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No, there are no foams, emulsions, or aromatic vapors at Alinea's family meal. Today chef de cuisine Simon Davies has decided to make murgh makhani , or Indian butter chicken, for the simple reason that it's one of his favorite things to eat. He cooks it in large pots on the stove.

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There is no dry ice involved. The jasmine rice, it's true, was simmered in a cumin and bay leaf stock, and the naan was prepared from scratch, but the components of the salad are merely tossed together in a large tray, not painstakingly arranged with a pair of tweezers.

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The most experimental thing anyone has ever prepared for staff meal, at least that Davies can recall, is breakfast—French toast with bacon. Personal experiments, like a prep cook trying out a tiramisu, are tolerated. But no wild stuff. Preparations for tonight's dinner began last night, when Davies began marinating chicken thighs in yogurt and spices.

It's been stewing in a tomato-based sauce all morning. The rice is simmering on a hot plate. The naan has been baked, the salad assembled.

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At , Davies gives the command: "I want everybody in this kitchen right now! The line cooks respond in unison with an almost military "Yes, chef!

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A buffet materializes on the center counter with surprising speed: the rice, the naan, the salad spinach with orange segments, shaved fennel, carrots, and golden raisins , the dressing an orange-cilantro-cumin vinaigrette , a plastic cube full of huckleberry-grape limeade, and a stack of plates and a pile of silverware that a cook positions just so. In the back, three dessert cooks toss balls of dough into the deep fryer, where they will become gulab jamun.

Interview with Grant Achatz from Alinea/Next in Chicago

With his glove-covered hands, Davies mixes herbs into cauliflower that has been roasted in clarified butter. The front-of-house staff carries in stools that they position at regular intervals perpendicular to the counter.

Grant Achatz

The Alinea kitchen hierarchy holds during staff meal. Davies and his fellow chef de cuisine Mike Bagale serve themselves first, followed by the line cooks, the dishwashers, the guy who works in the garage in the back alley carving ice with a chainsaw, and the servers and bussers; chef and owner Grant Achatz can join the line whenever he feels like it, and he does, but only to grab a piece of naan to take back to his office. Nobody makes an effort at attractive plating and almost nobody sits to eat, except for the chefs.

No one lingers. They might as well be eating frozen Trader Joe's meals at their desks—which they kind of are.

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If it's your job to manipulate taste and texture in ways no one's ever seen before, it's a given that you have the technique to make an Indian meal whose deliciousness is entirely unremarkable. The craziest event we've seen was dedicated to memorizing the whole work of a famous poet! If someone can ever do that, they deserve to have their own article in the newspaper.

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