Some were offensive, but all were ugly and most were tragically so. I really thought that I had been thorough in my search for ugly menorahs, too.

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I thought my collection was comprehensive. Click here to post the first comment. Search Type Keyword. Toggle Mobile Navigation Menu. Greeting Cards Spiral Notebooks.

The Hurricane Eye

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Top 8 DIY Hanukkah Decorations

Tote Bags. This is Shellfish's way of thanking the Jews for leaving their kind off of menus throughout history. Shellfish to Jews: "You guys are cool. This is Shellfish's way of laying down the gauntlet. You're too good for shellfish?

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The Little Mermaid is Jewish and wanted to reconnect with her people during the festival of lights, but couldn't keep the candles lit in her underwater castle or whatever shit they have going on in that cartoon. There was a Hurricane Moishe that was highly localized and swooped in on Hanukkah Eve, hired some nice men whose mothers they know from Schul to construct these decorations while they supervised, scratched their beards, yelled "Just a little to the left.

No, no You won't believe it!

  • Patio & Garden.
  • Star-Punched Paper Hurricanes;
  • Glittered Dreidel Centerpiece.
  • So - you decide. Is the cause of this Hanukkah-trocity any of the above or some other ill-conceived notion I haven't thought of? Meanwhile, lest you think that all crimes against jewmanity only affect structures erected in town centers, allow me to share another of my friends' photos showcasing some items from a nearby CVS. Complete with misspellings and antennae.

    Because that's festive. My mind is boggling. Labels: 12 Days of Effmas , Finny Bitches.