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Product Details. The headliner of the Spreadshirt Collection is our premium T-shirt. Size table. Times up. Finish with COT and prayers out. Hope to see more of our brothers next Saturday and looking for a good turn-out this next week. As always, I hope my Q was up to the abilities of my brothers. Always a pleasure to lead! Gram never heard a thing even though her window was open a crack. She stood, looked out toward her garden and there standing in front of her raspberry bush was a huge creature.

He would have to duck just to come inside the house. This was no gorilla! When finished with the berries, he wondered over to the tomatoes and she watched him very gently pluck one, hold it up to inspect it, then shove the whole thing into his mouth. He then took the squash from the picnic table, and with giant strides and one arm swinging he walked away into the woods.

She used to imitate his walk for me and I would laugh. She would say, "I'm not being funny, that's how he walks! Her answer was, "I just thought, why did he pluck a tomato off the vine when there was two perfectly good ones on the table and all he took was the squash! Gram wasn't one to be afraid of much of anything.

Finger Puppet: Sasquatch - Sabe

She's the one you could depend on to save you from the big spider or the one to take her shoe if not her hand and smash the cockroach. I remember once as a young child living in California, we had a man try to break into our house through a narrow bathroom window.

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Gram was so mad she grabbed a huge butcher knife on her way outside. The man was halfway through the window, she pulled him back out by his ankles and chased him all the way up the alley. We never saw him again! She never waited up for the creature again, from that day forward she would leave something on the picnic table for him. And I share and share alike. She found that he preferred the Squash and Pumpkins, so that very next summer she began to make cakes out of his favorite vegetables to leave on the table for him. About once a week she would bake him one in a bundt cake pan.

She said he was such a big guy and his hands were so huge that he could pick the cake up by the hole in the center and eat it like a donut. He must of loved those cakes, because soon after he began to leave her little tokens of appreciation on the picnic table.

Little Toe – In The Quest For Warmth

There would be an apple, a pine cone, a flower, or a pretty rock. She kept those gifts on a windowsill in her kitchen. I remember an apple he once left for her, which had a huge wormhole in it. She showed it to me and said, "Look, there's a fat worm living in this apple. I don't think he cares and eats the worm and all. I've never seen an apple last so long.

Finger Puppet: Sasquatch - Sabe – Little Spirit Bear Productions

Every summer she would also leave a blanket out on the clothesline, but it was never taken. Nor was the garden ever raided again, only the cake and the fruit and vegetables left on the table were ever taken after that. Even the baskets that held the food were left. She didn't have a real name for her creature; she would sometimes call him The Beast. After a while she began to call him King Kong, and that name stuck.

It wasn't until the early 's that she found another name for her creature.

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There were a series of sightings and it was all over the news. Also known as "Sasquatch" by the Indians. She couldn't pronounce "Sasquatch", so she continued to call him King Kong, and only occasionally The Bigfoot.

I myself had an encounter on my Bellingham property back in I never saw him, but I heard and smelled him and he made a mess of my garage. A half hour after leaving my property, two security guards and two police officers chased him into the woods at the small airport near my home. It was all over the news the following morning, so I knew for sure what was at my place that night. Gram said, "Well, you should've baked him a cake! Gram never mentioned a smell.

She did occasionally mention hearing the howls and hoots in the summer time. I never heard or saw anything when I stayed at her place. It's almost like he knew she had company? Back in the year , I did hear howls and shrieks myself while living at another country home near Granite Falls, Washington.

Eerie to say the least. My wonderful, loving, caring, and sharing Gram passed away in November of And THEM, as she came to believe he was not always alone and may have had a family. Now with you I share this special recipe, loved by her family, friends, and Sasquatch himself. And if you should ever happen to have your own Sasquatch pass through, please be sure to share with him.