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Education and communication are also critical components of any prevention strategy. The following types of education and communication are effective in preventing violence and other threatening behavior:. These signs may show up in perpetrators of violence, those who are victims, and those involved in domestic violence. Although it is possible that only one of these indicators will occur, it is more likely that a pattern will occur or that they will represent a change from normal behavior. Remember that the presence of any of these characteristics does not necessarily mean a violent act will occur.

They may be indicators of another type of problem such as being ill, depressed, bereaved, etc.

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A variety of Department resources are available to assist employees in dealing with problems originating in or being brought to the workplace. Intervening early in a threatening or potentially violent situation is vital to preventing its escalation. There are many intervention options, and they vary greatly depending upon the situation. Early intervention may defuse the initial situation and give the supervisor an opportunity to thoroughly review options for resolution.

Intervention sets the tone for how the situation will be resolved so it must be handled deftly. Supervisors and managers must be willing to take action when necessary. All employees must know that violence in the workplace will not be tolerated and that appropriate action will be taken if threats of violence or violence occurs.

One of the common types of workplace violence is that among co-workers. In addition, a high percentage of violent incidents are perpetrated by individuals from outside the workplace. This includes situations such as domestic violence, bomb threats, and violence by customers. While they are often preventable, it is still difficult to determine whether or not any particular workplace situation is potentially violent. This is an emotional and complex topic, and decisions about what to do in certain situations are not always straightforward or made in a clearheaded state of mind.

In many cases, employees ignore warning signs because they believe they are not important, "that's just the way Joe is," or that it is none of their business. In other situations, employees react based on fear and what they believe is the profile of a potentially violent person, not necessarily observed actual behavior.

Another major hindrance is not knowing where to go to get help in making determinations regarding real and potential risks. Actual threats should always be taken seriously and responded to immediately.

When there is not an actual threat, judgment and senses should be trusted. The "gut feeling" that one gets when talking to people should be respected. If one feels that someone is dangerous, take the proper precautions. There are many forms of workplace violence among co-workers. Unfortunately, the one form that receives the most attention is workplace homicide.

But there are far more incidents of violence that do not involve casualties but have the same traumatic effects.

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Some examples of the most frequently encountered situations among co-workers are:. It is important to recognize that violent incidents in the workplace may include acts of domestic violence. Often, co-workers and supervisors believe that domestic violence is something that is not their concern, but a private family matter that should not be brought to work. But the problem does spill over into the workplace.

It is not uncommon for the perpetrator to show up at the work site to carry out acts of violence against the partner or anyone trying to protect that person.

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Finally, bomb threats make up an increasing percentage of workplace violence incidents. Many threats made in the Federal Government are made against individuals. Others allege that bombs have been planted in Federal facilities. Most threats are made by telephone.

DOL Workplace Violence Program | U.S. Department of Labor

Potential or actual violent situations among employees usually escalate if not defused. Violence and the warning signs that typically occur can usually be identified at three levels. It should be noted that anyone or combination of warning signs at the three levels may be indicative of a potentially violent situation.

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The following is an attempt to delineate warning signs and the appropriate response. There is no fail-safe way of presenting this information to employees. Employees will have to make a judgment call as to the appropriate action to take by discerning and evaluating the given situation.

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Any individual observing violent or threatening behavior which poses an immediate danger to persons or property is expected to:. Once law enforcement personnel are on the scene, they will assume control of the situation. Witnesses should be prepared to provide a description of the violent or threatening individual, details of what was observed, and the exact location of the incident. Except when those involved in domestic violence are co-workers, most incidents are perpetrated by individuals outside the agency.

It is, therefore, unlikely that the levels of violence described above will be evident. There will, however, be early warning signs that this type of violence is escalating outside the workplace. Your office manager must be efficient, but also kind and friendly. You need a well-rounded marketing strategy. Plan on developing print and digital marketing materials.

If you can afford radio or television ads, those are effective forms of advertising. Be sure you have business cards and print materials available for them to pass out to the patients they refer. But, make sure you get a page that can host a blog. You want to make sure it is branded with your logo, not a third party site, and you need to make sure that you use some SEO strategies so that it ranks above your competitors. Eventually, you will need to create a blog so that you can show your patients that you are industry expert. When designing your space, take into consideration that a professional designer will help you maximize your square footage while capturing your vision of your clinic.

Create physical therapy equipment list, and start shopping for the best deals. Order your equipment and then set it up according to your design. You can find some good deals on equipment that people are trying to get rid of. You will also need to purchase office furniture and supplies. Comfortable waiting room furniture is also important—especially since you will have people who need rehabilitation sitting in the waiting room. Purchasing the most up to date computers would also be wise.

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Slow computers can be frustrating and can impose unnecessary wait times on clients who are on the phone or who are in the office. People hate waiting, and forcing them to could cost you patients. Spend the extra few dollars and keep your technology up to date. Are you going to use a 3rd party billing services , or is your office manager going to handle billing?


There are pros and cons to both options, so be sure you do your homework about the different approaches. You will need to find the right software to keep everything organized. Your space is ready, your computer systems are in place, and all the big managerial decisions have been made. Now you need to develop a plan to get patients in the door, and more importantly, you need a plan to keep them coming back. Remember it costs five times more money to earn a new customer than it does to keep one. Consider a loyalty program or some other type of incentive like reduced rates for the first few months.

Do something to show your new patients you value their business. MoonClerk is made with care in beautiful Greenville, SC. Here are the steps you need to follow. Research the Market in Your Area No business venture can begin without some precise market research. Who are your patients? What type of physical therapy do they need?

Why do they need physical therapy? What will it take to make them choose your clinic? How big are the practices in your area? Are they, solo practitioners, partnerships, franchises? How long has the competition existed? Choose Your Physical Therapy Niche Based on Your Market A clear idea of what exists in your market gives you the necessary insight into what niches are underserviced. Secure Financing A solid business plan is the key to securing the necessary financing to begin building our your practice.

Banks Angel Investors Family members Friends If you opt to go the bank route, you should be aware that you will likely have to revise your business plan. Find a Location A solid understanding of how much money you have to bankroll your physical therapy clinic will give you a clear vision of how much you can afford for rent.

A few things to consider when looking for the right space for your practice are: Rent structure Square footage Location Parking 8. Negotiate a Lease Rent and lease contracts are another area that paying for an attorney will benefit you in the long run. Develop a Marketing Plan You need a well-rounded marketing strategy. Buy the Necessary Physical Therapy Equipment Create physical therapy equipment list, and start shopping for the best deals.

Buy Your Office Supplies You will also need to purchase office furniture and supplies.