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With fresh insight and wise instruction, life and financial expert Steve Diggs helps people push aside the daily stresses and worries and keep focused on the big picture items that make for a truly fulfilling life. We frequently don't see it or feel itbut we sense a profound change in the air. It's as though the sand beneath the feet of our culture is shifting. What used to be common sense is not so common anymore. What once was predictable is now the exception.

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What many of us thought were the rocks has become that shifting sand. Steve Diggs delivers one of the most important books of the year through a series of short, unique Life Note chapters.

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You will appreciate how each of these clear, terse, concise nuggets makes a powerful point and is provocatively communicated. Most important, you will find each one to be profoundly challenging. Every Life Note delivers a single take-away that will make this day of your life count for more. View More View Less.

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If not, it was a lost opportunity. Behavioral economics has given us numerous tools to hack our vacations.

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Indeed, we can use what we know of human psychology to improve our consumer spending as well. Some of this has applications in how you manage your leisure time, as many of you just did over the Fourth of July holiday, or everyday consumer purchases.

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But even more importantly, you can take these advances and apply them to your investments. I propose you take a look at how you and your employer and plan sponsors can hack your investing process.

Even better than that, just imagine yourself with gray hair. Some researchers have used computers to generate images of individuals, showing how they will look decades from now. In multiple studies, participants who are shown realistic computer renderings of their future selves devoted more resources toward retirement savings. Once people see a life-like realism of their future, it leads to profound changes in how they allocate assets.

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They save and invest more, and generally change their behavior as if saving for retirement is actually important to them. Plan-sponsor nudges : This one is more for employers — make changes in the default settings of corporate retirement plans to improve outcomes for workers. Consider these three simple change: Make enrollment automatic for all new employees at the company; deductions from wages are programmed into payroll, and workers must opt out if they wish to avoid saving. Better designed corporate retirement accounts go a long way to overcoming all manner of bad behavioral biases.

For those of us who help create k plans for employers, it means not overwhelming participants with too many options.