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For those of us with a plan or an ideal destination for our life, we map ourselves to it as if we were programming a human GPS. We input our destination and instantly we are mapped the shortest route to get there. We are given directions because certain elements of life are very linear: if you want to be a lawyer, you need to go to law school.

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If you want to become a doctor, you need to go to medical school, complete your residency, choose a specialty, etc. If you want to become a fireman, police officer, teacher, or any other profession — there is path for that objective. Do you want to learn to speak Spanish, ride a bike, or start a business — it all starts somewhere with action and intention.

It can be difficult to rationally segment and itemize our biggest dreams, our fondest desires. Regardless of whether we are detoured or delayed, which we absolutely will be, we must continue to follow our path and stay clear on our purpose and desired destination.

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The larger problem tends to be ensuring that the destination itself is consistent with our goals in life, with our life purpose. If at some point we realize that our destination is not consistent with our dreams or our purpose in life, contrary to popular belief — we can change it. Just because we pre-programmed our destination does not mean that it cannot be altered or transformed. We may feel that the current state of our lives is a pre-destined inevitability, but in reality we have the freedom to choose in almost every manner or method imaginable.

Do you want to change your life? Simply re-program your destination and allow your life to re-calculate, or perhaps more aptly re-calibrate itself. Saturday in St. Mary's of the Lake Church, Skaneateles. Calling hours will be held Friday 3 to 7 p. Gray Funeral Home, 49 Jordan St.

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      The ultimate reference and tutorial for AutoCAD software. Its origins have been disputed over the years. Join us! Invite option 3. As we continue to develop through our experiences and base of knowledge, we branch out and try other venues that seem to be the direction we are seeking. Share the Love …. It can be regained by seeking ;inside ;, not ;outside ; of ourselves.

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