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What is Channeling?

We suggest getting acquainted with Sara by going to Listen Now for several free resources. All avenues are a wealth of free information, processes, tools, and videos to help you create more joy, love, health, wealth, abundance, freedom and purpose in your life! Sara has the profound ability to get to the core of any situation and to bring it back from chaos to clarity and the essence of the truth that is illuminated by the only thing that matters; love.

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The shifts that I have personally experienced have been dramatically influenced by Sara and The Council's capacity to hold and share the vibration of that which I also seek resonance with. Sara is not only a deeply caring and genuine person, but an outstanding mentor and guide. I cherish you, Sara; you are an answer to my dreams, and I recommend you passionately to anyone wishing to realize their highest potential of love and joy!

A channeled message from Liah’s council of guides, "Hoiya.”

I learned about Sara and the Council seven months ago. It was the wisdom I had been searching for my whole life.

Follow Your Joy and Love - Gina Lake Channeling Jesus

The growth and expansion I have experienced in this past seven months is indescribable. Through the Programs, Council calls, Sara's weekly coaching calls, and a private session, I found my purpose, released limiting beliefs, learned how to love myself, and have stepped into living my biggest dreams and soooo much more! I had no idea seven months ago that meeting Sara and the Council would lead to my Great Awakening.

I feel so blessed to now have them in my life. They will soon equal, if not surpass Abraham-Hicks in their reach and effect. First of all, if you have never listened to Sara and The Council, go to the archives and listen now. The messages are profound and direct as if they are talking specifically to you, even when they are not. Secondly, if you have listened to them and have not had a one on one session with them yet, it is a must do! The message from The Council to me was perfectly spot on. It was exactly what I needed to hear. The insights from our conversation helped me to see self-awareness concepts, as well as myself, from a different, deeper perspective.

And it did not end with the insight, they gave me tools to support me to re-wire my brain in order to be more effective in all areas of my life. I immediately felt a difference after my session and have continued to have an even higher vibration ever since. And it is not just about having a higher vibration, I have seen the benefits in all areas of my life. I can give her love and compassion, and putting her and that feeling in my palm and lifting her to Light feels so profound!!!

What is Channeling? About, Benefits & Tips

If you have never listened to Sara and The Council, go to the archives and listen now. If you have listened to them and have not had a one on one session with them yet, it is a must do! As one who has spent their entire adult life on a quest for spiritual fulfillment and attainment, I am in awe of The Council and their love, life-changing wisdom, simplicity of instructions, and humor.

Each webinar is more profound than the last. I am a huge fan and apply their tools daily to experience greater peace and joy in my life. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have more peace, fulfillment, and joy in their lives. I am so thrilled to have something so profound in my life.

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Such love cannot be found on this planet. Working with Sara has changed my life and I know it will change yours. I think it is that not only are we hearing words of wisdom, we are being elevated energetically at the same time. There really is nothing to do but allow the transformation to occur, and it truly does. I am so in love with the Council. I am coming home and it feels so good. How do you put into words something that was so profound? After the session, in which every question and feeling was addressed, I felt that a deep, profound healing had happened with them. I was given the most incredible gift of my entire life having this session.

The great love and wisdom from the energy of the Messages transcends our day-to-day awareness.

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  8. As Shannon enters a meditative state, her awareness shifts from one of the physical to the non-physical state of Divine Being in which we are all connected. Shannon explains that her heart is the antenna for the information and her mind-body translates the feelings of love, infinite awareness, peace and possibility into human language.

    Messages will be shared with the group with a potential for individuals to receive personal Messages or Healing. All Messages will be received and shared for a group setting, and are only received with the highest intentions of love and light. This event is intended for anyone with an open heart and open mind, and is open to advanced ways of communicating with the non-physical realm of Source Energy. This is an intimate gathering limited to 12 people. If you are interested, it is advised to buy your ticket early, as there may not be any admission at the door if the event is sold out.