Guide Gálvez y el cambio del cambio (Spanish Edition)

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Neter et al. Ojino et al. Panopoulou et al. Pinto et al. To the south they had Florida, which we had lost in the Seven Years' War. To the west, the Appalachian Mountains, with a host of indigenous tribes willing to fight European invaders, were impassable. The only possibility was help from neighbouring New Spain.

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Because I don't think the adults wanted to listen to my spiel. Today I tell them that the help from Spain was crucial and they say yes, yes, like the grandfather in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when he says that everything comes from Greece. In this country everyone sells their story. Today it's my turn and tomorrow, a German might tell them that the hamburger is theirs and after that, an Italian will claim that Columbus was an Italian but They still think Anglo-Americans are the best thing since sliced bread.

But children are different.

Full text of "José de Gálvez, visitor-general of New Spain ()"

By the time the th anniversary of the declaration of independence comes around, my students will have grown up with a different mentality, knowing that without the contribution of Spanish speakers, this country would not have become independent. The book also tells the story of Teresa Valcarce. But they never got around to doing it!

The story was related to Senator Menendez, who had no idea, and he hung it in the Senate. There are two versions of the book: the Spanish version, for reading in Spanish classes in bilingual elementary schools, and Get to Know Bernardo de Galvez, which is studied in history class in middle school. It is very important that Spaniards, Hispanics, Latinos, whatever they want to call us, know our own history and that feel proud of our contributions. But it is also important that those who do not speak Spanish know about it so that they understand that we did not arrive yesterday nor do we plan to leave tomorrow.

That we have been here right from the beginning, our contribution has been crucial and that we belong to the United States as much as anyone else. Children are not the biggest fans of talks, how did you get their attention and what was their response? I explain to them what happens if you place the camera too high or if you lower it, if you increase the light or if you record in darkness.

Soccer coach José Mourinho accepts one-year jail sentence for tax fraud in Spain

I tell them that the skinny face that they can do to their mobile phone selfies was already done by painters hundreds of years ago in their portraits, when they cropped the nose of a king or increased the size of the pearls of a lady's necklace. I also show them the web we have created with the help of the Spain-United States Council Foundation, www. How did your collaboration with Iberdrola come about? I became curious when I found out that the exhibition Recovered Memories in New Orleans was going to be organised with the sponsorship of Iberdrola.

The exhibition uncovered a part of the common history of Spain and the United States unknown to many people on both sides of the Atlantic. I was surprised that he had included my little book in the exhibition because it was the only textbook in US schools which explains the Spanish contribution to the Revolutionary War. From then on we were in contact and, when the exhibition moved to Washington, he asked me if I could contribute by giving talks to the schools that came to visit the exhibition.

And here I am, getting a sound thrashing, but for a worthy cause. Every time a Latino student comes in troubled, feeling like a second-class citizen because of everything he hears, but then comes out of my presentation with his chest sticking out, I go to bed happy that night.

You have lived in the United States for many years, specifically in the state of New York. What is the opinion there of Spain? Americans love Spain. It's sold. They speak only wonders about Spain and Spaniards.