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The idea at the heart of the project goes something like this: Simply climbing the corporate ladder or participating in a zero-sum competition with the other women in your industry is a thing of the past. Cross-sector pollination and networking — eased along by a shared appreciation for blowouts and a mutual frustration for the roadblocks of male-dominated work culture — is the future.

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And in an era when start-ups are the way forward, an exchange of unexpected ideas like what you might get by having, say, a famous artist rubbing elbows alongside an entry-level social-media strategist is more important than ever. The Wing is the brainchild of year-old Audrey Gelman, a former public-relations specialist, and her partner, Lauren Kassan, both New York City natives.

Scott Stringer, for whom she had worked as communications director, had already won his comptroller race. She and her keen fashion sense had been featured in Vogue.

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And yet this birthday party in particular was a memorable high note. I felt like there was this lightning that I wanted to bottle. Both women are petite and gregarious, wear their dark hair long, and speak with a particular style of New York—inflected vocal fry. For Gelman, who has spent much of her professional life coagulating members of disparate social groups — for instance, mixing the fashion elite she knows socially with the NYC politicos from her professional circle for various fundraisers — The Wing is something of an experiment in leveraging her own talent for connecting into a business that is all about building a network for others.

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Kassan took charge of building out the space and managing its construction, as well as taking on more of the operations side of the business. In addition to the feminist underpinnings Gelman cites, the business also began as a practical response to a certain kind of New York City lifestyle. I would have to essentially pack my entire apartment into my bag, and what I needed was a safe in-between that wasn't the bathroom at Le Pain Quotidien. Its purpose was simply to give women a place to store their belongings, primp, and move on to their next event.

Meredith Graves, an MTV News correspondent and musician who made her name as the lead vocalist for punk band Perfect Pussy, said this male anxiety over women gathering in private has not even come close to being extinguished. That would be detrimental to the whole system.

Established by Bernard Vanmalle, its art director, with the support of about forty artists, book professionals and volunteers, the association gives workshops on calligraphy and writing to offer the public a discovery of a poetic universe and an unexpected technical and creative cultural heritage.

The association has been a catalyst for creative graphic arts, while at the same time, defending and illustrating the cultural European heritage. The association has continued to evolve and now includes other types of writing specialists other than artists: librarians, public writers, bookbinders, illustrators, teachers and also scientists, therapists and IT specialists. Wermuth chanced upon a Young Socialists flyer back in when he was looking through voting material his parents had received in the post.

Wermuth was president of the Young Socialists from , the year he was elected to the House of Representatives. Compared with other countries, the youth wings of Swiss political parties tend to play a much more important role. In recent years they have launched a series of initiatives and referendums that have led to national votes.

The Young Radicals launched a referendum on book pricing that was successful in a national ballot in March when voters turned down the re-introduction of an agreement on fixed book prices. The youth sections of the centre-right parties are currently pushing for pension reforms.

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But in Switzerland the parties are a lot less hierarchical and offer a great deal of freedom. Swiss direct democracy also means small groups like youth party sections can make the most of traditional political instruments and launch projects that may either go against the ideas of their party or are independent. In the 's youth sections were still relatively insignificant. The period just after the break-up of the former Soviet Union and fall of the Berlin Wall was not one for big political debates, said Hermann.

Both Wermuth and Reimann say they have benefited immensely from the sense of freedom within their youth wings. Both men have made a successful transition from their respective youth wings to the national political stage and they are convinced the youth sections helped kickstart their careers.

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Thanks to the youth wing I was able to gain access to the main party and the general public then took me seriously. Translated by Simon Bradley , swissinfo.