Guide 100 of the Funniest Female Comedians of All Time

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Where are those folks.

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And sorry but ck ahead of chris rock? Also not listed. Tommy Cooper. Thats completely insane. Dave Attell should definitely be up there. Norm needs to be up there too. Pryor is not!.

50 Most Popular Female Comedians

Carlin is. Well, not counting Mark Twain.

Iliza Shlesinger Stand-up

Actually, Pryor is way too high there. Derry T Fontenot — I agree with you. I may be burned at the stake for saying this but Pryor is overrated. Everyone in the business is afraid to say it.

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And Amy Schumer? Not even in the top Watts is a comedian? Top ten comic of all time. He has so much material that he just goes on stage with one major idea, one bit that he really likes, and builds his act towards that idea. Also, Attell, and Giraldo would be way up there if I were doing this list.

100 of the Funniest Female Comedians of All Time

I mean, Giraldo was one of the smartest and quickest guys on stage. Is this a joke? Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. How many women do you think made the top 50? Previous Roy Wood Jr. About The Author. Sean L. Related Posts. McCarthy on February 14, at pm. Darryl on February 16, at am. Bababire on March 29, at pm. Kevin on February 19, at pm. Sal on March 6, at pm. Baby Cobra is more than the product of a carefully honed craft. It is an unusual portrait of transition: from young adulthood to adulthood, single life to marriage, marriage into motherhood.

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It is also the first network special to feature a deeply pregnant comedian, which is not a gimmick but a very practical undertaking. Wong refuses to slow down for the simple reason that slowing down, especially for a woman and mother in Hollywood , is the first step in a long fade to obscurity. Nate Bargatze — The Tennessee Kid. Hari Kondabolu — Warn Your Relatives. Anointed voice-of-their-generation comedians can sometimes stumble when initially thrust into the cultural spotlight—as Hard Kondabolu has been with the fallout from The Problem with Apu.

Not this time. Scovel balances conceptual metacommentary on the conventions of stand-up with fully-formed political material as biting as any other comic working today in an hour that sends up the very idea of stand-up even while showing how powerful it can be. What makes this hour of material so refreshing is that everything Kirkman discusses is the sort of subject that women are unfortunately supposed to be ashamed about in our culture.

Instead, Kirkman is light on her feet, happy about her current situation and ready for the adventures that the second half of her life will bring. Lucas Bros. The political comedy in On Drugs is done both incredibly casually and with discernible commitment. If sometimes it seems hard to tell whether the Lucas Bros. Reggie Watts — Spatial. For my money, the most sublime pleasure in stand-up is less often in the punchline than the path to it.

But when you cannot, when you are suspended for the entire journey in a state of orgasmic unknowing, then you might remember the mind-quaking possibilities that drew you to comedy in the first place.

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Reggie Watts is as virtuosic as it gets, a form-bending raconteur unsatisfied to tread too long in any single territory. The hour is infused with a level of emotion rare in stand-up, and which brought me nearly to tears in his closing number. This one really is remarkable. John Mulaney — New In Town. As a special bonus to those who would watch the special rather than listen to the record, the opening credits are done up like an early eighties sitcom, with a theme by Reggie Watts.

Hasan Minhaj — Homecoming King.

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Homecoming King has a lot to unpack and asks more of its audience than the average special. The reason this works is that first and foremost, Minhaj is an all-around great storyteller.