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She also played Bridget White, " Kevin Corcoran and his wife, Laura Soltwedel, were married from , until his death on October 6, Corcoran was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age sixty.

Star Trek Sickbay - Deep Space Nine: The Magnificent Ferengi - Transcript

He died from this illness at age sixty-six on October 6, His remains were cremated by the Neptune Society. His ashes were sprinkled into the Pacific Ocean ten days later. Kevin Corcoran was honored as a Disney Legend on October 9, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the Australian rules footballer, see Kevin Corcoran footballer. Santa Monica, California , U.

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Burbank, California , U. Laura Soltwedel m. The Wonderful World of Disney Television. New York: Hyperion Books. Disney Legends. The Walt Disney Company.

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Retrieved Hearing what Dr. Giger wanted, they thought he was crazy but nevertheless they agreed and in the end they were able to present the card, in mint condition, to Jake's father. DS9 : " In the Cards ". Nog managed to gain the respect of General Martok and the Klingons aboard Deep Space 9, although he had to work for it.

At first, Martok refused to even acknowledge Nog's existence which perhaps had something to do with the height difference. The issue first began to surface when Cadet Nog was helping Worf to improve the Defiant 's phaser relay efficiency and Martok came on to the bridge and started talking to Worf about a transfer. He completely ignored the Ferengi and stood in such a way that Nog was trapped between the two towering Klingons.

Nog, unsure if he was being noticed, had to interrupt Martok's conversation so he could slip by.

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Martok, who had to look down to see the cadet, let Nog pass with a shake of his head. DS9 : " Soldiers of the Empire ". During his next dinner session with Captain Sisko, Nog complained that the Klingons were ignoring him, whereupon Sisko recommended him to stand up and confront them the next time it happened; even if it meant that he would have his butt kicked, at least it would be hard for the Klingons to ignore him any longer.

Before Sisko could finish, Martok entered Sisko's quarters, wanting to talk to Sisko Just before Nog was about to confront Martok, Jake stopped him and told Nog to confront the Klingon another time. Slightly discouraged but still determined, Nog began to look for opportunities to assert himself in front of the Klingons.

While the Klingons were having a head-banging contest at Quark's Bar while obviously drunk, Nog waited patiently for them to disturb the peace, and when their laughter exceeded seventy decibels , Nog believed his opportunity had arrived. He was about to get up from his bar stool when he suddenly lost his balance and fell backwards onto the floor, sending the Klingons into hysterical laughter. Nog, too humiliated to even get back up, would have to wait for another time to confront them. Nog's moment finally came when several Klingons were loitering at his and Jake's old Promenade spot.

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He decided not to take it anymore and confronted the Klingons by asking them to move along. Martok, one of the Klingons present, did not take the young Ferengi seriously and refused to budge. When Martok asked Nog if he was brave or stupid, Nog replied he was a little of both. An impressed Martok moved from the spot and stated that courage came in many sizes. It seemed that Nog had finally gained Martok's respect, as was evidenced in a subsequent encounter in Ops when Martok, upon seeing Nog, immediately acknowledged him as "Cadet", to which Nog replied "General.

Nog simply told her that it was respect. DS9 : " Blaze of Glory ".

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Two years later, Martok was visibly grateful that Nog brought back barrels of bloodwine , a better vintage than the ones his wife sent him. One of the most surprising relationships developed during his time on Deep Space 9 was the friendship that Nog formed with Chief O'Brien. O'Brien had once recommended to Commander Sisko that his son Jake stay away from Nog, considering him a bad influence.

Though O'Brien had worked closely with Nog's father, Rom, he, like many others, was skeptical about Nog's dedication and ability when it came to Starfleet. Nog soon won the chief over with his work ethic and eagerness to please. O'Brien was one of the first to congratulate him when he received his field commission to ensign and noted that he would have to begin addressing Nog as "sir. Nog received further encouragement when O'Brien selected him to be part of the mission team to Empok Nor in Nog and the chief were the only members of the team that survived to confront Elim Garak , who had been infected by a psychotropic drug.

Garak captured and threatened Nog in an effort to lure O'Brien out into the open. Nog remained helpless as O'Brien succeeded in defeating Garak by rigging a phaser to explode, knocking the Cardassian unconscious. DS9 : " Empok Nor ". Nog's wheeling and dealing helped him out when he offered Chief O'Brien his help in fixing the Defiant 's graviton stabilizer. The chief was in need of parts and Nog promised him that he could get them in exchange for a return favor. His maneuvering almost got him in serious trouble when he arranged for Captain Sisko's desk to be removed from his office as part of the exchange; however, true to Ferengi form, he recovered and the desk was returned before Sisko noticed its absence.

Though not as close to Benjamin Sisko as he was to Jake, Nog and the captain developed a solid relationship based in no small part on Sisko's support of Nog's application to Starfleet Academy. Though at first resistant to the idea of a Ferengi in Starfleet, Sisko came to realize the young Ferengi's dedication and the contributions he could make. He served as a role model to Nog and provided him with encouragement. The relationship worked both ways. By the end of the first training session, most of the team members were in need of medical attention.

Nog himself performed better than might be expected despite his confusion over the rules of play and a lack of overall physical strength. In addition to asking Nog to play on his team, Sisko also began to learn that there were aspects of Ferengi culture that he could appreciate. He even went so far as to learn at least a few of the Rules of Acquisition , and even quoted the th Rule — "Hear all, trust nothing" — to Nog before the Second Battle of Deep Space 9 when rumors were rampant.

Sisko congratulated him on a job well done when Nog used his superior hearing to locate the Jem'Hadar on AR and welcomed him back to Deep Space 9 after he returned from his rehabilitation on Starbase As a testament to how far Nog had advanced, Captain Sisko promoted him to lieutenant junior grade in This visit was the result of an accident on board the USS Defiant in which an inversion of the wormhole caused Benjamin Sisko's temporal signature to change and dematerialized him. After admitting he was more popular with women after he stopped asking them to chew his food, Nog talked about his recent science mission to the Gamma Quadrant.

He stated that the Klingons were leaving Deep Space 9 derelict. Both Jake and Nog laughed when he revealed that Morn was still on the station, running the bar. Jake spent most of his life trying to rescue his father from the anomaly, with one attempt using the USS Defiant. In , Nog, by then promoted to captain, headed the mission, which unfortunately ended in failure. An older Jake figured how to save his father from the anomaly. Consequentially, the alternate timeline, and Captain Nog, ceased to exist.

DS9 : " The Visitor ". With 45 appearances, Nog was the most frequent recurring character credited on Deep Space Nine. Nog was played by Aron Eisenberg throughout all seven seasons of DS9. Aron Eisenberg has said of Nog, " The thing that I thought they did so well with Nog was that they didn't make him perfect. He joined Starfleet with the determination and the tenacity to succeed, but he didn't always make the right decision, but he always kept trying again.

And I always felt that Nog was one of the most Human characters on that show. Robert Hewitt Wolfe commented " It just struck me one day that out of Wesley , Jake and Nog, the one who will really become Starfleet and stand on a bridge to say 'engage' twenty years from now would be Nog. There was a nice irony, and something cool to do with that character, especially after Jake said he did not want to enter Starfleet ".

Moore added; " I think that was an interesting direction. Somehow, Captain Nog sounds cool ". Ronald D. AOL chat , While it is sometimes held that Geordi La Forge has held more ranks on screen than any other Star Trek character, Nog certainly is a competitor. Nog is first seen in his cadet 's uniform in " Facets " albeit before formally entering the Academy and retains this rank until he is promoted to ensign in " Favor the Bold ". In the series' finale, " What You Leave Behind ", he is promoted to lieutenant junior grade.

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  4. However, while serving on the USS Valiant in the episode of the same name , Nog was assigned the duties of chief engineer with the rank of lieutenant commander by acting captain Tim Watters. Furthermore, in the alternate timeline of " The Visitor ", Nog was seen first as commander and then later on as captain.

    In all, there are six ranks: cadet , ensign , lieutenant junior grade , lieutenant commander , commander , and captain , thus equaling La Forge 's number.

    What makes this classification somewhat dubious is a costuming error in " Valiant ". Although it is very clear in the dialogue that Captain Watters gives Nog the rank of lieutenant commander, Nog still carries the insignia of a lieutenant junior grade one gold and one black pip for most of the episode. This is very well seen when Nog introduces his new rank to Jake Sisko. However, in a scene preceding this one, where Nog reconfigures the warp core in main engineering it is unclear whether he wears his correct rank at the time two gold and one black pip, rather than a single gold and one black or not.

    It thus seems that the outcome of the contest between Nog and La Forge depends on whether the costuming error was committed already in this scene or only in the subsequent ones. Nog is a main character in the Deep Space Nine novel relaunch , serving, for a short time as security chief and later chief engineer of the USS Defiant. He was also featured in Star Trek: Starfleet Academy , a comic book series published by Marvel Comics , which followed his early days at the academy as part of Omega Squad.

    Nog has an appearance as a main character in the TNG novel Indistinguishable from Magic in the role of chief of security with a rank of lieutenant commander aboard the USS Challenger in under the command of first Captain Montgomery Scott and then Geordi La Forge. In Raise the Dawn , Nog is assigned to the Bajor sector and helps O'Brien design the new Deep Space 9 station and is assigned to the now operational station by the time of Revelation and Dust. Nog is temporarily reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence black ops team Active Four in the Star Trek: The Fall novel The Poisoned Chalice , where he assists Tuvok and Thomas Riker in investigating the recent assassination of the Federation President , although they soon learn that their team was actually set up to be killed as part of a plan to frame the Typhon Pact — a new organization composed of various Federation adversaries such as the Romulans and the Breen — for the assassination while eliminating the true perpetrators of the Cardassian organization the True Way.

    It also mentions that his biosynthetic leg was removed in favor of a new leg grown from his own tissue and he had been married four times, five if you count the wife he married twice. In the Millennium series, the DS9 crew meet an alternate future version of Nog from a reality where DS9 was destroyed in the opening of a second wormhole. At the conclusion of the series, this version of Nog, along with the future Picard and the Vash of the present, travels back in time twenty-five thousand years, where the three become some of the most prominent seers in Bajoran history Although Nog apparently always wore a hooded cloak to prevent anyone knowing he wasn't Bajoran.

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    In that same timeline, his enrollment in Starfleet Academy serves to inspire the application of a growing number of Ferengi to Starfleet; by , the period of the Iconian War, he has risen to the rank of captain. Nog appears in-game for the feature episode "Time in a Bottle", voiced again by Aron Eisenberg.

    Nog and the player character track down a Krenim artifact found by a disreputable Ferengi trader in the Delta Quadrant, and investigate the reasons why the Krenim were targeted for extermination by the Vaadwaur. He helps construct the Krenim weapon ship to fight the Iconians, including the final battle on Earth. Liquipedia Tournament Info. More Events. Games to Watch. Patch Thread Archive. Where is Newbee? Article self. Like the tittle said, I haven't seen Newbee playing for quite a while now. They missed recent majors and there is no news about them.

    If I'm missing something, please enlighten me. They are awful at the moment. They got inflame for offlane and catyou from their youth team but it didn't work out. Catyou left and he was replaced by waixi who is still in the team, inflame left, moogy left too but now he's back. They were using coaches for some qualifiers but now they have jt from mineski as an offlaner. To be honest they've looked like garbage the entire season and they haven't had a solid roster.

    They lost all prestige so they don't get invited to tournaments and need to grind through qualifiers. Kpii and Kaka departed after they got at TI, and they have not been able to recover since then. They tried benching players, rotating in from their feeder teams, but haven't been able to break out of their massive slump. Despite his nickname as "choke bro" in the CN community for choking at the highest tier of play when it mattered the most, seeing Keen Gaming's performance now kinda puts into perspective about who really carried them to TI7's second place.

    Newbee fan here. Their meta heroes got nerfed and they never really adjusted well.