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It was wonderful to watch them inspect their new quarters.

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They had plenty of space to walk around, scratch in fresh shavings and perch on their roosts, even with the stormy weather outside. Our recycled chicken coop has become a beautiful addition to our property and we feel good knowing that we were able to take something old and make it new again. Jayne Lantz, Indiana — This is our chicken coop made from items friends and neighbors had lying around.

We have 30 chickens at the present time living in the house. The main expenses were concrete, the outside cage, and wire.

Construct Your Dream Coop Using Upcycled Material

We will be adding chicken wire along the sides of the cage for chicken predator protection and we have chicken wire along the top of the pen also. We would have liked to have free range chickens but too many predators including fox, coyote, dogs, and muskrat prevent that.

Many hours have been put into building this coop but my husband enjoyed doing it and having our friends and neighbors admire it as it was being built. We did plenty of research into building sturdy, attractive chicken runs and coops and are happy with what we finally ended up with! They sleep in, come and go as they please and each hen lays nearly one egg a day for us. We started our chicken journey in April with four hens. They were the cutest little things.

What a precious little thing. After all, they were so tiny and seemed to be very content to cuddle for warmth. We were reading all about raising chickens and looked at all kinds of options for building chicken runs and coops — we were trying to be prepared. We had a heat lamp, lots of fresh food and water and we would spend loads of time with them, talking to them and bonding. Month after month, our hens were growing, having all the feed, scratch, bread, oatmeal, cornbread, and veggies, that their little hearts desired.

We thought it was funny though, that little Peep was filling out differently than the other hens…and we thought her colors were just gorgeous. Our little Peep was growing up and had just tried his very first crow! After a few short weeks, Peep was crowing and quite proud to be doing so. And Peep was very happy his flock was growing…with all hens. We had seen other insulated chicken runs and coops and used those ideas to finish building our backyard chicken house.

On the front wall, we added a small window with a screen, a walk-in door with glass and screens, and a little walk-out door for the chickens.

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Next, we built six chicken nest boxes, put hay in them, put up four chicken roosting bars , separated the room with wood to lay a thick layer of pine shavings on the floor for the chickens. On the other side of the room, we laid linoleum for us to walk on to go in to feed and clean out the coop. What a treat! Our girls just love the nests, coop and run and are now giving us around four eggs a day.

We both wish we had done this years ago! We love our chickens and adopt more hens.

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We now have nine hens and our rooster, Peep. Needless to say, he is a very happy rooster! Your email address will not be published.

4 Chicken Runs and Coops Built from Recycled Materials

The Jobgen family used boards from an old barn for the walls and floor of their new coop. The roost is simply a branch from the yard, and the nest boxes were found on the property, with plywood added since the bottoms had rusted through. The loose tin can on the waterer keeps the birds from jumping or sitting on it, resulting in a much cleaner unit. The Fouts loaded the old building onto a flatbed truck, and hauled it to the home site, below.

This closeup of the door to the run shows the large spaced fencing. The Lantz family will add chicken wire around the entire run to keep out the numerous predators.

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