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Selvaggio has done his homework, not just launching diatribes off the top of his head, but quoting from these other expert sources. Concrete examples from everyday life are given. The author shows how, in each case, the opposite idea is the one set forth in a biblical worldview. He does this sometimes by reminding us of principles explicitly stated in Scripture, sometimes by bringing out assumptions that underlie all of Scripture, sometimes by doing both.

I love it that Selvaggio does not just quote isolated proof texts to make his points.

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The verse, Selvaggio says, admonishes us to preserve tradition, and he returns to it several times, using it as a main support for valuing tradition. When we look at the similar verse in Proverbs , we see that the problem with moving boundary stones is the dishonest advantage taken of poorer landowners, as is forbidden in Deuteronomy and My other complaint is with comments made in the discussion of egalitarianism. Sometimes, the discussion is lucid and biblical.

Sometimes, though, the author confuses what are two different issues: the failure to recognize superior ability which is foolish—handing out trophies to all contenders, even if all they did was show up and the failure to submit to authority which is sin. Early in the chapter, he says that God establishes hierarchies, that hierarchies produce order, that hierarchies are systems with superiors and subordinates—all of which are true. We all know at least one refined, well-educated woman whose husband is almost oafish by comparison.

7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind

In the hierarchy of marriage, she is, biblically, required to submit to him—regardless of who possesses superior qualities. Those two concerns aside, I whole-heartedly recommend 7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind , and I especially recommend it as a useful tool to study with people of high school and college age. I could see it providing an excellent springboard for discussion and an exercise in developing discernment, either for parents to work through with their teens, or for those who teach classes or lead Bible studies for people in high school or college.

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Whether you are a teenager, a mother, a businessman, or a pastor, this book will bring health to your soul and equip you to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world. SKU: Pages: Binding: Paperback.

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