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Success as a graffiti artist at age 17 got him out of Britain, first to New York, then Miami, where he sold the gold grills he by now sported on his own teeth.

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He returned home around and set about giving the rave scene a bad conscience. He even got into the tabloids when he dated Bjork. So Bowie name-checked Goldie as an influence on Earthling , and Goldie in turn praised the album notably more for its ambition than its quality. It was the first time in ages that Bowie was essentially a hired hand on a record.

Goldie recalled Bowie standing in front of the mic, chain-smoking, and taking direction from him, much to his amusement. He was great, totally tuned in. I tell you what, I was laughing my bollocks off, man. I mean, David Bowie being told what to do by me! So Bowie found himself doing a highwire act over a trio of panned, delayed and flanged synthesizer washes, variations of which play throughout the track as its sole instrumental backing.

Bowie pitched his performance to the underlying sound effects: on quieter, ambient-sounding stretches of the track, where the underlying synth was slow in tempo or holding on one note, he sang more melodic phrases; over jarring jump-cut synth washes, he was freer in range, soaring up and sinking down to the bottom of his register, sometimes taking a sprechstimme approach to the lyric. Warning: this is a long digression about, among other things, mortgage finance and royalties securitizations.

If the post on Tibet was too much for you, perhaps give this one a miss. See you next week. David Bowie released a new album and toured three continents in , but this was of little interest to the press when compared to the state of his finances. At the time, I was working at 2 World Trade Center, writing for a financial industry newsletter. The Bowie story was a rare moment when the public took notice of our obscure world.

He was a bull of self-promotion and got great press. There have been a few misconceptions about the Bowie securitizations over the years. What Bowie did begins in home mortgages. Go back to and buy a house. The bank keeps your mortgage on its books.

You mail your payment to them each month. A decade later, this concept had mushroomed, mutating into more complex securities, in great part due to a man named Lewis Ranieri , who worked at Salomon Brothers. The top tranche rated AAA would have the most protection if anything went to smash. The lowest tranche was, say, BBB-rated. Everyone benefited.

Banks took mortgages off their books, reducing their risk, and got all of their money up-front. Investors had a liquid they could sell MBS easily, as there was a booming secondary trading market for them and safe investment, implicitly guaranteed by the federal government which had its fingers in most mortgages. And mortgage holders got easier credit terms, because banks wanted to make more and more mortgages to create more and more MBS.

So by mortgage finance had been nationalized a mortgage made in Schenectady could be pooled in an MBS with a mortgage from Kankakee, with pieces of them owned by a pension fund based in Fresno and a hedge fund in Bermuda and radicalized. A house was no longer a place in which you merely lived.

It was an investment; it was your retirement package; it was an income generator. The brilliance of the securitization concept was that it could be applied to seemingly anything, not just mortgages.

All you needed was an asset that generated a predictable return over a set period of time. There were a lot of these assets around by now. By the Nineties, Americans had become, quietly and with little fuss, a nation of exuberant debtors. With wages deteriorating or stagnating, for middle-class Americans to keep being middle-class, to put a kid through college or buy a car, meant acquiring more debt. This was now easy.

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My mother recalled how hard it was to get a Sears credit card in ; it was like applying for a passport that you might well be denied. So today, any debt that you owe any institution is likely packaged somewhere in a securitization. Your student loans: securitized. Your credit-card debt: securitized. Your home-improvement loan: securitized. Your car lease: securitized. And so on. Writing about this was my job.

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On down weeks, we would speculate about which market sector would be next: Shipping returns? Drug patents? Highway project finance? Baseball park revenues? And, thanks to David Bowie, music royalties. By January , the deal was assembled and pre-sold. Bowie was fairly unusual among rock stars in that he owned both his master recordings and most of his music copyrights.

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Instead, Zysblat and Pullman determined that a securitization would give him far more money up-front. To entice investors, the bonds paid a 7. They never had a chance. Prudential held onto the bonds for their whole lifetime. This was not due to anything Bowie had done but because by the music industry was up the creek, and any investment tied to music royalties looked like a bet gone badly wrong. The absolute transformation of everything that we ever thought about music will take place within 10 years, and nothing is going to be able to stop it.

Wall Street and the music industry were fat and happy. Every few years a catalog artist like Bowie reissued his old albums in boxed sets or in remastered special editions. It was a never-ending stream of revenue, and already the industry was imagining how to get people to buy their old records yet again: SACD? The next year, Shawn Fanning started Napster. This reminds me, indirectly, of a conference I attended around One discussion was about how, as the United States was quickly paying down its federal budget deficit, there could be no need for the government to issue new Treasury notes.

This would be a problem, as other bonds were priced off Treasurys. What could replace them? The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, speaking via satellite, suggested one idea would be to use Ford and General Motors corporate debt as a pricing peg. Why not? What could be steadier than the American automakers? The Bowie Bond was supposed to herald the future but it now seems like a relic from a shattered world so, very Bowie. It turns his music into a commodity.

The bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society…All fixed, fast-frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become antiquated before they can ossify. All that is solid melts into air…. They were moody. It was gross and tasteless.

How much more money did Bowie need, anyway?