Manual Principle and Practice The Orphan Family

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A Continuum of Care

In keeping with research and evidence-based guidance on the importance of family in the life of a child, the continuum places a high priority on family care while also recognizing the role that temporary residential care and small group homes can play in the spectrum of options to meet individual situations and needs. This resource highlights:. The importance of family-strengthening to prevent separation and to help ensure successful reunification or transition into reliable alternative family care when separation has occurred.

The critical role of gatekeeping in order to assess the best care options on an individual basis and to reduce unnecessary placement in orphanages. Content from this publication is also covered in The Continuum of Care webinar and podcast.


To explore more on the continuum of care, please visit our interactive continuum of care pages by starting here. God takes special concern for the person and plight of orphans Deuteronomy ; Jeremiah ; Psalm The care and protection of orphans are commanded by Scripture and that command is binding upon the Church, which includes all Christians for all times James ; Exodus ; Deuteronomy ; Deuteronomy ; Isaiah Knowingly to disregard someone in need including an orphan constitutes unbelief and sin James We are required to defend the orphan and be his advocate Isaiah Justice is demanded on behalf of the orphan Deuteronomy Christ commands that children including orphans be allowed access to Himself Mark ; Matt ; Luke The best care for orphans will be achieved through following principles and practices that are derived from the Biblical foundation:.

Recognizing that orphans are made in the image of God and therefore purposing to care for them in a way that reflects the kind of love, concern, protection and nurture that is commensurate with one who bears the image of the Creator. Promoting the Biblically defined family unit, the sanctity of marriage and the necessity of Biblical fidelity to the institution of the family.

Exhorting, encouraging and empowering the local expression of the body of Christ to be a catalyst for proving the best possible care on behalf of orphans. Leading by example through individual acts of compassion, sacrifice, suffering, and service to orphans for the glory of God.

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Advocating on behalf of and, when necessary, defending orphans against exploitation, neglect and abuse. Determining that the gospel must be central to any model that is deemed best, which is to include close attention to the content of the gospel message, the clear declaration of that message and a powerful demonstration of it.

Committing ourselves to the principles of Scripture in caring for orphans, being careful not to subject Scripture to the institutions of man when they are in conflict. Embracing the fiscal realities of providing care that is determined to be best and most Christ-exalting. Participating in models of care that mirror the love and care that God has for us.

It is beyond the scope of this paper to grapple fully with how specific models of care might be applied to the countless situations encountered by various individual ministries within ACTION around the world. It is certainly within our corporate wherewithal to commit ourselves to being involved in one of the most basic of Christian endeavors, namely, caring for orphans in the best possible manner.

These models of ministry are very different in concept and focus, yet they are in line with our organizational purpose of demonstrating Christ to those in need.

A Continuum of Care | Faith to Action

Our vision and mission at ACTION dictate that all of our ministries focus on the supremacy of Christ, the proclamation of the gospel, and the nurture and growth of followers of Christ. We believe that God uses a variety of models to demonstrate His love and concern for orphans.

But we also are concerned that these models can become platforms for abuse, neglect and exploitation.

God’s Word: The Heartbeat of Love for the Orphan

We are committed to making sure that those models of care we participate in are not only grounded on a Biblical foundation and guided by Biblical principles, but are also held to those standards. While models of care might be rooted in Biblical principles, they are run by humans and are, therefore, subject to corruption and sin. ACTION strongly encourages all ministry entities that participate in the care of orphans to subject themselves to the following guidelines:. Regular evaluation as to whether or not Biblical principles are being integrated.

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Support and participation of local churches whenever possible. Excellent training and equipping for all participants in orphan care.

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  5. Financial accountability as defined by the member country giving oversight. Establishment of clear lines of authority and accountability for said ministry. Participation in networking with others involved in orphan care for the purpose of evaluation and identification of best practices. All activities constantly bathed in prayer for the sake of the children God has entrusted to us. In response should we not act accordingly by exalting Christ through various models of care that demonstrate love and concern and, when appropriate, the adoption of orphans.