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The dirty secret about covering electoral politics: the media wins only by knockout.

A gifting gaffe

But the long stretch on the run-up to Pennsylvania had left both Mr. Gibson and Mr. Stephanopoulos searching for traction — and a little personal brand building — by taking down Mr. The No.

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If any two people on the stage at the ABC presidential debate at Constitution Hall last Wednesday were out-of-touch elitists, it was the people asking the questions, not the people answering them. Instead, it was debunked sniper fire and the taint of radical chic. For many viewers, including me, it was a disgusting spectacle, a tableau that etched not the bankruptcy of politics but of the people covering it. It might have had ratings value — But the question remains: will the pursuit of misdemeanor errors in a time full of them lead to a real mistake when it comes to what actually matters?

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1. Suppository of all wisdom

Sign Up. You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times. But Rudd was not immune to the odd gaffe, either, being accused of rudeness by the makeup artist at the same debate, and managing to get snapped in front of images of Hitler and Mussolini they were part of a school project.

Obama's Gift Gaffes Continue | TheHill

The two leaders had some company. Opposition candidate Jaymes Diaz was ridiculed for failing in an awkward TV interview to name a single one of his party's "six points" for keeping out asylum seekers , while Stephanie Banister of the rightwing One Nation party made headlines around the world when she said she did not oppose Islam "as a country".

Still, as Abbott himself pointed out in a campaign remark that could have come straight from that master of the form, George W Bush, nobody is the "suppository of all wisdom". Topics Australian election Reuse this content. An R-E-O. Katie Porter D—Calif.

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For those unfamiliar with federalese, REO stands for "real estate owned. Asked by Porter about such homes—"do you know what an REO is?

2. Sex appeal

It was not his only stumble yesterday, with Carson appearing alternately clueless and contentious throughout the hearing. OH, REO! Thanks, RepKatiePorter. Enjoying a few post-hearing snacks. Sending some your way!

Mehdi's Minute: Cameron's Gaffes, Daughters Versus Deficits And Defections To Ukip

But perhaps the gaffe doesn't speak as ill of the doc-turned-housing-policy-head as it may seem. An REO means a foreclosed home repossessed by the bank. Just say that, it's clear and accessible to anyone reading. Roe v.