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It kind of brought me back to old school love song mentality and how powerful that can be. One of the last steps in this song was finding the right verse. I had tried out a few ideas but nothing was sticking quite right. I decided to go visit my pal, Otium, in Phoenix AZ. It has been my experience that it is best to see where the song takes me rather than try to always turn it into something specific.

I may have ideas in mind at the beginning, but if the momentum is carrying the song somewhere else I find myself enjoying being in the moment and going along with the changes.

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But not this time. Dream Lovers is a beautiful film, romantic, erotic, heartbreaking.

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I loved it right up until the very last frame. But that was the problem -- it ended too quickly, and the ninety minutes which I thought were building to what I imagined would be a fantastic and satisfying conclusion ended up being the only ninety minutes there were. But during a concert, he has visions of a terracotta warrior which looks like him rising from the bottom of a lake, and when it surfaces, he passes out. His doctor recommends less work, which means more sex for the happy couple.

But the visions continue, now of a beautiful woman from ancient times, who dances in front of him as she undresses, one layer at a time, her silk robes.

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Meanwhile across town, a young woman named Cheung Yuet-Heung Brigitte Lin who looks very much like these visions, begins dreaming of him, or someone who looks like him, making love to her passionately. Later, the dreams turn to visions of him being tortured cruelly. Her father recommends they see an exhibit of the Terracotta Warriors, and she agrees. Song Yu is there as well, looking for his face among the statues, without success. They are both compelled to visit the exhibit again until they meet, and rekindle old passions which had been dormant for 2, years.

Soon, there is no room for Song Yu's old girlfriend in his life anymore. Her grandmother, a blind witch Helena Law , urges her granddaughter to let him go, saying that he belongs to the Qin Dynasty, but Ah Lei can't let go.

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Nevermind the fact that Ah Lei's grandmother is a blind witch, that's just the way it is, sometimes. Meanwhile, the two dreamers share stories of what they have seen in their visions, and try to piece together who they were in their former life. Were they married?

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Why was Song Yu tortured? What happened after that?

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And why were they reincarnated now, after such a long, long time? They were both born on the same day, the same hour, the same place, the same time. And Yuet-Heung's father has secrets of his own from that day, secrets which may help explain their shared destiny. Press Esc key to exit. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recent Articles. Sachi drops catchy, upbeat new track "Rich Girls" by Jack Steindorf. Generationals deliver a shimmering indie-pop performance in new single "Gatekeeper" via Polyvinyl [Exclusive] by David Sikorski.