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Three or four lines of sentiment is the standard. Americans purchase more than seven billion greeting cards each year, with a little more than half of those sales going to Hallmark alone. Hallmark is the largest selling retailer of greeting cards. In addition, each household averages a purchase of thirty greeting cards each year. There are many occasions throughout the year in which people turn to greeting cards to convey a message to a special someone.

How to Get Paid for Writing Greeting Cards

When it comes right down to it, many of us desire to say the things that are on the surface of our hearts. The sales clerk might question your motives or actions, but just be honest. Another thing I would suggest is to just start paying attention in general to other people. You could learn a lot about what they want, what makes them tick, and what they love.

Those bits of information could be ideas for your next greeting card. Once you actually start writing and submitting, be prepared for some rejections. In fact, even top greeting card writers say less than half of their ideas actually make it to the press and find their way into greeting cards.

Get a Job Writing Greeting Cards

Finally, try to figure out what sets you apart. Most greeting card companies use writers from all ages and backgrounds. Everyone has a unique quality that sets them apart from someone else. If you can figure out what yours is, it kind of helps you to brand yourself.

The Greeting Card Association has more tips to help you make it as a writer. Read about them here. If you live in a bigger city, like New York, it can be even more. Thank you.

Greeting Card Making Ideas - Latest Greeting Cards Design

Be sure to include an SASE with your request. Jot down the companies that interest you and send them a request letter. The letter should be addressed to the editor or editorial staff, and briefly indicate what you are submitting. If you are an artist, illustrator, designer, or photographer, and wish to submit some concept to a greeting card company, you should understand that most companies do not accept original artwork of any sort.

How to make money writing greeting card captions

Instead, you'll be required to submit slides, photocopies, photos, promotional pieces, or some other reproduction of your work. And color, or hand- colored work is usually preferred over black and white. And while it is not necessary, you can place the copyright symbol next to your name.

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You should also include an SASE if you want your material returned. How much a company pays per card is certainly a consideration when deciding where to send your ideas, but it's not the only consideration. You must also be reasonably certain your ideas fit the particular needs of the company. It is a good idea to visit one of the greeting card trade fairs, where you will find a great variety of publishers under one roof.

Writing for Greeting Cards

This will help you to target the best publishers for your style of writing. Some publishers will be happy to discuss your ideas on their stands, others are not. Please be aware exhbiting is an expensive business and that publishers are there to sell their cards - never interrupt a sale! Just make a note of the publishers you are interested in approaching so that you can contact them later. View list of UK Trade Fairs here. This is the leading magazine for the greeting card industry and the official journal to the Greeting Card Association.

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  6. The editorial and advertisements will provide you with an immediate insight into publishers, new products, industry issues and news of the day. It often carries advertisements of publishers looking for freelance designs and verses.


    Art Source, an editorial feature which has devoted at least two pages in every issue of the magazine to promoting the talents of artists, is now being extended to covering verse writers. This publicity is a free service to writers - so if you wish to be featured, send information covering your style, subject matter, and inspiration together with examples of your verses and your contact details to Emma Cain at emmac max-publishing. All card ranges are created many months before they appear in the shops.