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The image on the first wall includes a path disappearing between rolling hills, but leading toward the sun.

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The sun lights the path and invites us on a journey. This wall is a response to the other side of our lives: self-doubt, conflict, dwindled hope. I have been caught up in using spirals in my art since I can remember, and these walls both incorporate them. There is something hopeful about them to me.

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Only Ghosts by Red Fang. Sonic Praise by Ecstatic Vision. Percussive, guitar-driven, psych-chaos from Philly trio who never take their adrenaline-fueled feet off the gas. Filaments by Supervoid.

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Debut album of sludge n'stoner metal from Pittsburgh 5-piece sways from uptempo teeth rattlers to space rock. Explore music. Matthew Foord. Purchasable with gift card. DISC 1 1.

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Sold Out. Subscribe now to receive all the new music Various Artists creates, including 6 back-catalog releases, delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. It is a site that long time fans and new fans of Jimi Hendrix can enjoy.

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