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Book 6. Eleven, Twelve Dig and Delve by Willow Rose. It's the stuff of a living nightmare Another b… More. Shelve Eleven, Twelve Dig and Delve.

Rebekka Franck Series by Willow Rose

Book 7. Thirteen, Fourteen Little Boy Unseen by Willow Rose. Alexandra wasn't delicate and petite like all the… More. Shelve Thirteen, Fourteen Little Boy Unseen.

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Book 8. Better Not Cry by Willow Rose. He kills whe… More. Shelve Better Not Cry. Book 9.

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Ten Little Girls by Willow Rose. Every Mother's Worst Fear!

Imagine waiting for t… More. Shelve Ten Little Girls. Book It Ends Here by Willow Rose. Every Parent's Worst Fear! Inspired by a true… More. Shelve It Ends Here. Book 1 - One, Two He is coming for you Set in… More. Five Amazon Bestselling Mystery Novels. The Quee… More. Three b… More.

Rebekka Franck by Willow Rose.


Shelve Rebekka Franck. Emma Frost. But then someone is murdered for the manuscript….

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An addictive collection: Join journalist Rebekka Franck as she crosses serial killers, charming psychopaths and other unimagined horrors in pursuit of justice. Grab the hot cocoa and curl up with a great winter read as Jesse and Vivian search for a killer amid quarreling heirs and the little dog who inherits it all.

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