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I too, am curious if we will see more about the sunstone and wizard in upcoming books! Pages Home. The Wolf of Tebron is clearly a quest tale, but how many quests? I count at least three, and Joran is not aware of the other two until the tale's conclusion. First, Joran is on a quest to rescue his wife. That's the obvious one. It begins when Joran mistakes another woman for Charris and jumps to the conclusion that she has been unfaithful.

Mistaken identity is usually the stuff of comedy, but Lakin turns it to adventure and near tragedy. When Joran concludes that Charris is unfaithful, he feels a rush of negative emotions with anger, despair, and fear--the three keys--leading the way. His anger burns at Charris's betrayal. He despairs at the shamble of his marriage and fears what the future will bring, certainly nothing good. Joran's journey transforms him by forcing him to confront and subdue these emotions which, left unchecked, would overpower him.

He cannot forgive Charris, forgive himself, or truly love until he looses the keys. The second is Joran's quest to find himself, to discover who he is. Lakin leaves many hints along the way for the reader and Joran that Joran is not whom he believes himself to be. The prologue tells the story of a wizard who returns home from battle pursued by some malevolent force. It captures the wizard's wife but he manages to save his infant son. The wizard enlists a bear to hide the child.

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The Goose Woman, who has such a particular interest in Joran, refers to him often as a bear cub. We learn much later in the narrative that the bear took the infant to the Goose Woman who took it to Joran's "parents. When the dead wolf Ruyah transforms to the wizard, Joran fully understands his identity, the source of his gifts for mindspeaking, and his ability to trap his wife with his anger. The death of Ruyah and his resurrection as the wizard is a novel look at patricide.

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