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My book, Equity Crowdfunding: Transforming Customers into Loyal Owners is based on the premise that the power of social networks combined with the passion of business ownership will provide local companies with a way to accelerate their growth.

Like many, I thought that equity crowdfunding was a limited way for startups receive money and validation of their ideas by posting projects online. Instead, the customer could become an owner. And one thing we know about owners: they are evangelists.

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Owners will go out of their way to promote their own company. Ownership in a local business will serve as a virtual badge representing community involvement for each crowdfunder. As I was writing the book, we launched our company called Cricca Funding.

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Because I believe that this year is special. Forward-looking marketers will begin to realize the promise of equity crowdfunding. Besides the increasing amount of capital that will be raised for small businesses, the opportunity to transform customers will be extraordinary. The success rates are falling because there are so many projects out there.

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Attorney Jonathan Ariano , a partner with Osborn Maledon PA in Phoenix, said businesses and entrepreneurs should spell out in the campaign description what they offer to backers, including a disclaimer. As a consumer, you have to go in with your eyes open and understand that risk. I think this is another potential avenue that is appealable to the community, but it has to have a consumer aspect to make this successful.

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Crowdfunding almost always refers to online efforts to get financial backers, but the projects themselves range from disaster relief to political campaigns to arts projects to just about anything else that can be imagined. My book focuses on equity crowdfunding - where a collection of individuals invest in a business with the hope of future financial return. Experienced Wall Street hands believe that equity crowdfunding has little utility.

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They believe that while some small amounts of money will flow to help startup companies, the opportunity will be very limited. This sort of small-minded thinking misses the true opportunity offered by this innovative funding model. Equity crowdfunding is the single largest marketing opportunity for local businesses to transform mere customers into loyal owners.

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By resetting the relationship between corporation and patron, the new rules for crowdfunding are going to fundamentally shift the way entrepreneurs think about both raising capital and creating long-term engagements with their customers. For the startup entrepreneur who believes that the new laws will solve their undercapitalization woes, crowdfunding will prove to be a disappointment. While there will be a limited opportunity to equity crowdfund a startup, that window will soon close.