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Author: Belle Calhoune. Paige Reynolds returns to Alaska to explain the actions of her father, whom everyone is now against and has negative feelings toward. She is also there to tell Cameron Prescott that he is the father of her baby girl. Author: Juliana Gerace. Mariel Turner, an artist who shows the horrors of human trafficking, is enjoying her success even while the traffickers themselves are seeking revenge on her.

Mariel has to work through this and confront evil in the meantime, hoping that light and love will win out in the end. He agrees to help if he can borrow her investigative skills for a bit, but PJ already has a full PI load. Author: Kimberly Tanner Gordon.

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Iris Elaine Picket leaves her abusive husband — and everything else in her life — and moves to the mountains of Pennsylvania. She eventually finds good people in those she once considered slaves, faces her own prejudices, and becomes a better person because of it all. Author: Colleen Coble. After her mother is murdered, Bailey Fleming flees to a remote cabin and hides herself from the world. When Agent Lance Phoenix asks for her help in getting rid of a human trafficking ring they feel is nearby, bodies mysteriously start to appear. Lance is also trying to find his sister, who ran away from home as a teenager, and the mysteries deepen when he wonders if Bailey is really who she says she is.

Author: Mimi Matthews. Helena Reynolds leaves London to escape her life, and ex-army captain Justin Thornhill has just placed an advertisement for a wife. She is looking for sanctuary and he is looking for someone to take care of his home, but is it possible that the two will end up with more than just a business arrangement? Author: Lauren K.

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Author: Beth Wiseman. Mary Hershberger and Levi Shetler had two very different upbringings, but they share one important trait — their love of music. Unfortunately, their Amish communities do not approve of this, so they must determine whether God wants them to use their talents or ignore them, all the while starting to fall in love with one another.

Author: Rachel Hauck. After losing a husband and child during a tornado, Everleigh Applegate marries old flame Don Callahan and they begin a life together.

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Years later, Beck Holiday, an angry cop living in New York City, inherits a house from Everleigh, and the house connects the two in more than a few ways. Author: Linda Byler. Lizzie is a high-strung, uninhibited Amish girl trying to figure everything out, including her desire to wear shoes with high heels and her dislike of babies.

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Will she ever calm down enough to straighten out her life? Author: Pam Hillman. Author: Karen Kingsbury. Cole Blake is in his senior year of high school and wishes to be a doctor, but he starts to change his mind when he falls in love with Elise. Two weeks before her due date, and with expectant parents waiting nearby, something happens that changes all of their plans, and it changes each of them forever. He then meets a physical therapist named Chloe Miner, and in the next few weeks he starts to fall for her, unaware that she has a baby on the way.

What will the results be when he discovers this fact? Author: Sophie Love. Emily Mitchell has a lot on her mind — a baby on the way and a new inn to take care of. When she learns an out-of-town developer is going to build an inn in her small town, she is scared it will take away all of her business, but she is determined not to let that happen. Author: Dan Gordon.

Sol Harkins is a successful writer with a beautiful girlfriend, but he has had past troubles and feels empty inside. An atheist, Sol resents other people trying to convert him, and when he is clinically dead for four minutes after a car accident, he cannot forget the words he hears while unconscious — Daddy, let there be light. He spends the next months trying to figure out what that means.

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Author: Heather Tullis. Is it possible for them to forget the past and work together? Katherine Breckenridge is distraught when money from the organization her mother left her turns up missing. She goes to see him at his ranch while he recuperates, attempting to ask him for help with the fundraiser, but soon other things develop between the two.

Author: Tracie Peterson. Tayler Hale accepts a new job in Alaska and meets recent graduate Thomas Smith, but when Tayler, one of only a handful of female naturalists, and Thomas have to work together, he has mixed feelings about the arrangement. Is it possible for these two to make it work? Author: Julie Carobini. A fast-paced novel with some twists, the story revolves around Meg and her new boss, Jackson, who just happens to be her ex-flame. Author: Shaunna Gonzales. Vicki is a recent widow trying to rebuild her life and support her children. Author: Candace Calvert. Charge nurse Erin Quinn is good at her job, but when a disaster strikes and she has to work with Fire Captain Scott McKenna, sparks fly as they work together to save lives.

But what will their relationship be like after the disaster is over? Author: Bree Wolf. Lady Madeline promised herself never to marry someone below the rank of earl, but her plans change when she is compromised by the wrong man. Derek McKnight is a loner whose only concern is keeping his family and tenants happy, but when he sees Lady Madeline on the arm of someone he knows is wrong for her, he feels he has to take action. Author: Bethany Claire. Jeffrey Oakes has traveled back to the 17 th century and is having trouble finding the woman of his dreams.

Kathleen Carter is busy working on a Scottish castle she just inherited.

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The two loners finally meet, but they will each have to give up something if they want to be together. Author: J. The long night gets even longer when she discovers that Mike is also a hunk who immediately attracts her attention, yet for some reason, she feels safe with him. More filters.

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Sort order. Jul 18, Molly Ringle rated it it was amazing.

A totally satisfying conclusion to the Wishing Rock trilogy, just as charming and wanderlust-inspiring as the first two. It uplifts me to read Stucky's novels, in which people do have the same problems of loneliness and frustration and grief and irritation that we all have, but they dare to be honest with their friends and community, and it heals them. We should all learn from such a simple and ought-to-be-obvious example! Main problem I had was that the recipes made me drool and sent me to the A totally satisfying conclusion to the Wishing Rock trilogy, just as charming and wanderlust-inspiring as the first two.

Main problem I had was that the recipes made me drool and sent me to the kitchen late at night, mid-reading, to scrounge for snacks.

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And does my kitchen have Mongolian beef ready-made, or awesome chocolate chip peanut butter cookies? Generally not. Someday I hope we get a multimedia version perhaps in ebook? There's a certain castle mentioned at the end I want to see in particular I am glad Pam is writing travel memoirs next! She has a great gift for capturing the charm and feel of a place, and I'm sure she'll boost tourism with those titles, as with the Wishing Rock ones.

Staci rated it it was amazing Apr 23, Jenna rated it liked it Apr 11, Tiffany rated it it was amazing Jun 12, Florence S. A rated it liked it Jun 08, Fritz rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Amanda Skjoldal marked it as to-read Jul 31, Jessica marked it as to-read Aug 04, Amanda Moore marked it as to-read Aug 24, Hanna marked it as to-read Oct 21, Carmen marked it as to-read Nov 29, Christina Browne marked it as to-read Dec 04, Jazz marked it as to-read Jan 29, Ellie Red marked it as to-read Feb 27, Fenia marked it as to-read Feb 27, Lori marked it as to-read Mar 07, Pregnant Pip is adapting to her new home in Scotland with husband Captain Gavin, while back at Wishing Rock, Erin is struggling with life and psychic Alexandra is faced with an incident that could change the course of her future.

In an effort to cope with this development, as well as help Erin, Alexandra leads the poker gals in a campaign to step outside their comfort zones and experience new adventures. Along the way, life in Wishing Rock hits a curve when a mysterious woman shows up in town making a shocking claim. As in the first novel in the series, letters between the neighbors and their friends chronicle the twists and turns of the characters' daily lives, and are interspersed with recipes tried and tested by the characters themselves.

Buried treasures, secret pasts, and the detritus of affairs of the heart all come to light in this witty and wise novel that explores fear, forgiveness, risk, dreams, trust, and love. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Pam Stucky.